I do not hang around women period, and I do not want them speaking for me as a whole. If a woman speaks on me, they’re probably just a lame and a low life who has incest, is a swinger, a thief, a liar, a pedophile, has gay orgies, or has HIV, and want to bring me down. Even if women claim not to be gay, I still don’t want them as friends. Something just isn’t right with them. They appear to be homosexual to me anyway, and they act like they can’t support me, because they secretly are- and at this point it’s confirmed they are. They’re extremely gross. 

I hang alone 24/7/365. I do everything for myself, by myself. I do not pay attention to women at all. I don’t even look at them. They do not exist in my life and I don’t want them to. They are sick. They disgust the living daylights out of me, and I fear for my life and around them. I have never liked women. For the past few years, they have bern bullying me, and making me vomit every single day. My stomach sinks to floor in fear, pain, and torture every-time I’m near a woman. 

I really hate the bitches that have a “who told her she could do that attitude”. Like “who told her she could come here” or “who told her she could wear that”. I’m not your child. I don’t hang around women with a stinky, controlling attitude towards a grown woman. It is very nasty and gay. I will never allow a bitch to talk to me in that fashion. I have always had a mind to think for myself, and I don’t need to be in the presence of faggot acting women. It is also not my job to be a prostitute and serve their faggot husbands. It’s their job to have sex with their own fucking man. Women cannot force or coerce me to do anything. 

I distance myself from them as much as I possibly can, because their abuse and neglect has become too life threatening and dangerous. I literally get sick to my stomach, around them. The level of disgust and fear they bring to me is very traumatizing and scary. The painful feeling won’t go away no matter how hard I try. I don’t want to be in their presence at all- ever. They are very cruel and violating and they never listen to me when I tell them to stay away from me or leave me alone. They do not care about my womanhood, and are very manly acting and nasty towards me. The trauma is so painful, I can’t be around them all or I start feeling sick, disgusted, afraid, and suicidal. Those groups of dykes won’t respect me at all. It feels like I’m being watched and molested every single day. They are very, very, scary. A lot of them are superior and very narcissistic. They believe I should want to be around them, so they can bully and harass me. 

I started in 2020 because I needed hope. I was lost in a dark world of being trafficked by some of the most brutal traffickers known to man. I was beaten by them, sold, and tortured repeatedly. I turned to a lot of human trafficking resources. I called the human trafficking hotline so many times throughout a course of 8 years, that I eventually gave up. My last experience with the traffickers and victims was just too dangerous (“peligroso” en espanol). Many of the women leading the programs and shelters I were in, lacked the knowledge and empathy it really takes to understand a real human trafficking survivor. A lot of the advocates were mean, brutal, and controlling- like the traffickers. It was sickening and cruel. It usually lead to more trafficking. I don’t call their human trafficking hotline numbers anymore. 

I thought I had to continue to turn to a bunch of phoney, gross and negligent people for help, but I didn’t. I’m not being abused, raped, spied on, and neglected by those gross people anymore. I thought I had to have a degree in social work, but I didn’t. I thought I had to live around sloppy, abusive, jealous, mentally retarded gay women, but I didn’t. I thought I had to be in heavily infested HIV areas, but I don’t. I thought I had to be around other women, but I don’t. Most of them were just filthy prostitutes, dancers, porn stars, and escorts. I thought I had to have support and approval from others, but I didn’t. All I had to do was study human trafficking on my own time. I started purchasing and reading books, reading articles, watching documentaries, and educating my self as much as possible. I learned how to save myself, especially from a dangerous HIV infested sex industry. That is why I am still holding on to my dignity, and the reason I am still drug free and not incarcerated. I stopped turning to people who didn’t have any regard for my life and started learning survival skills. I started learning how to become more independent and less dependent on people who are negligent, greedy, shady, and nasty. The human trafficking hotline is a scam and my life is not a game. All of the shelters, jails, and hotels I were placed in were dirty, unsanitary, filthy, trashy, gross, abusive and negligent. I’m so glad I don’t live in one anymore. The women living there were more faggot, sickening, racist, and fake than a pile of vomit and feces in a bowl. 

Today, I know how to save my own life. I don’t go out looking for other victims of trafficking to save. My resources are always available to them 24/7 online. It is their job to pick up the phone and call. I do not want to become friends with the victims or make close contact with them, but I can send them emergency supplies, care packages, survival books, and other resources to help them get through. So far, no one has contacted me for help, and I’m extremely okay with that. I’ve turned my attention to rescuing animals instead. My own life is important and all the things I have done to protect myself from predators and evil, abusive people has worked so far. If you or someone you know is a victim of trafficking, and no other organization could help you, contact me at 

Toll free: 1-888-491-1626