Right alongside the Mississippi River– Earlier this week, I was informed that I have to be in Raleigh, North Carolina today, May 20th, 2022 at 9:30 AM EST at the housing authority, because after a long, dreadful, 5 year wait, my name was finally selected to receive a voucher for housing. I will not be attending the appointment. I waited 5 long years for the letter, and I am no longer in the area due to the infestation of gangs, homosexuals, and HIV infected people. I can not go all the way to Raleigh on such a short notice, for a voucher that I might not even be able to use. It’s going to cost me $800 to travel by plane, around $600 to travel by bus, and around $250 or more to travel by car. I won’t be doing either. 

I’ve lived in 3 public housing/low income apartments, but I’ve never had a section 8 voucher. It’s not the same thing. Every time I lived in one of those places, my experience was nasty, dirty, drug infested, prostitute infested, and crime infested. I was getting beaten up nearly every day. I’m afraid that one day, one of those violent beatings caused by a random attacker, will turn into a senseless, sickening homicide. I suffered lots of domestic violence and humiliation. It was awful and I no longer see hope in those types of neighborhoods. I want to see if I can get a house with the voucher, since I waited so many years, but I am too far away to take the risk. 


I’ve heard recent stories of numerous landlords not accepting section 8 vouchers in the US. I tried to contact Priscilla Batts, the person handling my housing case, to reschedule, so I could plan the trip better, without losing money, but I have not heard anything back from her. If I don’t, it was not meant to be. The Raleigh/Durham area is infested with dozens, if not hundreds of gangs, and it probably won’t be much to do sitting in the house all day anyway. I could go back to college, but still, I don’t think it’s worth it. I tried to look at the “hood” in a good light, but with all the beatings I took throughout the years from random strangers, I cannot see them as anywhere near cool anymore. No one was around to rescue me all of the times I kept getting beaten, sold, and robbed. I was completely alone,-it was very scary. The beatings occurred on a regular basis in North Carolina inside of the apartment I was renting, and in certain hotels where I was being sex trafficked, as well as other in other states along the coast. It was an absolute nightmare from the most deepest depths of hell. I’ve stayed in many major cities in North Carolina and I’m very familiar with the territory. It is far from safe and there is a major human trafficking threat all over Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, Charlotte, and near the Outer Banks. It brings tears to my eyes, to have witnessed so much unbearable turmoil. 

I don’t want to be near any infestations of anything, especially homosexuals. When I say homosexuals, I’m not talking about your typical flamboyant gays, walking around acting prissy. I’m talking about your average homo thugs that you see standing on the corner, in nightclubs, in music studios, at colleges, at churches, or everywhere else. They are not hiding in plain sight. I can spot them from a mile away. Throughout the past few years, I have been forced to live in the neighborhoods of some of the most nastiest, fakest, unnatural, brutal, disgusting, infestations of homosexuals and rapists I have ever seen. I refuse to go near them or look at them for the rest of my life. My circle literally consist of just me, and I will not let anyone else in it. I will also not go near a homeless shelter, church, mental hospital, jail, or other type of “home”- where there will be a gross, inhuman infestation of sick, nasty, cocky, disturbing, funny, people. I’ll pass on filling out another section 8 or public housing application for about another decade, because unbeknownst to them, I’m in my right mind.

Sex traffickers, murderers, homosexuals, and child predators who have been released from prison, roam the streets of America freely to terrorize humanity every day. With that many dangerous infected people and harmful predators and bullies close by trying to infest my life, my poverty level isn’t going to change, and a mediocre section 8 house will not solve my problems. I do not have a family or friends. The security cameras I install might also not help, a private investigator may not want to assist me properly, and I won’t feel like I have a human right to be alive. I could also waste my time and be forced to move out, after moving in, for a number of other unknown reasons. I would hate to be stuck with a bunch of high quality furniture that no one will buy. I don’t want a storage unit. The last time I was forced out of my apartment, which was all the way back in 2015, I was also forced to donate all of the furniture and property to the local thrift store. I can not do that again, because this time, the furniture will be more expensive, brand new, and tasteful. What I am saying is, if I ever move into another building ever again, the furniture will not be used or cheap, because I do not shop at thrift stores. Somewhere in America, someone is sitting on the couch I was beat on, and sleeping on the bed I was raped in.


I do not shop at thrift stores, because I do not want another woman’s used garbage on my body anymore. Wearing used clothes was a extremely gross experience that I will never forget. I was probably wearing the clothes of prostitutes, lesbians, or murderers. I also do not want the furniture or property of spiritually damaged households. I don’t even like living in old run down, dirty places. There is no way to purify their souls, or their used stuff. I no longer find treasure in someone else’s trash. In my religion, I am not supposed to wear used clothes. I may never have a house built from the ground up as long as I live, and quite frankly, I do not care, but I did make a permanent decision not to wear used clothes, which was a very, very, easy bridge to cross. Most used goods, for the most part, aren’t purified or clean. The physical property, can be run down, just like a human being. I will not convert to another religion to please others. Overall, most people treat me very poorly, have little taste, little class, and I am moving on without them. I am keeping my abstinence, my cleanliness, my aloneness, my purity, my freedom, and my sanity. No sicko or a groups of sickos, can take that away from me.


I’m still staying out of the public eye for the most part. I don’t have a 9-5, and I am not forced to look at, live around, or be around unclean humans anymore, but when I do have to step outside, my eyes still have to see a lot of dirty, disgusting things and people. Unfortunately, I still have to go out for gas, last minute emergencies, and to walk a dog. Every time I go to the store, I try to wear plastic gloves and I carry tons, and tons, of disinfectant wipes. Every time I purchase something, I disinfect it. I disinfect everything item I touch, especially food. When I’m at the gas station, I wear gloves before pumping gas. Everywhere I go in public, I spot unclean, nasty-looking people. Their hands could have been between their legs or on a pile of semen, digging up their nose, on feces, or on a herpes infected penis before they came out of the house. It’s very disgusting. The more abstinent I become, the more uncleanliness and sloppiness I notice in other people and places. I hate gross environments now and I hate ugly, dirty, people-regardless of their race. It sucks that the world is so big, and I can travel wherever I want, and I may still have to face an infestation of gross people once I get there. 


Photo by Devilishly Good on Pexels.com

People that bully me into isolation are also very unsanitary and disgusting to look at. The more abuse and neglect I am forced to take, the more dirty and unsanitary the world appears. They all appear to be having INCEST as well as living unclean, sick, twisted, and homosexual private sex lives. Clean, healthy, people wouldn’t want to bully me and isolate me in such a gross, disturbing manner. Forcing me to talk to myself is very, very, dirty, and nasty. People may think they are being better than me, but I don’t see them as being better than me, regardless of what they have. I see them as dirty, filthy, and downright infectious. I see them as pest. I see them as a infestation of monkeys and flies. I can no longer see them as people, because they don’t act like people, and they choose to be nasty and disturbing. I see them as infestations of unclean humans, just like a infestation of roaches, bats, or other annoying pest. Just like a wild animal could carry a disease if you go near it, that is how bullies look. They look scary, dangerous, life threatening, and deadly. They look so disgusting, I’m afraid if I go near them, I will catch a fatal disease, get framed for something I didn’t do, or get killed. 

For the most part, living completely alone in the middle of nowhere is okay. I can live in isolation for the rest of my life. I do NOT have to be near any human civilization. I don’t have to worry about being molested, raped, bullied, catching COVID or AIDS or getting beaten, but I do have to be on the lookout for spies and sick, twisted, nosey, sadistic, gay sociopaths that might want to watch me or locate me for no reason.


I won’t return to civilization, not even for a funeral. I won’t be keeping in contact with anyone. Funerals are gross, disgusting, and infected. Any deceased people from the human race will never get another dime from me. I will not visit their grave, pour out expensive liquor for them, burn expensive candles for them, give them expensive flowers, or put them on a raggedy ass T-shirt. I’m not even going to pour out a single, tiny, drop of my liquor for the dead anymore. My bottle of alcohol, is for MYSELF. My flowers, are for MYSELF. Everything is for myself, because I am literally- by myself. 

The deceased can rest in peace for all eternity, without me being present. They wouldn’t do it for me, if I were dead, and I can no longer respect the deceased. They don’t need my help, they all already have enough people. The deceased are were they belong. Cemeteries are garbage, infected with witchcraft, and I don’t want to go near them. I don’t want to connect with any deceased people either. I don’t want to channel them, seek advice from them, mention them, or be there for them in any way shape or form. If you see me burning candles, they aren’t being burned for any deceased people. When I die, I will remain irrelevant and unloved, just how it was when I was alive. I do not want to be near all the nasty, unnatural, sickening people that left me to die.


Mississippi River- The oldest profession in the world is very annoying and bothersome to me. It looks similar to a pesky little HIV diagnoses that won’t go away. I don’t want to meet any females ever again. I do not want not even ONE friend. I do not want to help them either. I will not go anywhere near an unsafe infestation of prostitutes. It is NOT my God-given calling to hang around ANY women- old or young. They are extremely gross and disgusting, and that is how they will remain now and in the future. These type of women and their thirsty fans are horrible people to be around. The reason is because I get bullied constantly by those big, funky, gross, incestral freaks, and they are the scum of the earth. I am not a man, and I will not let any confused, horny, nasty, hopeless gay women talk to me like one. 

I am not attracted to pimps. Prostitutes can not lure me into their stable using their boss. I don’t like sex traffickers. They’re very gruesome and murderous. Most pimps these days have a stable of both women and male prostitutes, who share the same clientele, and hang in the same circle. Sometimes they all travel in groups on tours across the country just to prostitute. It’s very nasty out there. They are all one big happy family out there. I don’t want any of their gay love spreading anywhere near me. When I travel, I travel solo, and not to prostitute. I have to be very careful, not to bump into those unnatural people. 

A prostitute and a pimp 

Most sex workers have a predator following and some are aware and some are not. They degrade themselves for the whole world then treat other people that choose not to live like a nasty whore, like nothing. Some of them work a legitimate job during the day and trick on the side and some work selling their grossness 24/7. They DO NOT know that not everyone wants to live that way. A lot of them don’t even get to go home with the trash bag money and the money they hold to their ear when they post on Instagram and Onlyfans. The money usually belongs to someone else. Most of them live on government housing which require that they report every dollar being earned but they never do. They will even get so desperate for cash and go so far as to turn their government housing project apartment into a brothel like environment where they traffick themselves alone or other with women hidden inside. 

Some sex workers have their own self supported low to medium class apartment, house, or condo which was obtained under false pretenses or from selling their vagina (which is illegal almost everywhere) or trafficking other women and girls, which is a federal crime known as human (sex) trafficking or pandering. They could spend up to two decades in prison. A lot of the faggot women don’t get caught, because the world loves prostitutes. Some of them live with relatives who allow them to degrade themselves and live that way and others do not even have a roof over their entire head at all. They will sleep on the street, in their car, or in a hotel selling their bodies to pay the rent. To me, prostitutes are not inspiring people. 


I don’t like strippers. When whores become strippers, The club or company they work for will charge an expensive house fee, usually over 50% of their earnings. They also have to pay a DJ fee which is usually less than $30. If they have a house mom , they will charge them anywhere between $1-30 to use all of the toiletries in the dressing room. If they are starving they have to pay for food from the bar or buy some nearby on a break which can cost anywhere between $5-80 a night for a plate of food. If they are on a celebrity status level (most of them never make it that far) they will have to pay security or a male escort to walk them to their car or around town which is so expensive they usually just pay them by trading sex. They will also have to spend money for gas or an Uber to get to and from the club which can range anywhere between $15-$100 if they are working locally. They also have to put money in the jukebox if there is one inside the club. Some of them even have to pre-game or buy their own drinks because their clients and customers are too cheap.

A photo of a bunch of homosexual strippers found on Www.xxgasm.comhttps://xxgasm.com/photos/black-ghetto-strippers-club/ (gross stuff I don’t want to see) 

If they are an escort, prostitute or streetwalker, they will usually have a pimp that will force them to give up 50-100% of their earnings. All sex workers have to spend money for weaves, hair, nails, shoes, outfits, skimpy clothes, makeup and other social media worthy material possessions (that the feds and predators can see). That is where the rest of the earnings go and they have to do this so that they can look good enough to get back to work again. Sex workers make a lot of money and almost all of it is completely invested into more sex work. The customers and John’s almost never want a plain Jane type of worker. Some strippers and prostitutes are sneaky. They don’t all broadcast their behavior on social media or tell people of their profession because they want to fool their partners or other people in the community that does not approve or accept that type of lifestyle. Instead of staying out of the streets, They will go to the clients house on a sneaky visit. They will go to parties far away from where they live or fly out of the country on a “business“ trip and have sex with random strangers or take all of their clothes off in a strip club. Sometimes they disguise the trips as “girls night out” or a “ladies only vacation” and end up stripping and selling sex with all of their friends. Then they return to their home and act like nothing ever happened. These women are sick and most of them suffer from serious mental health disorders. Some of them have been diagnosed by a professional and others have not. They suck as women and they are a disgrace to the human race. As a female rapper, I don’t even want strippers listening or dancing to my music in a club. Yuck! Strippers, if you are reading this, do not twerk to my stuff! There is a lot of finesse and scamming associated with that profession. If you are in to deep, you can lose your mind.


The felony I was charged with that won’t go away, is for a firearm that I tried to purchase all the way back in 2015. I just wanted to protect myself from the nasty infestation of incest people, liars, people that touch themselves and stick objects and dildos up themselves, sickening retarded married women, groups of smelly gay women, prostitutes, old creeps, nasty groups of homosexual men and boys, and sloppy, gay, ugly, bullies that try to force themselves on me. I am by myself all the time, and it was just too many of them. I do not like or want those kinds of people and no one believes me. They are disgusting and I do not want to be near all those predators and families. They make a lot of nasty, infested, gay, threats. The infestation of predators got even nastier after I caught the charge. I used to look for jobs, but I gave up because they would stop bringing up that old ass charge. By summer of 2021, I eventually realized that my lifespan would get shorter due to all the nasty people trying to infect me. I had to go into isolation, where I will remain, because every time I try to survive, the infestation of nasty, yucky, predators just gets larger. 

Trying to purchase a gun from a nasty, uncool gun range was a bad idea. It did not solve my problems. I had been hospitalized before, and I didn’t know it was illegal. The first time I purchased a gun from a shop around 2007, it was legal, but after that, I went to a hospital for a painful memory I don’t want to remember. After I was discharged, I wasn’t aware that I had lost my gun rights. It was a honest mistake, but the court system in Virginia is sickening and they didn’t care. The gun store snitched on me, and I was charged with a felony and a misdemeanor. I hired a lawyer, but he did not make the charges disappear. I cut the lawyer off. 

I was able to get my civil rights restored in 2021, but I still have to pay $2,000 to a new lawyer (whose name will not be mentioned for security reasons) to have my gun rights restored. The lawyer offered to take $1,000 down to get the process started. I do not trust lawyers. People are very nasty towards me, they have no regard for my life, and they don’t believe half of the stuff that has happened to me. To start the gun rights restoration process, I have to be able to be mentally competent to stand in court front of a judge and explain why I need the gun. I also have to have a note from a mental healthcare professional that will approve. Right now, I choose not to have a gun because I can’t travel with it. Once my gun rights are restored, the gun (tazer, etc.) can not leave my residence, which changes often. I have no stability, because people switch up on me often, according to how they feel that day. It’s sadistic and flat out gross. I’m disgusted with the entire world. I always have been. 

I’ve only owned two guns throughout my life. One was a 38 special revolver, and the other one was a Russian pistol-a 48 caliber. I have to go through all of this, because prison sucks. Its a sickening, nasty environment. What disappoints me the most, is that even if I have a legal gun, I still may never get a security position in the corporate world. I definitely don’t want to be the po po. That’s disgusting. I don’t talk to them. I just want to be a security guard for my own business. I have to be able to protect myself, as a rapper, a loner, and as a woman because there are a lot of sick fucks out there, and they don’t like me and want me dead. It is not a laughing matter. It’s just skank, disgusting, dirty, racist, and gross to be treated with so much disdain. 


Here is a documentary I found on Youtube, that explains how straight men get turned out in prison in the United States of America. I’m avoiding ALL human contact throughout the country, not just men, especially in the black community, because a lot of them are gay, brutal, racist, hateful, murderous, heartless, disease infested, and HIV positive. 


I do not hang around women period, and I do not want them speaking for me as a whole. If a woman speaks on me, they’re probably just a lame and a low life who has incest, is a swinger, a thief, a liar, a pedophile, has gay orgies, or has HIV, and want to bring me down. Even if women claim not to be gay, I still don’t want them as friends. Something just isn’t right with them. They appear to be homosexual to me anyway, and they act like they can’t support me, because they secretly are- and at this point it’s confirmed they are. They’re extremely gross. 

I hang alone 24/7/365. I do everything for myself, by myself. I do not pay attention to women at all. I don’t even look at them. They do not exist in my life and I don’t want them to. They are sick. They disgust the living daylights out of me, and I fear for my life and around them. I have never liked women. For the past few years, they have bern bullying me, and making me vomit every single day. My stomach sinks to floor in fear, pain, and torture every-time I’m near a woman. 

I really hate the bitches that have a “who told her she could do that attitude”. Like “who told her she could come here” or “who told her she could wear that”. I’m not your child. I don’t hang around women with a stinky, controlling attitude towards a grown woman. It is very nasty and gay. I will never allow a bitch to talk to me in that fashion. I have always had a mind to think for myself, and I don’t need to be in the presence of faggot acting women. It is also not my job to be a prostitute and serve their faggot husbands. It’s their job to have sex with their own fucking man. Women cannot force or coerce me to do anything. 

I distance myself from them as much as I possibly can, because their abuse and neglect has become too life threatening and dangerous. I literally get sick to my stomach, around them. The level of disgust and fear they bring to me is very traumatizing and scary. The painful feeling won’t go away no matter how hard I try. I don’t want to be in their presence at all- ever. They are very cruel and violating and they never listen to me when I tell them to stay away from me or leave me alone. They do not care about my womanhood, and are very manly acting and nasty towards me. The trauma is so painful, I can’t be around them all or I start feeling sick, disgusted, afraid, and suicidal. Those groups of dykes won’t respect me at all. It feels like I’m being watched and molested every single day. They are very, very, scary. A lot of them are superior and very narcissistic. They believe I should want to be around them, so they can bully and harass me. 

I started SantaMuerteHollywood.com in 2020 because I needed hope. I was lost in a dark world of being trafficked by some of the most brutal traffickers known to man. I was beaten by them, sold, and tortured repeatedly. I turned to a lot of human trafficking resources. I called the human trafficking hotline so many times throughout a course of 8 years, that I eventually gave up. My last experience with the traffickers and victims was just too dangerous (“peligroso” en espanol). Many of the women leading the programs and shelters I were in, lacked the knowledge and empathy it really takes to understand a real human trafficking survivor. A lot of the advocates were mean, brutal, and controlling- like the traffickers. It was sickening and cruel. It usually lead to more trafficking. I don’t call their human trafficking hotline numbers anymore. 

I thought I had to continue to turn to a bunch of phoney, gross and negligent people for help, but I didn’t. I’m not being abused, raped, spied on, and neglected by those gross people anymore. I thought I had to have a degree in social work, but I didn’t. I thought I had to live around sloppy, abusive, jealous, mentally retarded gay women, but I didn’t. I thought I had to be in heavily infested HIV areas, but I don’t. I thought I had to be around other women, but I don’t. Most of them were just filthy prostitutes, dancers, porn stars, and escorts. I thought I had to have support and approval from others, but I didn’t. All I had to do was study human trafficking on my own time. I started purchasing and reading books, reading articles, watching documentaries, and educating my self as much as possible. I learned how to save myself, especially from a dangerous HIV infested sex industry. That is why I am still holding on to my dignity, and the reason I am still drug free and not incarcerated. I stopped turning to people who didn’t have any regard for my life and started learning survival skills. I started learning how to become more independent and less dependent on people who are negligent, greedy, shady, and nasty. The human trafficking hotline is a scam and my life is not a game. All of the shelters, jails, and hotels I were placed in were dirty, unsanitary, filthy, trashy, gross, abusive and negligent. I’m so glad I don’t live in one anymore. The women living there were more faggot, sickening, racist, and fake than a pile of vomit and feces in a bowl. 

Today, I know how to save my own life. I don’t go out looking for other victims of trafficking to save. My resources are always available to them 24/7 online. It is their job to pick up the phone and call. I do not want to become friends with the victims or make close contact with them, but I can send them emergency supplies, care packages, survival books, and other resources to help them get through. So far, no one has contacted me for help, and I’m extremely okay with that. I’ve turned my attention to rescuing animals instead. My own life is important and all the things I have done to protect myself from predators and evil, abusive people has worked so far. If you or someone you know is a victim of trafficking, and no other organization could help you, contact me at press@santamuertehollywood.com. 

Toll free: 1-888-491-1626


Quincy, IL-I’ve net some of the most sickening, scum of the earth, yuckiest, gayest, non-believers and groups of fags these past few years in all my life. What so sickening about it is that they want me to degrade them. YUCK! I’m still getting harassed by a bunch of sickening racist gays. It feels disgusting and humiliating. They are extremely violating and narcissistic and believe I am supposed to know them. I am all alone. I’ve never had a family, I’ve never had any female friends. I never went to prom. I haven’t had a birthday party my since I was  a child. I’ve never had a boyfriend. My deceased birth father wasn’t in my life, nor was anyone on his side of the family ever in my life. I’ve been abused, lied on, and harassed so much-it’s sick. The abusers are extremely homosexual, racist, and do not care how they make me feel, how many times I vomit, or much pain they put me through, nor do they care how many years pass by while they torture and stalk me. They just continue being sickening. I have been living in isolation for over a year, and I’m still being bullied and harassed. It is GROSS. 

Today, another gay pedophile and troll contacted me using several different phone numbers, and told me to kill myself and jump out of my mothers window again. They also called me a crack head and a bad mother. The threats came from the nasty, racist, hillbilly state of Virginia. I am no where near my mothers house, and the text message the troll sent telling me to jump out the window was fucking nasty and gay. I don’t know what type racist, sick, gay, ephebophiles, and pedophiles would want to keep putting me through that. What type of gay, perverted, nasty, racist, incest having people would want me to commit suicide that bad? Ew! Yuck! 

I am not on drugs, nor do I use crack. I do not sleep around and I am NOT with anyone. I do not get laid. Men do not sleep with me anymore and they do not like me At ALL! They turned gay on me! They will not pleasure me. They denied me of that! I don’t know any men at all anymore! Men are not attracted to me! They are only attracted to other men and nasty, gay, funky women that have a lot of friends and family and know how to grind their nasty gay vaginas together! I never did that stuff! I never had a woman and men are not attracted to me!!!!! I repeat.. MEN DO NOT WANT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! They will not be with me! They will only be with the gays!!!!! They will love them and put them on a pedestal !

Gay people always think my hate and vomit for them is a joke. Then when I try to attack them, they call all of their gay faggot-friends and family for help and the police so their incest having asses can having something to complain about for the next ten years. They are weak, needy, sloppy, and gross! I’m not jealous of those fucking faggot people!!! Yuck! I just want them to stay away from me! My hate for you does not mean I love you, know you, or want you! Ew! Do not take my hate for a sign of love! I do not like you. I am NOT GAY! You are nothing but nasty, life sentence-infected people! 


I am ABSTINENT! I do not engage in sexual activities and I do NOT know anyone in America. I am not being sold, raped, or molested anymore and I am not on crack! All those rumors those trolls are spreading about me are FALSE! I am not a slave, a homosexual, a bisexual, nor do I belong to anyone and I am not a piece of property. I am not a bad mother, I was raped by a transgender woman when I was 16. The tranny did not want to have anything to do with me after he raped me, and all the gays protected the racist shemale and not me. They’re disgusting and they’re slow, and they are not natural human beings. I tried to start a teaching career and went to college, but the bullying and the the tranny infestation grew. I was forced to drop out of school and live off of government assistance. I’ve spent over 17 years living below the poverty line and the mentally retarded community doesn’t care. I’m no where near middle class, and with my life being infested with slow people and homosexuals, I never will be. I was left to grow up fast and fend for myself with no money or family. The mildly retarded, trans people, hated on every single move I made, and every single dollar I wanted to get. It was overly infested with lames and gay men. I tried to find a new man to be there for me and the kids, but they were homosexual pedophiles and wanted to sleep with little boys and not me, so I never ended up with a father for them. That is not my fault. They were all just a bogus imitation of Lil Nas X pretending to like me, but secretly liking men. Even if I go back to finish my degree, my felony will be staring back at me, and all the gays and the entire dirty, racist, faggot black community will keep on laughing. They probably aren’t going to buy my books or my music either. Gross. Getting support from the black community is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 


Nauvoo, IL, -I stopped drinking a lot of alcohol because it’s disgusting. A lot of gay men have sex to wine, and the more I drank it, the more I vomited thinking about how much incest and group sex they have with each other. I decided it was time to quit. I don’t think I’ll ever drink wine again. I also stopped drinking rum and cognac. I had my first drink when I was 14 years old. It was a Four Loko. I started drinking hard liquor in 2003, when I turned 15. I was in Newport News, Virginia in a trap house with a grown man that thought I was 17. I wanted him to know I was still a minor. I was no where near close to turning 18 that year. At the time, I had been reported a missing child by my negligent birth mother. My mother was never charged with a felony child abuse or reckless endangerment, which still makes my stomach queasy. 

At the older mans spot, I was given a mixture of Hennessy and Hypnotic in a styrofoam cup. The drink was called “Incredible Hulk”. It was the first time I ever drank liquor, and I was only 15. The drink took away my nervousness and I was immediately hooked. After I drank it, he raped me and gave me $50. I don’t know the mans name, but he also raped several other minors in the area. Following that, I turned myself in and went back to school. I started getting raped by all the gay boys until I dropped out of school and became pregnant with a child who doesn’t like me til this day. All those gay boys from way back then turned into fully grown gay men today. 

a bottle of Catabwa, from the Wine Barrel in Nauvoo, IL 

Mother’s Day is today, and I don’t give a flying fuck. I’ll never really be respected. The liquor I was given to as a teen was given to me by grown men. They were ephebophiles that enjoyed buying me bottles of Hennessy. I drank all the way until I was 21, and then started buying it myself. Of course I drank throughout the entire time I was forced to be a dancer and a hooker from 2007-2020. I used to drink hard liquor by the fifth- not by the glass. I was raped by hundreds of gay men. I was even molested by a woman and her boyfriend around 2011. The gay lady’s name was Ladonna Pope, and the gay lady’s boyfriend name was Dion Roberts. The couple both were protected by other people after molesting me inside their apartment. The woman was someone I thought I could trust and turned out to be a nasty bisexual, and ruined my entire life. I was not aware of the level of evil that those funky, sneaky, gay women I hung around carried in their hearts until about a year ago- when I started being abstinent. I never tried to kill any of them, I just cut them off. 


I was drunk at every single party, every brothel, every club, and on every date with a man. Not once in the past 13 years have I been sober while performing a sexual act. I was under the influence every single time. Those predators knew I was easy, and they knew they were gay and I was unaware. I caught 2 DWI’s and I felt gross all over. While incarcerated for the DWI, I was getting bullied in jail by all those nasty gay women for having to wash the same one pair of underwear and bra in the sink over and over and for stealing food from other inmates. The racists guards smelled like fish and sardines, and wouldn’t stop harassing me. I was so poor I couldn’t afford anything on the commissary list. I couldn’t even afford Fresh Favorites ( fresh food). I was getting snitched on alot. It was gross. I called a sex trafficker for help. Thomas Johnson, also known as “Tom Johnz”, a known sex trafficker in Virginia, put $20 on my commissary, so I could buy the stuff I needed. I don’t like Johnson at all, but I will never forget the money I was given. I hated Johnson so much, I wish he was hit with a grenade. He had too many funky looking whores. I felt like a number. It was violating and nasty. I have a lot of criminal charges, and all of them are in the state of Virginia and North Carolina .


After my second DWI (in 2017), I started getting raped, beaten, harassed, and molested more, because I kept getting stuck without a car. At the time, I had a lack of resources. Unnatural homosexual men were preying on me left and right and I felt stuck, hopeless, and sick. The people around me were so funny acting and unnatural, I knew I had to get away from them because I was literally vomiting every other minute due to their harassment, abuse, and neglect. The people had no regard for my stomach or life. I was getting bullied so bad, I was throwing up loads of vomit everywhere I went. I eventually started making a ongoing list of places not to go to, and it has been effective every since. The bullies eventually started showing up at my mothers house unannounced, and I started getting harassed even more. I tried to hide in the garage, but my stepfather, Morris Towns, locked me out and told me not to go in there. I tried hiding in his shed, but he locked me out of there too. I tried hiding in the bedroom, but it’s a hidden camera in there somewhere. I had no privacy. I asked Towns multiple times if I could install security cameras on his property so I could see the bullies coming, and he refused. I decided to remove myself permanently from the nasty, dirty, bully, homosexual, and crime infested neighborhood altogether. The people around me were so nasty, cruel, and sickening, I didn’t need any help doing it.

I tried to get a local job doing security a while back, and they rejected my application. I completely ran out of options. It was sickening to the core. They all wanted to humiliate me so bad, I started vomiting multiple times throughout the day, even more, because I still had no where to go and nowhere to hide. I realized that I would just have to make a home in the wilderness and sleep wherever I can, like an animal, until I pass away. I felt really, really, violated, battered, abused, and disgusting. The unnatural feeling in my body from all the abuse is never going to go away. If I don’t throw up, it feels worse. I have to be able to get the vomit out. 

Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

After catching the DWI in 2017, I wasn’t able to get a hoopty until three years later, in 2020. The car sat for a while until I had an court ordered ignition interlock installed in there in 2021. It was installed for six months. The ignition interlock, installed by a company called Draeger, saved my life. I passed all of the test until it was taken out. It only took 24 hours to sober up from alcohol before a test could be passed. Fortunately, my alcohol addiction wasn’t so bad to the point where I couldn’t wait 24 hours. The machine also passed with marijuana. Now, I don’t drink anymore around strangers. I haven’t drank around anyone in over a year. I will never trust another person with my life. I will never drink and drive either. Today, my stomach still turns when I see a fifth of alcohol- and gay people.

People still think I’m a dirty, AIDS infested prostitute, and I’m not. I don’t have AIDS. I was just forced to grow up in an HIV/AIDS infested environment, which is unfortunate. I don’t let society look at me anymore, they don’t deserve to. I hide from them. I wasn’t anti gay back then, but now I am. I don’t want any of those nasty people knowing me anymore, their bullying is just too disgusting. It’s too many people. I don’t ever want to meet anyone else. Even in isolation, away from people, I know that there are still going to be a lot of sick fucks and sick families out there that can’t help themselves from trying to bully me but I’m going to live the rest of my life in isolation happily. I don’t want or need anything from anyone, ever, ever, again.

Getting tricked by undercover gay men can break your spirit, so be careful : HIV positive men love wearing disguises  

May 6, 2022

Men that have HIV/AIDS and want to spread it love changing their disguises. Not only do some of them like dressing up as a woman, but they can also change their appearance as a man. You will think it’s a totally different man, when it’s really the same man wearing a disguise or a costume. Take actor Eddie Murphy (who is not a homosexual) for example in the movie Coming to America. He wore many different disguises throughout the entire movie, but it was the same person. He looked like a totally different person each character he played. Arsenio Hall also played different characters, including being a woman. There are quite a few Hollywood actors that do that, but there are also under-covers in real life that wear costumes regularly. It doesn’t just happen in the movies.

If you’re an escort or a dancer, or alone and single, be aware of the many disguises that the same man can wear to fool you, or get close to you or even stalk you. Men with HIV can be very deceiving. They wear lots of makeup, beards, and disguises to change their appearance. Some of them may even be a minor wearing fake gray facial hair. Never trust IDs, unless you can scan them, because they could be fake. If you’re an escort, be aware, that some of your clientele could also be gay male couples, or men who have gay orgies, coming into your room one at a time. Men that have gay group sex always like locating and buying women escorts after they’re done. They assume the woman escort may be a man, and when they find out it’s not, they still go through with it. Be aware of all of the gay porn on the market. A lot of men watch it and also engage in it-that’s why it exists. Be very careful out there. Also be aware of men that stand on the corner all day or walk the track. They might tell you they’re selling drugs, when actually-they’re selling their body to other men. I used to be attracted to men that stand on the corner in packs or go everywhere in packs. Now they all just look like one, big, gay male orgy.

If you feel something isn’t right about a person, it probably isn’t, especially if they make you feel sick. It could probably be HIV lying dormant in your body, so always get tested within 3 months of exposure. Never let anyone rush you into sex without knowing their status first. You have to be with them when they take the test. Do not trust a piece of paper with the results on them- only trust the actual test. Be very careful who you sleep with, because your life could be jeopardy. I myself, struggle with just taking two medications for mental health. I couldn’t imagine having to take a whole bag of HIV pills so I can live longer. It just wouldn’t work.

One minute I want to live, the next minute: My life was infested by people who have gay incest regularly 

From the time I was a little girl I never really wanted to be alive. I knew something wasn’t right with my family. I was born without one. I had to adapt to living in different shelters, brothels, and eventually jails, and I was being abused and sold on Backpage and Craigslist by all of the people there. It was absolutely disgusting getting raped by all those nasty, racist, horny pigs. My body still feels very gross. I haven’t been sold since April 2021. To this day, I am still very grossed out at the level of pain and suffering those AIDS and diseased infested people caused. They were very, very, dirty and unclean people.

All the men I was sold to, were transgender women and bisexual men. All of them were LGBTQ. It was extremely HIV infested and gross. I was sold to approximately 300 or more homosexual men on the U.S. East and West coast while I was being trafficked. Some of the gay men were getting into serious trouble with their gay partners, for sleeping with a woman behind their back. They knew that I would eventually find out about the high amounts of HIV/AIDS and STDS I was being exposed to. They’ve harassed me for so long, I am usually almost always wanting to be dead. They really wanted to infect me with AIDS. 

AIDS & COVID awareness: These images are examples of the type of “men” hustlers that work at restaurants and grocery stores part-time, stocking shelves and touching all of your items without gloves on 

I was sold to these type of men 
An example of the type of Gay men that infested my entire life 

I just can’t stand the pain that the dirty rapists pigs caused. They stick together like white on rice and they always cover for each other in their behavior. My level of homelessness is on a whole new level now. I’m a felon and no one wants me to have anything. I can’t go to the jails, hospitals, and shelters because the people are too infested with incest and diseases, and they keep trying to beat me up, threaten me, harass me, rape me and sell me to the whole city. It’s so gross and sadistic, that I keep imagining what it would feel like dying and never waking up again. They are very, very, funky, and cruel and they never want me to feel anything. They never want me to face my emotions and be mature about anything. They are always wanting to have their way with me. It is SICK. I’m just another worthless dead body to those people. 

I wish I was rich. I wish I had a nice job. I wish I had a record deal. I wish I could afford a nice car, a little tiny house or log cabin, and nice jewelry and clothes. I wish my two kids weren’t being raised by abusive transgenders. I hate being a Welfare recipient. It’s extremely disgusting and ghetto. I want better, but the gays and incest people won’t stop looking down on me, threatening me, and beating me up. I feel disgusting! I don’t want to live like a poor, abused, battered slave! I wish I could protect my 2 kids so they know that I’m really their mom. I wish I had a family, friends, and money. The list of wishes goes on. I won’t be granted any of those wishes ever as long as I live, so what is the purpose of living? To get raped, harassed, neglected and abused by a bunch of nasty pigs all my life? What is the point of living just to be poor and abused by everyone? It’s just SICK!!! I hate being in my own body!!!! I will never let the LGBTQ community, or a nasty jealous man, or married man touch me, hear me, or see me, ever again!!  I haven’t been in a shelter since 2020, I haven’t been in a hospital or a jail since 2018. I haven’t been employed since 2020. I will never return to either of those places. I’m just going to spend the rest of my life in the wilderness, ALONE, waiting to die- like a deathrow inmate. I can not be near those nasty, disease infested, greedy, nosey, sloppy, gay, brutal, abusive, racist, incest-having people. I just want to die, so the narcissistic, controlling incest people can live. 

I don’t want you! You incest having predators are sick, nasty, and FAKE! 
Buy my book or I don’t know you! YUCK!

Marijuana THC levels at dispensaries across America

Quincy, IL– I’ve been smoking marijuana since I was a kid. Over the past two years, I’ve been keeping track of all of the strands I’ve smoked. I’ve shopped at dispensaries all across America. The marijuana in the Midwest, is extremely, extremely, expensive, but the quality is much better. The dispensaries on the East and west coast parts of the U.S. are a lot more affordable. My favorite Dispensary in Los Angeles, California, is Wonderland. In Chicago- Zen Leaf, and last but not least, my favorite dispensary in Washington, DC, is The Safehouse. 

I’ve arranged each strand I’ve smoked since 2020 in order of three levels. Level three is the least potent strands with THC levels  up to 24%. Level two strands with THC levels up to 27%. Level one strands are the most potent with THC levels up to 33%. The list is below. 

Level 3 (lower) ((Avoid when possible)

peach cobbler 17%

Pink cookies 20%

Warlock 14-20%

Black Diamond 18-24%

Lemon cake 22%

OG kush 17%

Alien OG 18%

SupaNova 17%

Creamsicle 17-22%

Blue frost 17-22%

Cherry Krush mints 13-23%

Slim 15-22% (taste bad )

Fire OG 19%

Banana OG 22%

Gorilla glue 20%

Wedding cake 22%

Ice cream cake 22%

Girl Scout cookies 19%

Pineapple Express 17%

Northern lights 16%

Trainwreck 17% (weak)

Cookies and cream 20%

Tahoe OG 18%

Birthday cake 20%

Level 2 (second) 

White gushers 15-25%

Skunk Og 17-25% 

Spacemints 25%

Lemon haze 17-25%

Grape OG 17-25%

Papaya 19-25%

Pink Runtz (calming) 22-25%

Sour Diesel 17-27%

Bubba Kush 17-27%

Level 1 (Top)

very strong ,potent, bright, and sour in color

*Chem de La Chem 27%

*Clementine 17-28%

*peanut butter breath 20-28%

*clementine 29%

*Guava cake 28-30%

* Runtz 19-29%

*Lemon Cherry 19-33%

*Apple Tart 30.9%

*GG4 18-30% 

*Boss OG 20-30%

*Dog Walker 31% 

*Florida cake 24-32% 

•Kosher Dawg 31%

*Green lime 33% 

*GMO cookies 20-33%