I am officially racist toward all black people, and I never want to be near another one again, even if they’re mixed with black

I do not buy anything from black people, reach out to black business owners, and I do not ask them for donations, I do not start fundraisers, I do not join gangs, I do not join groups, I and do not join churches. The black race is disgusting and gross. I want the images of all the black people that physically, mentally, or sexually harmed me, burned and erased from my memory, and I never want to see or remember anymore like them. 

Unfortunately, Most black people are greedy, and do not care about me. Most of them are Satanist. Especially the middle class and wealthy. Most of them are ignorant, gay, sloppy, fake, disease infested, crime ridden, and accident prone. The donations, love, support, and care will never come flooding to me during my time of grief. Every time I see a black person, I throw up. They are all eyesores and extremely painful to look at. Most likely, they will abuse and neglect me. I don’t waste my time, money, and most importantly, I won’t sell my soul. I will not let them sentence me to hell for no reason. I avoid them like the plague and I do not fall for false prophets, and fake caregivers, or friends. I will not believe the lies they tell me. They will pimp the living daylights out of me, in the middle of my crisis, and after they are done with me, exclude me, and then cling to each other like white on rice. I don’t want to feel that disgusting anymore. I promise I don’t.

More black people are Satanist these days than they were back in the 90’s. Most of them will claim to believe in  “Jesus” from time to time, but they actually worship the Devil, Lucifer, and Satan on an every day basis. Even though Satan, also known as the Devil, and Lucifer is the most dangerous, disturbing, and evil spirit to worship, they still pray to him, they speak to him, they spend time with him, they give him their all. Most of them will chop off their left foot just to be closer to Satan. They put Satan first every single minute they are breathing. I will not fall for it. The amount of evil that forms from Satanism is absolutely sickening, indescribable, and unbelievable. If I like black people, I will end up in a whirlwind of endless pain, confusion, self-hate, and torture. 

I’m Anti-“po po”, Anti- police brutality- no police presence allowed

If I think black people are going to let me have a moment of silence, they won’t. They’ll just keep applying more pressure and hate during my loss, or time of trouble, and will not send me any condolences, flowers, cards, or money. If you haven’t experienced any of that or you believe that black people will not be that callous towards you, then you aren’t being abused, and this message is not for you. In my case, all of the most dangerous people I met during a lifetime, were black. White people just weren’t around, and I’m pretty sure you know why. 

Black people are gross, nasty, and ugly. I don’t need them. They might be my color, but they are not my kind. It’s 2022, and Black on black crime is still at an all time high. Especially on the East coast, West coast, and Midwest. All major cities and neighborhoods that are full of black people in America, are full of crime, death, and hate. I won’t bother thinking I need them, ever, ever, again.

This Virginia native, bully and stalker has spent an entire lifetime commiting blue collar crimes and has become a career criminal: This sick predator and his family are still brutally threatening, and harassing me

Tevin J. Brevard a native of Hampton, Virginia (where his family resides), is a career criminal and has mastered the art of blue collar crime and aggravated harrassment. The 29 year old, with a piercing on the left side of his nose, (similar to Tupac Shakur) was taking classes at Thomas Nelson Community College on the Peninsula, while also engaging in criminal activity. He is a convicted felon with dozens of felonies, has a narcissistic personality, and is very arrogant when gossiping to his fellow narcissistic peers about his behavior and what he has done to people. His relatives are also narcissist. 

The snitch and convict has a long history

Brevard has a long history of being in the Virginia criminal justice system. His crimes range from sexual assault to burglary to breaking and entering. In 2011, he was convicted of multiple counts of possession of marijuana. In 2012, he was convicted of breaking and entering, over three counts of larceny and numerous weapons charges. In 2014, he was convicted of over 7 petty larceny charges and also making bomb threats, which he served only a year sentence for at Hampton Roads Regional Jail. On October 25, 2021, he will stand before a judge on counts of 3 possession of a firearm charges. 

Brevard has been stalking and victimizing me via telephone through text and phone calls, and has been stalking me, watching me, and threatening me for several years. He found out where my mother lives, and also sends numerous threatening emails and text from hundreds of fake accounts if he can not find me there. One time, he even sent me a bouquet of roses, and I was still sick to my stomach. I don’t want gifts from stalkers and haters. Instead of using blunt force on me, he will chose a more subtle, nicer, approach by trying to engage in a normal conversation before he attacks. Brevard will often request and try to scam money out of me via cash app or western union. His circle includes prisoners, homosexuals, and women with low self esteem. I am not in his circle. They are gross. I came from a broken home and I suffer from a mental disorder. Their bullying is extremely gross, sickening, inhumane, disgusting, cruel, and unbearable. Brevard has also engaged in homosexual activity while being incarcerated. He willingly works undercover for the feds taking plea deals, and he often snitches on gang members so he can serve a lesser sentence and get out sooner. He is a master con artist, thief, and will set up anyone near him.

I met Brevard riding the HRT bus (a local city bus in the tidewater and Peninsula areas of Virginia) immediately after I was released from Newport News City Jail on a 2nd DWI charge in 2017. His stalking and harassment started soon after. Brevard would bully me, whenever he found me in public or by phone or email. He would say things like “You’re a lame,” ”You’re a tricking bitch” “you better go get my money right now bitch” or the classic phrase “you a hoe”. He even called me fat and I am only 140 lbs. He often made fun about the way I do things, or the way I carry myself saying things like “Why your nails are never done” or “why do you look like that” The aggravated harrassment, threatening phone calls, and cyber bullying has taken place over a course of years, and I received a threat from him October 8th, 2021 via email. My fathers body was found in a river in 2018, and over time, the threats got even worse. Brevard started saying things like “you think this shit is a joke bitch, watch what happen to yo ass”. When questioned, he has also denied any allegations of his harrassment towards me. When Brevard was incarcerated in 2019 for a bomb threat, I sent him a care package. He couldnt recieve money on his “books” because he stated that he owed the jail a massive balance. After realizing that Brevard wasn’t going to stop stalking me, and the way his team of homosexual aquantances (mainly females) started treating me, I wasnt able to keep any food down. I woke up feeling nauseous every morning. This has been going on for 5 years. I started keeping a collection of the threats, until I was able to get a full description of his character. He also admitted to having a mental health disgnosis, and has attempted to contact me several times from the Eastern State (psychiatric) hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia. Sometime around 2017 or 18, he also confessed to being homeless, and having confrontations with women. I understood why, because females in the area are also extremely gross and abusive towards me. Even though I understood his fustration with them, he still continued to treat me like I’m one of those women. Brevard is a very dangerous person and I can not be anywhere near him or his funny circle, or I will lose my life. 

On January, 5th 2022, I stopped in the uptown area of Newport News, Virginia at a 7-eleven store to get gas and I was approached by a random, young, African American male. He offered to pay for my gas and pump it. I accepted. We did not exchange numbers. He drove off in a silver-colored modern SUV. The next afternoon, on January 6,th 2022, Brevard sent five more threatening emails throughout the entire day. He accused me of talking to his “homeboy”, whoever his “homeboy ” is. It could’ve been the random stranger that approached me at the store which is exactly why I no longer talk to people in the Virginia area. It could be his boyfriend. They are very close and they all seem to know each other. Brevard begged me to take the article down in the email. Why would I do that and he has been stalking, bullying, harassing and threatening me since 2017? It’s 2022 now, and he is still jealous and stuck on harassing and stalking me. He has been stalking , bullying, harassing me for five years in a row now. It’s disgusting in hillbilly Virginia, thats why I don’t want to be there. Those people are really sick and cruel to me around there. They spy on me inside and outside of the house, call me all kinds of names, beat me up, and abuse me for years with no hope of me ever being treated better. Of course, my stomach started to turn and I immediately started to feel violated at the level of hate, stalking and abuse I have to take from all of these random strangers, robbers, thieves, voyeurs, rapist, and child molesters. They never change, they just get more jealous, nasty, fake, and sickening. They all stick together. I immediately started to vomit everywhere. I have no where else to run to to stop all the harassment and public humiliation I have endured over the past decade.

On January 7, 2022, I received a comment on a article from a random email and IP address (that I didn’t bother tracing) begging me to be close to them and that they just want to hear my voice. I don’t know if it was Brevard or one of his flying monkeys who sent the message or not. All I know is that the people who have been stalking me and harassing me for the past five years are very, very, SICK and need a lot of help. They keep making me vomit repeatedly. I’m not a psychiatrist and I’m not a prostitute- I’m not the one to contact for those purposes. On January 8th, 2022 I woke up again feeling alone and violated and I vomited all over the place as a result.

Brevard’s abuse and harassment towards me won’t stop: He continues to make threats

On April 12, 2022 I was contacted again by the stalker. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and started vomiting profusely. This person and his family has been stalking, watching, spying, following, and harassing me since 2017. I have no idea how he got my new number, but I saw it coming. My stomach started sinking at my new location because I knew the transexuals, bullies, sex traffickers, and lesbos would eventually start looking for me, since they couldn’t stalk me or spy on me inside my mothers home in Virginia. They are always stalking and spying on me 24/7, so they know when I’m not there.

Every time I run away from the area, the stalking and harassment starts all over again because the sick predators can’t locate me. He is very sick, and extremely desperate for attention. I do not know this sick man. It is absolutely disgusting that he keeps stalking and looking for me. He is one of the abusive, homosexual predators that won’t let go of me. I am EXTREMELY unsafe and in grave danger and I will not go anywhere near him or his SICKENING friends. They will not let go of me, and I don’t even know them. The stalking and harassment is so GROSS and INHUMANE, that I wish was dead. I do not feel safe where I am. Bullies, transgenders, gay black men, racist white people, nosey lesbos, and predators are everywhere, and they won’t mind their business and leave me alone. I am ready to die, but not at the hands of them. I met this creep on a bus, I do not belong to him.

A photo of 29 year old Tevin Brevard, a resident of Hampton Virginia and a master con artist

Bloods snitching on Crips : The permanent damage I suffered for reaching out to fake bangers, rappers, and snitches

Asking fake gang bangers and random people for marijuana or other drugs is just plain stupid. You don’t know who they are. You don’t know if they are a cop, a rapist, a dirty snitch, a homosexual or a fiend themselves. They may help you out but end the end they are just going to laugh. In my case, The gay gang banger I tried to purchase weed from via the internet platform Instagram in 2015, wasn’t a drug dealer at all -he was a stalker, a downlow homosexual who likes receiving oral from other cocky men (most of them who wanted to see me in misery and are the feds) and doesn’t like being penetrated by them because he scared he is not going to be able to walk straight anymore.

The nasty, racist, fake gang banger turned internet thug, whose real name name is Tray Willams, also known by his street name as ”Blanko Gotti” -that didn’t want to get G checked by a girl -ended up framing me and pinning all the marijuana charges on me. I let the weird, ugly, bisexual creep into my life after purchasing a small bag of marijuana. He hated me. All of his boyfriends and girlfriends hated me with equal hate. The skank creep used to call me by street name ”Candy”. I never used to like the way the fag spelled my name. After that, I thought the fake dirty blood was cool enough to get money with via pimping me into sex trafficking to receive half the earnings. Rapper Blanko Gotti, was a pile of vomit. He witnessed me selling my body, in Richmond, Virginia. He also took my rental car without asking. He wasn’t cool at all. He was a popular internet nerd adored by lame women and men in the hood. He started coming up with so many sob stories about how he used to struggle and how he was on dope and recovered. I brought it. He was just one of the many traffickers I have met over the past 6 years. He also assumed I was a lesbian, until I put the racist, gay man in check.

The fake gang banger and rapper was a snitch and a dirty womanizer. At the time, around 2015, He was also hanging around white trash crackers and throwing  up B’s, which was disgusting to me, being that I don’t like the color red. Every since meeting him I started getting an eerie feeling like someone was watching me and stalking me all of a sudden. The fake gang banger found out where I lived and I have never felt safe since. I started getting dozens of phone calls per day from the fake banger and when I wouldn’t pick up, the fake bloody banger called me a lame and a number of other disrespectful words. The nerd kept telling me “you got life fucked up, you got life fucked up”. I bet I did, being that I was so naive I didn’t know men would be that much of a fag and homo to me. He also threatened to kill my mother and father if I don’t comply. This was in 2015. My father didn’t pop up dead until 2018. 

Prisoner in prison with handcuff

One day while sitting in my room Blanko Gotti called my phone a dozen times, insisting that I bag up all the weed I had just purchased into small bags. I did. I hopped in my car (in which the license plate was identified by the fake banger and a bunch of other nosey people) and drove off to another city with the bagged up marijuana in the car and a scale. About 20 minutes into the drive later the flashing lights got behind me. There were about six-seven officers present. There were a lot of them, taking me down. All of them showed up to court. I was later arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (PWID). I was arrested and my car was towed and I was thrown in jail with a bunch of ugly dykes (which the trafficker wanted anyway because the man was a rainbow) and charged with a felony that won’t go away til this day.

I hated being incarcerated. It was the worst feeling I had ever felt. I didn’t even get any rank and wasn’t promoted to drug queen pin status in the criminal underworld. Once again, I was being mistreated and neglected by the racist guards. I ended up being transferred to the maximum security block around murderers and death row inmates before starting trouble and going to solitary confinement for safety. The women in the pod were too gross to look at and socialize with and the food they were enjoying looked like something a rodent would nibble off of. Most of them didn’t even hold a GED and had to study for it behind bars. They were loud, obnoxious, and very annoying. Women were getting beat up and robbed daily by their “peers” and cell mates. There was a fake bag of cocaine planted under my bunk the very first day I arrived.

I tried to contact the bi man known by Blanko Gotti from prison but the random fake banger (who is really just a womanizer, sex trafficker, rapist and whore) declined to take any more of my calls after picking up one time and telling me to fuck off, Like the rest of the homosexuals in that city, that consistently set me up and leave me to rot after trusting them with my life. He has the attitude of a woman, and whenever I try to fight those marijuana cases, he fights back like the powerful woman, mother and future wife he was meant to be because he really enjoys torturing people and wasting their time. The nasty, ugly, well loved gang banger released a freestyle called ”Panda” (a Desiigner freestyle) in 2015, and owned a T-shirt business. I didn’t like him at all. He was gross and racist as hell. Yuck!

eps10 vector female in prison, illustration silhouette woman in jail

Out of all that I learned from that situation , I learned not to trust random strangers, something my mother nor father ever taught me, and that men have every right to be homosexuals and they don’t have to provide for me, respect me or care about me and they can choose to be a rainbow and a “pussy” if they feel like it. They can also have multiple thirsty trifling women and sleep with all of them all at once because that is their life. They can also get away with a number of other stuff because they keep pleasing each other to get out of certain situations and there is nothing I can do about it. Those type of people, are just too petty and extremely dangerous to even talk to. All of this happened 7 years ago, and I haven’t heard from the racist gay man or his family since, and I’m still very, very, glad. To this day, I do not sell marijuana, and I do not hang around women- or men that dress up like them.