2022 Human Trafficking map: danger in the United States

This current map shows locations where human trafficking is not present (green states) in my life, and states where there may be a serious potential threat to be brutally trafficked, beaten, stalked, murdered, or sold again to a bunch of sickening creeps (blue states). As you can see, most of the trafficking is present along the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Most pimps and traffickers drive up and down the east coastline to pimp and traffick human beings all day. Once you’re in  a trafficking ring in the blue shaded areas, it’s hard to get out. The traffickers are like mobsters, and have very strong connections and ties all along the coastline. You have to flee the area altogether, or they will rat you out, set you up, or just murder you altogether. They are also known for pushing people over the bridge, off of a boat, off of a pier, out of a moving car, or just tying them up and hanging them. They are extremely violent. They are also known for infecting dancers, and other sex workers with HIV, on purpose. The violent gangs and traffickers grow in number each year, and so do the victims. 

the blue states are the territories (states/coast) that I don’t belong in (2022)

The modern day slavery along the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific coastlines has gotten brutally sickening. All the bisexual men in the blue shaded states & yellow states, turned me down after they finished selling me to each other (from 2005-2021), because they wanted to date each other, and then marry or date bisexual women. They told me to go away forever, and I did. The green areas are the safest areas for me to migrate to, away from the racists, the gays & the criminals, in the United States of America, so far this year. I’m avoiding the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, and Canada because there may be a potential threat, but I can not say for sure. 

The gay pedophiles in the blue shaded states & yellow states forced me to witness them having sex , while I was being trafficked by them 
This image I found online is an example of why I don’t talk to men(boys) & the reason I wroteI’m still Abstitnent . This image also explains why I don’t hang around women, because they always cover for these types of men. The gay groups of women also forced me to watch them having sex with each other. There are millions of pornographic images and videos of groups of black gay people having gay sex, just like this one, online. Most of them live on the east and west coasts of the U.S.  
Some of the predators like the ones in this image were in prison, others were in the military. Some of them are wealthy, and some of them have mediocre jobs to take care of their families. A lot of them look for victims to rape and sell so they can keep a roof over their head. Most of the sick predators, if not all of them, are known for raping their own relatives and having gay incest with them. Men getting raped by their own brothers, by their own fathers, uncles, and cousins, and women getting raped and preyed upon by their own mothers, cousins, and sisters. The pedophiles have a sick, twisted mean of the word “family”. They are walking around everywhere, reproducing, and spreading diseases across America each and every day. I won’t be a victim.

States with the most violent human trafficking rings 

The states in America with the most violent dangerous human trafficking rings, are in yellow. They have the highest number of extremely violent pimps, tricks, and escorts. There are hundreds of thousands of undercover whore houses, and stables. They also have a high number of sexually transmitted diseases. There is a high level of other crimes in the highlighted states including theft, rape, kidnapping, vandalism, and murder. I have not investigated Nevada, due to the high number of unreported suicides in Las Vegas.

The yellow states are deadly areas that I don’t belong in (2022)

The rap industry is full of twist and turns: being an independent artist is even more costly, deadly, and risky

When you’re an independent hip hop artist, it hurts when no one will support you. I’ve been rapping professionally for only 6 months, and a lot of time, effort, and money goes into my music. I don’t have time to keep putting out music that isn’t bringing me any royalties. I haven’t sold any music at all, nor has my music been featured in any movies. My studio sessions usually run me about $150 each, plus distribution and promotion, which runs me about another $100 and up for each song. That hundred dollars for promotion can run up into the millions. The price of releasing an album cost double verses releasing a single. Also, it cost thousands of dollars to distribute the music to stores. When it comes to music, quality is better than quantity. That’s why I never pay less than $60-80 an hour for studio time. I’ve put out a total of 5 songs. I’ve spent about $1,400 on my unreleased album so far, and the expenses just keep growing.

I don’t perform at concert venues, so I’m not getting any real exposure. I have high standards, and I won’t just waste money trying to look cool in front of a bummy looking, ghetto, sloppy crowd. You have to be a big name artist in order for the venue to pay you, otherwise you have to pay them, and I refuse to do that. I also don’t have any music videos. My music videos are going to start at around $500 and up per scene, per video, and I don’t have the money to pay for them. Music videos are also very pricy, and can cost millions in the long run. I can’t give my fans a visual. They treat me so nasty, they don’t even deserve one, honestly. No one knows me, and they all think I am a slow, nasty, retarded woman out in the streets living like a nasty, horny, jealous, gay, sloppy, pig- just like them. Unfortunately I don’t live that way and I won’t live that way for my fans. I don’t like the way most of them view me. I am not a reflection of them, I am me. I won’t let them get near me, because I’m not that safe. I do everything myself. I do not have a manager, or security. I’ve failed multiple times at meeting people I can trust.

I’m not signed to a record label who can assist me financially. I have recorded 9 songs altogether. I have written about 18 songs, so I have a lot more recording to do. I still have 7 beats left, 4 of which I own 100% of the rights to. The other 3, I only own 50% of the rights to. I eventually realized, through trial and error, that owning the full license to my beats brings much more pleasure than having a middle man.

Photo by Wallace Chuck on Pexels.com

I’m just a very poor indie artist, and that is how my life will be forever. I’m also a woman, and rapping is more of a male dominated industry, and they aren’t going to pay as much as attention to me as a they would a whole group of people. The music industry is also very controlled and dominated by a lot of homosexuals, to my disadvantage. My life is very, very, hard.

Horrorcore isn’t getting that much attention, and I’m going to bring it back

I’m probably going to be a solo rapper for the rest of my natural born life with or without a major label. My new single “Step by step” was released April 27, 2022. It is another horrocore song from my upcoming debut album. Horrorcore is not a forgotten sub genre. It is very real and present in todays modern rap scene. No matter how hard I try not to be, I will forever be a devotee of Santa Muerte. It’s tatted on my flesh. I got the tattoo in Los Angeles, California, the city I call, the “most wicked death cult city” of all time, because they’re not to far from Mexico. Mexico has the worst of gangland horrors I have ever seen. Just a couple of years ago, I was human trafficked, right outside of Tijuana. California was the nastiest state I have ever visited in my entire life. The east and west coast are extremely nasty, dirty, and racist to me. It is absolutely sickening.

I ride around with the Santa Muerte statute on my car dashboard, because if I take it out, she might kill me while I’m driving. Santa Muerte is very dangerous but also very loving. I just recently (April 5th, 2022) witnessed her taking my pit bull’s life due to unforeseen cancer. My car has been blessed by Santa Muerte. I had to load my deceased animal into the vehicle and transport her to the vet to be cremated. I haven’t sanitized the car since. I sleep right next to my animals memorial every single night. I already put the statue in the car, and it has to stay there for life. Death is very real, and very present. Sometimes I wonder, how I will die myself. I hope it isn’t due to drugs and alcohol, murder, nature, or suicide.

Battle rap is mad gay: I will never battle rap with women as long as I am alive on earth

Yuck! These battle rappers look like a bunch of predators 

I’ll never turn into a battle rapper. These days, women battle rappers look like a bunch of leftover baked turkeys from three thanksgivings ago. I don’t care how much money they make. They all look like they’re bumping too many of their nasty vaginas together. They’re all ugly, bossy, and homo. I ain’t gay. Their “cliques” are mad stinky and funky looking. I’ll never blow my cool for those gay faggots. I’ll still wake up the next morning, if I don’t ever get a record deal. I’ll just save myself pools of vomit, by ducking all of those nutty, phoney fans and shady, greedy producers. Most importanly, I will NEVER support another rapper again. I lost too much respect. I will not go to their concerts, buy their music, watch their videos, or listen to them for free or pay to listen to them. I’m used to my own poverty, and I can not afford to support anyone but myself.

Feeling like I might catch TB or a skin disease in a ring that filthy, this image is an example of how nasty battle rappers are

Naked Lady tattoos on women: the branding mark of homosexuality, female sex traffickers, and prostitutes 

Human Trafficking is still alive and running all throughout America. It is a tragic cycle of poverty and perversion. More women are turning gay these days, due to prostitution, sex work, stripping, or having a husband, boyfriend, or pimp who forces them to be with other women. Lesbians are pretty obvious. If you’re a woman who is forced to witness dozens or even hundreds of nude women then you’re in the wrong environment. Women shouldn’t have to witness other women nude if they don’t want to. Also, If a woman has a tattoo of a nude woman/girl on her body, chances are, she is in the LGBTQ community. You should not make contact with these types of women. Another sign of a female pimp are, controlling, nasty, dominating behavior. A female should never bully, dominate, stalk, or control another woman’s life. Women who do that are lesbians. They should not coerce you into selling your body, they should not threaten you, beat you, or hit you. They should not try to humiliate you, or steal from you. They shouldn’t try to control your finances, or tell you what you can and can not do with your own money. They also shouldn’t lie about sleeping with you, if you aren’t a lesbian. 

I didn’t learn these things until I got older. I never had a positive female role model in my life or any friends. My mother or grandmother and no other female ever taught me these things about other women. They were nasty. They never taught me how, sickening, callous, and cruel they can be. Today, I am still proud of being HIV negative, and heterosexual. My life is free of all women, and I am not being forced to live in a environment that I don’t want to live in. I was never gay. I have never slept with a woman. Women really did a lot of damage to my mental health. They were really, really, lame, abusive, unnatural, and sick, and they still are. My life of a loner and writer is so peaceful, without the presence of women. 

I am officially racist toward all black people, and I never want to be near another one again, even if they’re mixed with black

I do not buy anything from black people, reach out to black business owners, and I do not ask them for donations, I do not start fundraisers, I do not join gangs, I do not join groups, I and do not join churches. The black race is disgusting and gross. I want the images of all the black people that physically, mentally, or sexually harmed me, burned and erased from my memory, and I never want to see or remember anymore like them. 

Unfortunately, Most black people are greedy, and do not care about me. Most of them are Satanist. Especially the middle class and wealthy. Most of them are ignorant, gay, sloppy, fake, disease infested, crime ridden, and accident prone. The donations, love, support, and care will never come flooding to me during my time of grief. Every time I see a black person, I throw up. They are all eyesores and extremely painful to look at. Most likely, they will abuse and neglect me. I don’t waste my time, money, and most importantly, I won’t sell my soul. I will not let them sentence me to hell for no reason. I avoid them like the plague and I do not fall for false prophets, and fake caregivers, or friends. I will not believe the lies they tell me. They will pimp the living daylights out of me, in the middle of my crisis, and after they are done with me, exclude me, and then cling to each other like white on rice. I don’t want to feel that disgusting anymore. I promise I don’t.

More black people are Satanist these days than they were back in the 90’s. Most of them will claim to believe in  “Jesus” from time to time, but they actually worship the Devil, Lucifer, and Satan on an every day basis. Even though Satan, also known as the Devil, and Lucifer is the most dangerous, disturbing, and evil spirit to worship, they still pray to him, they speak to him, they spend time with him, they give him their all. Most of them will chop off their left foot just to be closer to Satan. They put Satan first every single minute they are breathing. I will not fall for it. The amount of evil that forms from Satanism is absolutely sickening, indescribable, and unbelievable. If I like black people, I will end up in a whirlwind of endless pain, confusion, self-hate, and torture. 

I’m Anti-“po po”, Anti- police brutality- no police presence allowed

If I think black people are going to let me have a moment of silence, they won’t. They’ll just keep applying more pressure and hate during my loss, or time of trouble, and will not send me any condolences, flowers, cards, or money. If you haven’t experienced any of that or you believe that black people will not be that callous towards you, then you aren’t being abused, and this message is not for you. In my case, all of the most dangerous people I met during a lifetime, were black. White people just weren’t around, and I’m pretty sure you know why. 

Black people are gross, nasty, and ugly. I don’t need them. They might be my color, but they are not my kind. It’s 2022, and Black on black crime is still at an all time high. Especially on the East coast, West coast, and Midwest. All major cities and neighborhoods that are full of black people in America, are full of crime, death, and hate. I won’t bother thinking I need them, ever, ever, again.

The entire black community in America has caused me permanent, tremendous pain: I have the same color skin and they don’t care  

Somewhere along the Mississippi River– Lame people make my skin crawl. I don’t want to be around ANYONE. They will HURT me, and then give me a sadistic, sickening, grin. One that I never want to see for the rest of my life. The pain will never leave, because they aren’t all dead yet. I never want to see those people AGAIN. It is GROSS, knowing I was around those incest people, those lesbians, those sloppy bisexual-faggots that are thirsty for attention, those ugly, dyking police officers, project babies, those nasty hospital workers and nurses, those fake gay men, those food delivery workers, those phoney, nasty, funky, smelly, military (army, navy, air force) faggots, those funky, violent gang members, those smelly, nosey religious freaks, those ugly nasty children, those tranny people, and those fat, sloppy people. They were all narcissistic snitches and they are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND NASTY. They abused , neglected, humiliated , tortured, beat, and abandoned me. 
I don’t want the black community back anymore. They just want to beat me down more. They might even throw me away for good or just murder me or chop up my body. That’s how fake they are to me. In the future, I plan to be in a more remote location so I wont to look at them, see them, or hear them. I do not accept money from those people. I do not want to move into the projects, go back to school, go to jail, a mental home, a shelter, live with them, visit them, or be anywhere near them. 

Being in the middle of nowhere alone brings me much joy and peace

To all the unmarried straight men reading this, that can’t understand me, or think my life is joke, I am so sorry, I’m not gay enough to want to be around any females for any of you. I no longer wish to be in their presence or yours. I’m going to keep curving them, and staying away from all the gay, smelly, fishy, phoney, whores in the world. I’m sorry if that upsets you. Please do not bully me with your friends, family, homies, or exes. It’s sick. I am not dirty, I am not gay, I am not a prostitute, I’m not a stripper, I’m not mean, I’m not a crack or dope fiend, and you people can not see me. I will not let you. I’m pretty sure you will all find someone someday who can satisfy you and make you happy. I wish you the best! Seriously, I do!

An example of the amount of vomit the stinky bullies make me produce daily

Warning: Do not try being in secluded areas (do not try this yourself ) 

The reason I do everything solo

As of April 1, 2022, I No Longer tell people my exact location. I do not use Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, forums, chat rooms, or dating sites AT ALL. I do not visit churches, domestic violence /trafficking / shelters, halfway programs, detox centers, hospitals or anywhere else on my local and national ban list. Beware of anyone telling you where I am. I have been severely abused. They are most likely a fraud and a stalker trying to harass and harm me. I could be anywhere in the US, Mexico, or Canada and it is no ones business. I don’t have friends, homegirls, a man (boyfriend/husband), nor have I EVER dated/slept with a woman, I don’t have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or other relatives nor do I wish to have any or find out who they are. I don’t have a father (he is deceased). Any person, place, family, group, or business telling you I am affiliated with anyone is a scam and a liar. I am 100% alone and that is not your cue to be a bunch of sadistic clowns. I hope another year doesn’t pass and I’m still being harassed in this manner. The years keep passing by, and I’m still being harassed by the same SICK, TWISTED, type of people. It’s so gross, I can barely survive. I am a human being, not a wild animal. Beware of anyone purposely trying to put me (or another innocent person) in harms way. They might do the same to you. Don’t be any ones property.

Travel, wildlife, hotel, and camping safety tips

Traveling solo has provided me many great advantages, including not being attacked by other humans, peaceful scenery, staying physically active, and more. I also don’t have to worry about being purposely left for dead or set up by the group or person I would be with. I also don’t have to worry about being snitched on-which is very, very, cool. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. Always travel with your friends and family, or a tour guide, do not try to seclude, isolate yourself, or travel in this manner. It is very dangerous. If you wish to do things alone, educate and prepare yourself as much as you can. I am a skilled hunter, prepper, camper, and survivalist, and I have taken all the skills I have learned from various teaching sources and put them to use.

Dogs also make great travel companions. They are very helpful and can sense danger and may even save your life. Always be cautious when depending on a firearm, machete, knife, taser, or other weapon, even if its legal to carry one, you can still be charged for using it. I wouldn’t wish jail or prison on my worst enemy. It’s disgusting. If you have to attack your attacker using a weapon, just know it could potentially backfire.

When fishing, sailing, or cruising alone, use extreme caution

Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on Pexels.com

My deceased father also taught me how to sail a boat. Unfortunately, he lost his life in 2018, after drowning at a pier. Do not attempt to fish from a pier or a boat without a life jacket on, and watch out for high tides and currents. Do not depend on a rescue crew, captain, or scuba diver to save your life. Don’t go near the water unless you know to swim, even if you’re on a cruise ship.

A letter to my most dangerous enemies: You people make me feel extremely sickening and gross. The wilderness and extreme poverty is better than being around you.

Warning: do not attempt to flea any dangerous situation at home without proper emergency preparation • mild explicit language• hate crimes• references to death

Hamilton, IL-Fake people make me throw up, literally. A pool a vomit will come flooding out of my mouth in no time around people who don’t like me. I do not want any women or men near me. I do not want anyone to see my face ever again. They are ALL too gross, negligent, nasty, racist, sloppy, gay, unhelpful and abusive. I do not have a voice around the ignorant trannies and nasty fake lesbos. I do not want them to feel like they can relate to me either. They’re disgusting and they can not relate to my pain. They do not listen at all. They assume the world revolves-around them and that they are the only people with problems. To all the unnatural, fake, racist faggots and gays hating on me and lying on my sexual orientation, you’re wasting your time. I do not want ANYONE or ANYTHING. I am okay all alone. It is very safe being away from you people. Even death is safer than you. Thats why I’ve been suicidal forever. I will not take anymore abuse from you people. Starving me and forcing me to live in poverty is enough. I don’t want ANYTHING FROM ANYONE, even if I only have $10 to my name. It might sound dumb, but no thank you. I am too abused and battered to want anything from society. 

I am a full time solo camper and writer. I don’t hang in crowds, nor do I have a loving family. I have never been married, and I have never had a boyfriend. I was only abused, sold, raped, humiliated, and bullied by big funky lesbos, light skin people, bisexuals, gay men, HIV positive people, fat people, incest people, murderers, animal abusers, thieves, and tranny people most of my life. I have spent the last year of my life abstinent and away from people who might try to harm me. I don’t like meeting or knowing people. I want them all to back off. I repeat- I don’t want ANYTHING from ANYONE. Don’t tell me why you don’t have empathy or can’t care. I don’t care. Translation- You are just narcissistic, gross & sickening, and selfish and you only care about yourselves and your needs, and will always be that way. Please stop making me vomit on purpose. I’ve been vomiting for the past 2 years. I’m not using reverse psychology. I really don’t want anyone around me. Death in the middle of nowhere is much cooler than y’all. I am not gay, a prostitute, or a gay prostitute. If anyone is calling me that they are sick and twisted. The mildly retarded women and men need to stay away from me because I don’t want to hurt the nasty fags. I will end up in handcuffs and in prison around a new set of nasty dykes and gay cops. Stay away from me. I will spit on you or throw feces at you. Do not hurt me.

I only have one mother and two living teenage boys left. Anyone else claiming to be related to me is a liar. They are not my friends and family. I have no one, and I am homeless by choice. If I die out here, I do not want those selfish, sickening, abusive whores and niggas to find me. Stay the fuck away from me. If my birth mother finds this blog, please cremate me. I do not want any remains of my body left. Do not bury me. It is EXTREMELY disrespectful.

My emotional support animal just died of terminal cancer (Parental Advisory Warning)

Warning: the content of this article is extremely graphic-please be advised

Nauvoo, IL – My best friend and emotional support animal, Chelsey, was found dead early this morning around 5am. Chelsey was a 10 year old mixed breed senior pit bull, who had multiple health problems, including cancer. It was heartbreaking seeing my beloved animal deceased. She loved camping, hunting, and dog runs. She had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was scheduled to go to chemotherapy on April 13, 2022. Unfortunately she did not make it. I was unable to determine the type of cancer she had, but it had started to spread. She had difficulty breathing, and was in a lot of pain. She was my best friend, my companion, and the emotional support that she provided me, will never be forgotten. She was adored and loved everywhere we went. She never had to fight other animals. I wanted her to be safe, and to spend her last days doing what she loved best- Camping outdoors. Her memory will be with me forever. I loved her more than any other animal I’ve ever met. She will be missed.

In loving memory of Chelsey (my beloved 10 year old pit bull mix and ESA) , just days before she passed away from terminal Cancer

The sex trafficker that tried to murder me has just been released from Prison: I hope to never see this negligent fag again 

William Mark James also known as “Dub J” is a sex trafficker I met at a strip party in Norfolk, Virginia (the party was thrown by a man named “ Daddy Cage ” a pimp and local businessman in the Tidewater area) in which I had no absolute business being at. Shortly after meeting him, I found out that I was In grave danger. I left the party with the monster, and my life was headed for indefinite ruins. He was only one of the evilest, nastiest people I have ever seen. 

The damaged the cruel trafficker caused 

William “Dub J” James is the beat me, raped me, and robbed me, stalked me, and forced me into human trafficking. James told me that the key to breaking down women and exploiting them, is to get them hooked on drugs, and that is the easiest way to control their destiny. After abusing me, he apologized seven years later via prison letter. He is also heavily associated with other pimps and traffickers in the Virginia Beach area, as mentioned earlier. He often joins different gangs in different cities. He is very, very, evil and confessed to being a very evil person. 

He is also a rat, and has the police on his side now. He is a male prostitute and street walker. He loves taking dick in his anal, giving head to other men, making love to them, kissing them in the mouth, and then giving his dick all the ugly thirsty, funky-pussy, freaks that love him. He and his little collection of prostitutes are of the reasons I’m always getting snitched on. He also likes sucking every single dick in town for crack and ramen noodles which is one of the main reasons he loses his temper. He was just released on March 25th 2022, after serving a 8 year sentence in Saint Brides Correctional Facility in Chesapeake ,Virginia for pandering and a number of other federal charges. Where is is really from is unknown. I was being heavily trafficked by this guy in 2014 inside a Henrico Hotel and I really hope he never ever finds me again. As far as whore houses and strip clubs, let’s just say I done seen enough and I won’t go back. Those bitches are gross, and so are the tricks and pimps. I don’t even wanna interview, dance, or meet those girls. It’s too dangerous for me. That kind of environment was the lowest form of humanity known to man. 

I do not wan’t to be anywhere near someone who would victimize me. I do not have a team of rescuers standing by my side nor do I trust people. Most of them have nothing to offer me, not even support. They’re fake, hateful, nasty, racist, and useless. 

I’ll never be a groupie for any nxgga or bxtch

Besides not having a trauma bond with this particular trafficker, another reason I did not respond is because I do not have Hybristophilia. Hybristophillia is a person who is sexually attracted to people who commit dangerous and atrocious crimes. They become sexually aroused and act like groupies. People with this twisted perversion called Hybristophilia, tend to think they are are Bonnie & Clyde. 

According to a 2014 Richmond Times news article, James has three loyal prostitutes from California associated with his case, and is involved in a human trafficking ring that I want no parts of. I haven’t heared from him since the last letter in July of 2021 and I’m hoping he won’t make my stomach sink to floor by finding me once this monster is released. When he was abusing me, I never felt so low and useless in all of my life. He was the first person to ever beat me up, but he wasn’t the last. The nasty, abusive trafficker was released from prison, and luckily, I haven’t heard from or seen the nasty man since. I hope I never do, not even a decade from now. I hope the racist fag meets the faggot of his dreams and lives his life happily ever after.

A strong surviver: My pit bull is suffering from terminal cancer 

Chelsey, a 10 year old, senior pit bull, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dr. Miller, a vetniarian at Suffolk Animal Hospital, confirmed the deadly virus earlier this afternoon, after receiving the pit bulls biopsy results. Chelsey, Obinidodo’s emotional support animal, recently had surgery to remove a mass on March 16th, 2022. Chelsey made a full recovery from the surgery, but is still struggling to survive. “There is not much we can do to stop the disease from spreading, but I can refer you to a specialist where she can receive chemotherapy” stated Dr. Miller. Chelsey is going to start chemo later this month. Chelsey just turned 10 years old this past December.  

Thea Arnold, also known by her Orisha given rap name Oya Obinidodo, adopted the pit in Los Angeles at the East Valley shelter in 2020, after losing her father to a drowning. “I needed all the support I could get, and this pit has been nothing but loyal to me” Arnold told the press. “She always makes sure I’m safe”. Chelsey will be going hunting, one of her favorite activities , later this month. “Just because she has cancer, doesn’t mean she is going to sit still. She still loves the outdoors and hunting. She is very excited about the mountain adventure, has a huge smile on her face, and can’t stop wagging her tail.” Arnold stated.