Armaud R. Eason: The story of the gay, cruel, undercover transgender woman and bully that impregnated me at 16 & 19 years old

Armaud Eason, known as “O” whom I met in 2005 after running away from home in Suffolk, Virginia , is a pedophile and nasty rapist and transsexual who Impregnates underage women and gives them STDS such as chlamydia and gonorrhea which I contracted and took meds for in 2005 and again in 2008. He (I’m not going to call him “her”) can be seen in the Suffolk, Portsmouth areas of Virginia riding a green jeep or other vehicle. I was raped by this pedophile when I was 15 years old and gave birth to two children. He neglected me and the children to create more children with other people that I have never seen. I don’t know much about the creep. I just know he was a nasty old man with a beared who always bullied me and treated me foul. It was my first time ever being pregnant and I had never heard of a disgusting abortion before. I searched and searched for support because I wanted to keep the baby. I had to become a poster child for The Keim Center just to receive baby pampers. The only catch was, I had to tell my story and be willing to spread it. I decided not go through with an abortion. It sounded scarier and grosser than the rapist himself. It was humiliating. Back then, the pregnancy center gave me lots of pampers, baby clothes and everything else I needed to keep the baby instead. Since 2005, I have had to re-live the same trauma over and over. I rarely ever saw him or ran into him, and whenever he did, he bullied me, harassed me, abused and neglected me over the course of my children’s lives. He often sends his cousin, mother or other family to stalk, bully and harass me and make me feel like nothing. It’s disgusting. 

Eason has a mother named Sarah King. I met this clown ass woman a couple of times for the sake of my children who were birthed out of rape and wedlock, and she was nothing but a rude nasty, hateful, narcissistic, ghetto character. She is a fat, racist, hillbilly pig who has me er respected me since my son was born. She always tries to turn my oldest son against me. Its sickening. Their nasty, racist, uncle tom, hillbilly pig family just do not like me. I break my neck to take care of my two sons, buy them things, and protect them from harm them and I do not get any credit or acknowledgment. The funky sick slops just do not like me. They are just very hillbilly, stuck up, stank, and nasty towards me. They’ve been treating me like that for 17 years. It is extremely nauseating. I may eventually go no contact on my children, since I am not good enough for those stanking people. On February 10, 2022, King, who happens my mothers close bestie, came over to give my oldest son a brand new Iphone 12. My son does not respect me because every time the faggot people spoil him, he thinks I’m nothing. If they weren’t so gross and evil towards me, I’d be able to provide more. I can buy my child the world and give them the shirt off my back, and I still wouldn’t be respected by those gross clowns. I wanted to punch the faggot lady in the face, but I hid in my room while the two goofy women chatted.

On March 9,2021 Eason had a male cousin whom I have never met a day in my life email me and asked me not to expose this gross hateful rapist. I told him to fuck off. 
I found Armaud Roshaun Eason’s phone number inside my kid cellphone, and proceeded to keep it in case of emergency. The two times that I did actually have to use the number, he told me to never call his phone again and to leave him alone. When I was being bullied and abused by other people, I was stranded over a dozen times and I got arrested against my will because being violent was the only way I could defend myself from all the violence and racial discrimination. I wasn’t that guilty. It was self defense. I contacted Eason for his help so that my children wouldn’t suffer. I wanted so desperately for someone to help so I could prove my innocence. But help isn’t what I got. I got neglected by this creep and by the cruel, evil, prisoners, and staff where I was being held. He declined to speak with me, take any of my calls or support my sons. He is also known for telling people that” I’m not all the way right” or that I am “a crazy girl” and that I’m insane and that no one should take me serious just like my mother says. I don’t know if the two have feelings for each other or not or if my mom is having an affair with Eason or not nor do I care. I just hope to never see him or his sick, nasty, family again. He was one of the nastiness, hateful, cruelest person that has ever touched me. Eason is a transgender woman and is attracted to A-LOT of different men and boys.

A cartoon of my kids father in love with a man (he loves men)

Being a teen mother felt like being in a trailer park or RV, which I could never, ever afford to even have. In a crisis, I’m always forced to live outside on the ground, or sleep in a car or abandoned house. Either that, or get trafficked or beaten by a bunch of brutal traffickers inside a hotel, something Eason never cared about for the sake of his own seeds. What a disgusting, disturbing, feeling.

This guy is more ashamed of having kids by me then he would be if he sucked another mans penis on camera. This nosey rapist and pedophile got away with rape nearly 17 years ago. I turned to a lot of people for help but none of them believed my story. They protected him and left me for dead instead. It really grosses me out how he got away with all that sickening abuse. No one, not even my birth mother, cared. This man will forcefully have sex with anyone who lets him (instead of fighting back) and then abandon them. He is really a certified rapist and very good at fleeing the scene with no remorse. He will also force his homeboys to gang rape his victims by holding the girl hostage inside of a room and lining the guys up one at a time. Most of the time it’s either three or more other guys. I’m not sure. They are all bisexual, and they rape men and women. Sometimes his gang will forcefully penetrate a woman’s anus (butt) and daydream that it was a man. His crew of rapist act like wholesome family men by day , but are sadistic “shanaynay” type men by night. It’s not funny, being that I’ve met a lot of people with the AIDS virus. They are also known for raping men while serving time prison. He is a serial rapist and has several illegitimate children who he will let suffer so he can please himself. I’ve never met Eason’s other children but my sons have. He does not pay child support to my sons and I am not aware of his actual whereabouts nor do I care anymore.

The father of my children wanted one my children to be a homosexual boy

Evil Mr. Eason wanted one of my children to be gay. Eason also wanted be to be a boy, and I refused. He is a horrible, horrible, person. Believe it or not, I have never ran a criminal background check on him. I never snitched on the nasty guy either. The damage was already done and I never cared. To this day I still don’t know what his charges were nor do I wish to find out.

When my oldest son was a pre teen, I found a picture of a anime man with long hair, his dick out squirting, and the male character had large exposed breast. I do not approve of twisted, transgender, anime characters. All of that was in his cell phone. I explained male and female body parts to him and I told him that it was incorrect. I wouldn’t raise my child to be gay, or a transgender. Only his all male revue loving father would teach him some faggot shxt like that. His father acts like a lil Nas X and Ru Paul wanna be. Teaching my kid to watch transgender anime porn was mad gay. I warned my child and told him if he ever becomes gay, he will end up serving a life sentence. This is America, but I don’t care. He said he would never do it again. One day, he tried to come home with black nail polish on, another thing his dad loves, and I made him take it off immediately and threatened him with the juvenile system again.

I created a six-nine month class, that I taught both of my two children on Sundays in the house. I typed up the lesson plan and quiz on Saturdays. I warned them of the dangers of teen pregnancy, how hard it was for me, and also warned them that I wasn’t ready to be a grandmother at my age. I warned them of the horrifying incarceration system, how to prevent STD’s, and other important survival information. I also made them choose a goal or career choice for post high school graduation. After each class, I made them take a test or a quiz. They received prizes for passing all of my classes. I’m not a Christian, but I created the lesson plan using the bible. It was scripture based. Some of the classes included watching documentaries about the juvenile prison system.

A few months back on September 25, 2021, my kid went over a friends house and came back with both of his ears pierced. He told me he was just going to the mall. I warned him to be careful. He came back with earrings that were for men, but they were dangling. I thought it was gay. Come to find out, his friends mom was the one who pierced both of his ears without my permission, not a shop. I was disgusted and didn’t confront the stank lady. I made my son take out the earrings and let his ears close. I told him he can get it done after he is an adult. If you examine the back of the pair of earrings closely, they are for people ages 15 and over, but I still didn’t like it. After that, I made him take a drug and marijuana test, which he passed with flying colors. After that a BinaxNow Covid test, which he also passed. After that, I made him take at home rape kit, which he failed. The underwear he wore that day tested positive. I immediately called a private investigator. The PI charged their usual $400-500 for the usual lie detector test and other investigations. He told me that if my son is denying being raped or touched, then I shouldn’t investigate further. He said that those at home kits aren’t accurate and that I shouldn’t go by that again. I was extremely frustrated and embarrassed, and didn’t spend the $500 to investigate further. I hated my entire existence. My son eventually started becoming more sneaky and untrustworthy.

People are still very envious of my role as a young, black single mother, and want to disrespect my authority consistently. It is disturbingly gross. Those people are sick and just want to have their way with me. It’s embarrassing. I’m not into that stuff.

more hate

On August 2, 2021, I had an interlock device installed into my vehicle in Portsmouth, Virginia. It was removed on February 9th 2022. This is the first time I have driven legally since 2014, when my first trafficker kidnapped me, robbed me, beat me and totaled my vehicle. During my installation appointment the absent parent Armaud Eason came and picked up my son without telling anyone. My son left a note telling me he was with him and went to work. I don’t know if that is true and I have no way of contacting this nasty ass whoremongering man. Every time I reach a new milestone in my life the funky, whoremongering, jealous, faggot men bombard their way back into my life out of no where and and drag those funky, phoney, nosey, sickening , stinky, fishy, retarded, lesbos and tranny women into my business. I feel as though my kids are never safe around those people because they always protect themselves when I try to get help or voice my opinion. Throwing me away with so much dignity made them feel superior. Its really disgusting, sad, disturbing, and sickening. I’ve been on my own since the teen pregnancy happened, and I regret not being able to further my education or improve the quality of my life. I began to assume Eason was a racist. I haven’t seen or heard anything from this narcissistic hillbilly sociopath or his crew of transgender rapists since. I don’t have any photos of Eason and I know little about him or his over protective ex boyfriend’s and flying monkeys. I just know he is a very, very, nasty, dangerous, racist pig. He is also gay and uninterested in me and always has been. He told me many years ago. He is cruel and lacks empathy. The gay man and his family just want to see me crying every single day. Once again, I’ll look on the bright side. It could’ve been much, much worse. I could’ve gotten HIV from the nasty jerk.