Getting tricked by undercover gay men can break your spirit, so be careful : HIV positive men love wearing disguises  

May 6, 2022

Men that have HIV/AIDS and want to spread it love changing their disguises. Not only do some of them like dressing up as a woman, but they can also change their appearance as a man. You will think it’s a totally different man, when it’s really the same man wearing a disguise or a costume. Take actor Eddie Murphy (who is not a homosexual) for example in the movie Coming to America. He wore many different disguises throughout the entire movie, but it was the same person. He looked like a totally different person each character he played. Arsenio Hall also played different characters, including being a woman. There are quite a few Hollywood actors that do that, but there are also under-covers in real life that wear costumes regularly. It doesn’t just happen in the movies.

If you’re an escort or a dancer, or alone and single, be aware of the many disguises that the same man can wear to fool you, or get close to you or even stalk you. Men with HIV can be very deceiving. They wear lots of makeup, beards, and disguises to change their appearance. Some of them may even be a minor wearing fake gray facial hair. Never trust IDs, unless you can scan them, because they could be fake. If you’re an escort, be aware, that some of your clientele could also be gay male couples, or men who have gay orgies, coming into your room one at a time. Men that have gay group sex always like locating and buying women escorts after they’re done. They assume the woman escort may be a man, and when they find out it’s not, they still go through with it. Be aware of all of the gay porn on the market. A lot of men watch it and also engage in it-that’s why it exists. Be very careful out there. Also be aware of men that stand on the corner all day or walk the track. They might tell you they’re selling drugs, when actually-they’re selling their body to other men. I used to be attracted to men that stand on the corner in packs or go everywhere in packs. Now they all just look like one, big, gay male orgy.

If you feel something isn’t right about a person, it probably isn’t, especially if they make you feel sick. It could probably be HIV lying dormant in your body, so always get tested within 3 months of exposure. Never let anyone rush you into sex without knowing their status first. You have to be with them when they take the test. Do not trust a piece of paper with the results on them- only trust the actual test. Be very careful who you sleep with, because your life could be jeopardy. I myself, struggle with just taking two medications for mental health. I couldn’t imagine having to take a whole bag of HIV pills so I can live longer. It just wouldn’t work.

One minute I want to live, the next minute: My life was infested by people who have gay incest regularly 

From the time I was a little girl I never really wanted to be alive. I knew something wasn’t right with my family. I was born without one. I had to adapt to living in different shelters, brothels, and eventually jails, and I was being abused and sold on Backpage and Craigslist by all of the people there. It was absolutely disgusting getting raped by all those nasty, racist, horny pigs. My body still feels very gross. I haven’t been sold since April 2021. To this day, I am still very grossed out at the level of pain and suffering those AIDS and diseased infested people caused. They were very, very, dirty and unclean people.

All the men I was sold to, were transgender women and bisexual men. All of them were LGBTQ. It was extremely HIV infested and gross. I was sold to approximately 300 or more homosexual men on the U.S. East and West coast while I was being trafficked. Some of the gay men were getting into serious trouble with their gay partners, for sleeping with a woman behind their back. They knew that I would eventually find out about the high amounts of HIV/AIDS and STDS I was being exposed to. They’ve harassed me for so long, I am usually almost always wanting to be dead. They really wanted to infect me with AIDS. 

AIDS & COVID awareness: These images are examples of the type of “men” hustlers that work at restaurants and grocery stores part-time, stocking shelves and touching all of your items without gloves on 

I was sold to these type of men 
An example of the type of Gay men that infested my entire life 

I just can’t stand the pain that the dirty rapists pigs caused. They stick together like white on rice and they always cover for each other in their behavior. My level of homelessness is on a whole new level now. I’m a felon and no one wants me to have anything. I can’t go to the jails, hospitals, and shelters because the people are too infested with incest and diseases, and they keep trying to beat me up, threaten me, harass me, rape me and sell me to the whole city. It’s so gross and sadistic, that I keep imagining what it would feel like dying and never waking up again. They are very, very, funky, and cruel and they never want me to feel anything. They never want me to face my emotions and be mature about anything. They are always wanting to have their way with me. It is SICK. I’m just another worthless dead body to those people. 

I wish I was rich. I wish I had a nice job. I wish I had a record deal. I wish I could afford a nice car, a little tiny house or log cabin, and nice jewelry and clothes. I wish my two kids weren’t being raised by abusive transgenders. I hate being a Welfare recipient. It’s extremely disgusting and ghetto. I want better, but the gays and incest people won’t stop looking down on me, threatening me, and beating me up. I feel disgusting! I don’t want to live like a poor, abused, battered slave! I wish I could protect my 2 kids so they know that I’m really their mom. I wish I had a family, friends, and money. The list of wishes goes on. I won’t be granted any of those wishes ever as long as I live, so what is the purpose of living? To get raped, harassed, neglected and abused by a bunch of nasty pigs all my life? What is the point of living just to be poor and abused by everyone? It’s just SICK!!! I hate being in my own body!!!! I will never let the LGBTQ community, or a nasty jealous man, or married man touch me, hear me, or see me, ever again!!  I haven’t been in a shelter since 2020, I haven’t been in a hospital or a jail since 2018. I haven’t been employed since 2020. I will never return to either of those places. I’m just going to spend the rest of my life in the wilderness, ALONE, waiting to die- like a deathrow inmate. I can not be near those nasty, disease infested, greedy, nosey, sloppy, gay, brutal, abusive, racist, incest-having people. I just want to die, so the narcissistic, controlling incest people can live. 

I don’t want you! You incest having predators are sick, nasty, and FAKE! 
Buy my book or I don’t know you! YUCK!

I am officially racist toward all black people, and I never want to be near another one again, even if they’re mixed with black

I do not buy anything from black people, reach out to black business owners, and I do not ask them for donations, I do not start fundraisers, I do not join gangs, I do not join groups, I and do not join churches. The black race is disgusting and gross. I want the images of all the black people that physically, mentally, or sexually harmed me, burned and erased from my memory, and I never want to see or remember anymore like them. 

Unfortunately, Most black people are greedy, and do not care about me. Most of them are Satanist. Especially the middle class and wealthy. Most of them are ignorant, gay, sloppy, fake, disease infested, crime ridden, and accident prone. The donations, love, support, and care will never come flooding to me during my time of grief. Every time I see a black person, I throw up. They are all eyesores and extremely painful to look at. Most likely, they will abuse and neglect me. I don’t waste my time, money, and most importantly, I won’t sell my soul. I will not let them sentence me to hell for no reason. I avoid them like the plague and I do not fall for false prophets, and fake caregivers, or friends. I will not believe the lies they tell me. They will pimp the living daylights out of me, in the middle of my crisis, and after they are done with me, exclude me, and then cling to each other like white on rice. I don’t want to feel that disgusting anymore. I promise I don’t.

More black people are Satanist these days than they were back in the 90’s. Most of them will claim to believe in  “Jesus” from time to time, but they actually worship the Devil, Lucifer, and Satan on an every day basis. Even though Satan, also known as the Devil, and Lucifer is the most dangerous, disturbing, and evil spirit to worship, they still pray to him, they speak to him, they spend time with him, they give him their all. Most of them will chop off their left foot just to be closer to Satan. They put Satan first every single minute they are breathing. I will not fall for it. The amount of evil that forms from Satanism is absolutely sickening, indescribable, and unbelievable. If I like black people, I will end up in a whirlwind of endless pain, confusion, self-hate, and torture. 

I’m Anti-“po po”, Anti- police brutality- no police presence allowed

If I think black people are going to let me have a moment of silence, they won’t. They’ll just keep applying more pressure and hate during my loss, or time of trouble, and will not send me any condolences, flowers, cards, or money. If you haven’t experienced any of that or you believe that black people will not be that callous towards you, then you aren’t being abused, and this message is not for you. In my case, all of the most dangerous people I met during a lifetime, were black. White people just weren’t around, and I’m pretty sure you know why. 

Black people are gross, nasty, and ugly. I don’t need them. They might be my color, but they are not my kind. It’s 2022, and Black on black crime is still at an all time high. Especially on the East coast, West coast, and Midwest. All major cities and neighborhoods that are full of black people in America, are full of crime, death, and hate. I won’t bother thinking I need them, ever, ever, again.

A letter to my most dangerous enemies: You people make me feel extremely sickening and gross. The wilderness and extreme poverty is better than being around you.

Warning: do not attempt to flea any dangerous situation at home without proper emergency preparation • mild explicit language• hate crimes• references to death

Hamilton, IL-Fake people make me throw up, literally. A pool a vomit will come flooding out of my mouth in no time around people who don’t like me. I do not want any women or men near me. I do not want anyone to see my face ever again. They are ALL too gross, negligent, nasty, racist, sloppy, gay, unhelpful and abusive. I do not have a voice around the ignorant trannies and nasty fake lesbos. I do not want them to feel like they can relate to me either. They’re disgusting and they can not relate to my pain. They do not listen at all. They assume the world revolves-around them and that they are the only people with problems. To all the unnatural, fake, racist faggots and gays hating on me and lying on my sexual orientation, you’re wasting your time. I do not want ANYONE or ANYTHING. I am okay all alone. It is very safe being away from you people. Even death is safer than you. Thats why I’ve been suicidal forever. I will not take anymore abuse from you people. Starving me and forcing me to live in poverty is enough. I don’t want ANYTHING FROM ANYONE, even if I only have $10 to my name. It might sound dumb, but no thank you. I am too abused and battered to want anything from society. 

I am a full time solo camper and writer. I don’t hang in crowds, nor do I have a loving family. I have never been married, and I have never had a boyfriend. I was only abused, sold, raped, humiliated, and bullied by big funky lesbos, light skin people, bisexuals, gay men, HIV positive people, fat people, incest people, murderers, animal abusers, thieves, and tranny people most of my life. I have spent the last year of my life abstinent and away from people who might try to harm me. I don’t like meeting or knowing people. I want them all to back off. I repeat- I don’t want ANYTHING from ANYONE. Don’t tell me why you don’t have empathy or can’t care. I don’t care. Translation- You are just narcissistic, gross & sickening, and selfish and you only care about yourselves and your needs, and will always be that way. Please stop making me vomit on purpose. I’ve been vomiting for the past 2 years. I’m not using reverse psychology. I really don’t want anyone around me. Death in the middle of nowhere is much cooler than y’all. I am not gay, a prostitute, or a gay prostitute. If anyone is calling me that they are sick and twisted. The mildly retarded women and men need to stay away from me because I don’t want to hurt the nasty fags. I will end up in handcuffs and in prison around a new set of nasty dykes and gay cops. Stay away from me. I will spit on you or throw feces at you. Do not hurt me.

I only have one mother and two living teenage boys left. Anyone else claiming to be related to me is a liar. They are not my friends and family. I have no one, and I am homeless by choice. If I die out here, I do not want those selfish, sickening, abusive whores and niggas to find me. Stay the fuck away from me. If my birth mother finds this blog, please cremate me. I do not want any remains of my body left. Do not bury me. It is EXTREMELY disrespectful.

The sex trafficker that tried to murder me has just been released from Prison: I hope to never see this negligent fag again 

William Mark James also known as “Dub J” is a sex trafficker I met at a strip party in Norfolk, Virginia (the party was thrown by a man named “ Daddy Cage ” a pimp and local businessman in the Tidewater area) in which I had no absolute business being at. Shortly after meeting him, I found out that I was In grave danger. I left the party with the monster, and my life was headed for indefinite ruins. He was only one of the evilest, nastiest people I have ever seen. 

The damaged the cruel trafficker caused 

William “Dub J” James is the beat me, raped me, and robbed me, stalked me, and forced me into human trafficking. James told me that the key to breaking down women and exploiting them, is to get them hooked on drugs, and that is the easiest way to control their destiny. After abusing me, he apologized seven years later via prison letter. He is also heavily associated with other pimps and traffickers in the Virginia Beach area, as mentioned earlier. He often joins different gangs in different cities. He is very, very, evil and confessed to being a very evil person. 

He is also a rat, and has the police on his side now. He is a male prostitute and street walker. He loves taking dick in his anal, giving head to other men, making love to them, kissing them in the mouth, and then giving his dick all the ugly thirsty, funky-pussy, freaks that love him. He and his little collection of prostitutes are of the reasons I’m always getting snitched on. He also likes sucking every single dick in town for crack and ramen noodles which is one of the main reasons he loses his temper. He was just released on March 25th 2022, after serving a 8 year sentence in Saint Brides Correctional Facility in Chesapeake ,Virginia for pandering and a number of other federal charges. Where is is really from is unknown. I was being heavily trafficked by this guy in 2014 inside a Henrico Hotel and I really hope he never ever finds me again. As far as whore houses and strip clubs, let’s just say I done seen enough and I won’t go back. Those bitches are gross, and so are the tricks and pimps. I don’t even wanna interview, dance, or meet those girls. It’s too dangerous for me. That kind of environment was the lowest form of humanity known to man. 

I do not wan’t to be anywhere near someone who would victimize me. I do not have a team of rescuers standing by my side nor do I trust people. Most of them have nothing to offer me, not even support. They’re fake, hateful, nasty, racist, and useless. 

I’ll never be a groupie for any nxgga or bxtch

Besides not having a trauma bond with this particular trafficker, another reason I did not respond is because I do not have Hybristophilia. Hybristophillia is a person who is sexually attracted to people who commit dangerous and atrocious crimes. They become sexually aroused and act like groupies. People with this twisted perversion called Hybristophilia, tend to think they are are Bonnie & Clyde. 

According to a 2014 Richmond Times news article, James has three loyal prostitutes from California associated with his case, and is involved in a human trafficking ring that I want no parts of. I haven’t heared from him since the last letter in July of 2021 and I’m hoping he won’t make my stomach sink to floor by finding me once this monster is released. When he was abusing me, I never felt so low and useless in all of my life. He was the first person to ever beat me up, but he wasn’t the last. The nasty, abusive trafficker was released from prison, and luckily, I haven’t heard from or seen the nasty man since. I hope I never do, not even a decade from now. I hope the racist fag meets the faggot of his dreams and lives his life happily ever after.

HIV & STD risk: When prostitutes, sex workers, and escorts slip up  

Sometimes women who are at risk for HIV and STDS engage in prostitution which is not only female dominated, but homosexual males engage in prostitution too, so it’s always good to be extra careful. A lot of times, sex buyers visit the female workers and male workers at the same time. There are women who engage in sexual acts because their client, or their “trick” does not bring a condom or the sex worker runs out of them. The client will come into the room and say “go ahead just suck it, or lay back and let me just put the tip in, I promise you won’t catch anything.” They will swear up and down they don’t have a disease and that you should just go ahead and do it. Then the prostitute will go ahead and do the act, after the John pulls the money out. 

There is no excuse why the John can’t go to the store or bring his own condom. It only takes a second to run to the store. If the prostitute is in a highly isolated area, then she she has four options. To not be a prostitute, stock up on condoms, do not see clients who don’t bring protection, or go to a different area. I would suggest not being a prostitute at all, but a lot of women wouldn’t take that advice. I still keep a safe distance.

A lot of times, prostitutes will neglect their health to obtain the quick cash that the sex buyer places in front of them. Women in short, and long term relationships also make that mistake, when they fall in love. They can be dating an undercover homosexual for several years and suddenly, out of no where, they just catch a disease. The statistics are very sad. Not only do they hurt themselves, but they also hurt the people around them when they do things like that. I tried to contact Mark Laita, creator of the Youtube docu-series, Soft White Underbelly (a series that brings in millions of views) for an interview concerning this matter, but I did not get a response

I don’t want to be sold at the slave market anymore: Unbearable feelings of being tortured, hated and sold repeatedly  

I am offering spiritual counseling services, sexual health, AIDS awareness, and survival items across the United States for anyone who isnt interested in throwing me away or trying to ignore me and discard me like I’m the scum of the earth or like I’m a piece trash. I didn’t graduate college either (school wasnt for me I couldnt go because of the bullying and abuse), I learned from experience which led to lots of reading,  studying, and self teaching.

My entire life is infected with the nastiest, grossest, fakest humans alive

Everything else I’ve tried to do with my life hasn’t  worked. I keep getting bullied and abused by my family, laughed at by prostitutes, lesbos, gay men, and all women, I also get raped, harassed, stalked, and more often beaten by every man I come on contact with. I often get bullied by crooked cops and thrown into solitary confinement several times, never given any mail, never given any commissary and never had a visit. As of now, no one will watch my youtube channel, support my business, hire me for a job, no man will marry me or be my boyfriend, no one will pay attention to me, and I never have enough money to survive. Females especially, have no regard for my life and they have been nothing but GROSS and SICKENING to me. They make my stomach turn and very nauseous. I don’t get along with any female alive. I dont know what having friends feel like because I’ve never had any. 

I can’t breathe

The same people who tell me to ”go away” or that they dont like me,  don’t want me around, or refuse to support any of my goals are the same sickening people who start stalking me when I run away from them or move forward. They immediately get jealous of me and start acting like they know me and that they are trying to help me. They arent. They are very very annoying, envious, sick people. They dont know me, and they aren’t trying to help me nor do they show me any love. They only do that to cover themselves for the sickening way they have treated me, and people buy it. Then I remain alone,  I helped, unloved and abused. They feel as though I am not good enough or pretty enough to be loved and treated like a human being by anyone. My haters are like robots. They do the same thing to me over and over, year after year, decade after decade, and I can never grow. I try and try so hard to flee this much abuse and hate, and grossness, and I fail everytime. Then they laugh. Its gross. Its embarassing. There are some real racist narcissist all around me. It seems as though people just want to hurt me, beat me down, and then blame me for why the abuse occured. Im all alone. I dont want to be around people. I want to be secluded far away, withough getting abused, where nasty narcissist,  envious pedophiles, gay abusive homosexuals and know it alls, cant touch me or hurt me and I want to stay there forever without them ever finding me. 

Every time I focus on the positive, they only focus on the negative and then they come back looking to hurt me three times worse than they did before. They are a very incest, hate, jealously, disease, death, narcissistic, and poverty infested people. They want me to stay STUCK and live like im always STUCK on how they are. People walking around who dont have regard for human life will do whatever it takes to hurt me. If it makes me cry, they will do it. If it makes me feel alone or if it invades my privacy, and makes me uncomfortable, they will do it. They will publicly humilIate me, they tease me, they watch me suffer. If it makes me vomit, they will do it. They call me out of my name and they apply an enormous amount of pressure and hatred. They are so sadistic, greedy, envious and inhumane and disgusting they will do abusive things to me and laugh while theyre doing it. People just dont care about my life at all. I could die today and they would just laugh, piss on my grave and spit on it, and act like I nevert did anything positive in my life. I think they are too focused on celebrities and the media, to even pay attention to everyday people making a difference in the community. Their world is plastic and fixated upon material gain. Every where I look for support, Im being bullied, stalked, abused or let down by a bunch of insane, gross sociopaths. Im always in grief, and Im always being hurt and mistreated. I can only offer support to someone who needs it and I don’t want anything in return. I wake up every morning feeling violated and sick to my stomach with an extreme amount of grossness attached to me. My body feels molested, raped, used, ran through and abandoned. Maybe one day I will be free, but for today, I probably never will because the sickos always stalk, harrass, or threaten me and they won’t let up. The more I fight them off, the more the haters and abusers grow in number to bully me and tear me down. They will often, downplay every single one of my dreams that I have EVER had, or laugh at everything that should be taken seriously, and blatantly wont support me and continue to bully and harrass because its fun and popular to them to be that way to me. I don’t even want people to know my story or know anything about me but I cannot live in that much silence. They are too gross. I wish I could live a life of peace, privacy and respect- the small things some people take for granted. People do not listen to me, they listen to my abusers and they consistently neglect me while they mock me and laugh at my loneliness and pain. The abuse has been happening to me for over 10 years. 



Warning: This article contains explicit material. If you are under 21 or are sensitive to physical and sexual abuse, mild profane language, and violence please exit this site now.

I was Being rejected by lots of ugly pimps and madams: They wasn’t supposed to prey on me anyway it was sickening

I’ve been bullied and abused by lots of men. A lot of them were skanks or uncle toms and worse-sex traffickers. Although I have never been married, I used to think I would be the perfect wife and my kids could have the perfect father and life they never had. At the time, I had decided that if I would date someone, I would cook, I would clean, I would wash their draws, I would work, and earn money and have their back through thick and thin. Unbeknownst to me, all the men I were dating, were homosexuals and down-low crossdressers dating men behind my back, and it is not a laughing matter.

I always thought I was attractive but they always compared me to more attractive or popular women. I knew that there is always someone who looks better and badder than the rest, but they didn’t know that. I was even forced to sell my entire body for some of the gay guys I knew, and they never respected me. I found out later a lot of them were gay, downlow, or cross dressers that were trying to trick me because they thought I was a filthy prostitute or a vulnerable, lonely, desperate person looking for love. I found out most of them were dressing up like women and girls. Sometimes they would take off their nail polish, makeup, and wigs to go “spit game” to women. All of them aren’t HIV positive so its really tricky. Some of the men use protection everytime they sleep with a man. It’s really heartbreaking. A lot of them were “rainbow” type of men. At that time, my “gaydar” wasn’t on point like it is now. Now they all act like Lil Nas X.

In Washington, D.C., I used to see a lot of men kissing in broad daylight just walking down the street. I’ve also spotted these types of “men” in Ohio, Atlanta, New York, and Virginia. They’re like the men in the movie For Colored Girls starring Janet Jackson or more like The Tyler Perry movie A fall from Grace. They were always getting jealous of me and abusive towards me. They hated on my every single move. From the makeup I wore, the wigs, the hair, the clothes, reading a book, going on a vacation, writing a story, everything. Those gay men hated everything about me, and most of them still do. They have the attitude of a real woman, I can’t tell the difference anymore. Their attitude is far from masculine.

A LGBT couple dealing with their problems in online psychotherapy using laptop at home. The types of couples that are in the sex industry. Some of them prey on single, vulnerable, straight women.

Men never wanted to love me or respect me because I don’t hang around enough women or because I’m not a player and won’t let everyone run through me. I didn’t have a bunch of random guys phone numbers in my phone, nor did I roam the streets with filthy whores trying to mack or pick them up. Those greedy, sick, men never respected any of that. Their wives, mothers, aunts and daughters were never queens. They didn’t know how to handle someone who isn’t trying to live like a nasty, stank whore. They’re not used to that type of normalcy. I can respect the fact that I’m not their kind, but they couldn’t. They didn’t want a real woman anyway. They wanted a slut. That’s all they’re used to. 

The type of women the former tricks, John’s, & pimps marry and settle with: Most of them lack ambition and dignity

Since all the rape and abuse from those horrible guys, I’ve seen some of them find love, but a lot of the women were dumb and accepted their disgusting flaws. Some of the women don’t even know how to read. Some of the women the tricks and John’s settle with, do not know how to work, hustle, and they lack basic survival skills. The women may assume that they already have enough education and clout to survive in today’s world, but their attitudes and actions towards others (including their family) prove otherwise. 

Aside from not wanting to continue their education or learn anything new, these type of women have become content with being what they are even if that means laying on their back for the rest of their life for the same man, they will do it. Some of them will knowingly allow the men to rape prostitutes (male and female) and will still stay married to them. Those type of women will cater to and submit to all of their partners dirty, sick, fantasies even if it means hurting themselves or hurting another person. 

The women the pimps, johns, and recovering tricks put on a pedestal all have problems. Some of them carry diseases – what I like to refer to as -“the cooties” or “the monkey” including HIV and herpes. Others have killed several fetuses at abortion clinics because they lack responsibility. Some of them are mentally retarded or have a learning disability. Some of them have had incest with relatives in their own family. Some of the the women have went to college, received a degree, and still resort to laying on their back for a man and pimping young women who don’t have an education. Some of the women the Johns settle for are party animals. All they do is go to the club with their party animal friends and act like wild, trifling, goofy monkeys in the club. Those type of women even drink, smoke, use cocaine and drugs, dance like skanks at their own children’s birthday parties, and even curse and yell at them regularly. Sometimes it’s not even on a special occasion- sadly, they party everyday. They will even have sex with someone (including another woman) in another room while no one is watching or bring people over while their children are sleeping or while their partner is gone. Some of them don’t exercise and are not aware of their overall physical or mental health. They are too afraid to seek professional help for their problems because of fear of what their friends or family may think. They call it “living life”, I call it living disgusting.

Being forced to resign from the strip game: no where to run, no where to hide

Reminiscing about the days when I was a stripper on the east and west coast, a lot of creeps and weird women saw me performing as a stripper in the nude and to this day I still can’t find employment and have to feel extremely grossed out and have to live with the shame. I had future plans of becoming a professional security guard for any company that would’ve hired me, but not clubs. I changed my mind. I don’t nasty workplace bullies. I’m not going to worry about the hundreds of employers that turned me down. I won’t resort to stripping or letting some sickening clown try to pimp and finesse me. I don’t want to show them any part of me anymore. Those dirty gross men and transwomen raped me and left me to die. It is sick. Sometimes I have to take several tub baths just to try to get the pain they caused and the disgust off my body but it won’t go anywhere. It’s still there every single morning. Everyday I wake up I feel nasty. I feel like the pedophiles, hebophiles, ephebophiles, and unnatural people are violating my body all over again. I feel like they are forcing me to feel nasty, weather I want to or not. They want me to look and feel like a dirty, unclean, unsanitary person. It is very, very, disgusting. The way they make my body feel is way beyond gross to explain. I hate uncovering my body, even to take a shower daily. I feel scared, abused, and violated. I want to feel safe. I havent felt safe in over 6 years.

I can’t respect being bullied and thrown away like trash after I have hustled hard and people have saw me dancing on club stages in at least four major cities in America including Hollywood, CA, Miami, FL, PG county, Maryland and Virginia Beach, Va. I resent all of it. A lot of those clubs were nothing but run down, rinky dink looking brothels. I don’t care about the celebs that attended either. None of them paid my bills. Why should I care. I attended a lot of events and stood next to a lot of famous porn stars during my stripping career including Mr. Marcus, Pinky, and Kapri Styles somewhere around 2011-13 at a old Virginia club called Bentleys. The list can get even longer. I also worked at club Voodoo Lounge at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Club G5ive, The Office, Trap Lounge, The Mint Lounge and the old Cocos Nightclub in Miami, Fl, the old 4Play in Pompano Beach,Fl, club Teasers in Tampa, Fl , Ebony Inn in Maryland, The Strip Truck in Hollywood, CA (just a few months ago), and the raggiest of them all, the old Paradise 2 Gentlemen’s Club in Newport News, Va. I hustled at 9 different clubs in Florida alone, two of them I don’t recall the name of. I made the most money in Miami. I made so much money I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t have a pimp there either. I remember riding in my fancy, luxurious rental car with at least one thick stack held together by a rubberband in the center compartment every single night. The only reason I left Miami, is because someone eventually reported me driving without a license to the rental car company at the Miami airport, and my rental car (that I was paying for by the month) was taken away and I didn’t want to go to the club in an Uber. I was being too flashy. I fled Miami because the embarrassment of not being able to drive anymore was just too much to bear. By the time I got to Pompano Beach, I was forced to use Uber everyday, and it was just too much work. I ended up all over the place. After feeling and witnessing a very strong presence of voodoo, misfortune, and malific witchcraft, I eventually I left Florida altogether, never to return again. I ditched Christianity and began practicing the religion out of no where. I’ve been stuck practicing it every since. I haven’t chopped off the heads of any chickens or anything. Killing animals ain’t my forte and I’m still working on becoming a vegetarian because everytime I see a piece of meat, I know someone had to kill the animal and it bothers me to a certain extent.

Stayin’ in the celebrity mix ain’t all that : The snitches tip off the police and send me straight to prison

I stood on the stage at a rap concert with Young Scooter around 2014-16 at a club called Lavish and took a picture with actor Michael Blackston at the old Static Lounge in Virginia Beach somewhere around 2013-16. That is around the time I first got busted for a DWI. I also remember going to concerts but not being backstage or onstage. I went to see Kendrick Lamar at the Nova in Norfolk, VA , I saw Drake and Lil Wayne in Virginia Beach and The Lox around 2014 at the old Willet Hall in Portsmouth, Va. I seen Yo Gotti in Virginia a few times hanging around strippers but I was so drunk (ew) that I don’t remember which club it was. I don’t want to remember any of it. I want it to go away. The lifestyle isn’t impressive to me anymore. It’s just burnt out. I didn’t get anywhere. I got one too many DWIs trying to drive myself to and from these clubs without a friend in sight. It disgust me.

I caught my last DWI in 2017 after leaving the Alley Nightclub in Newport News, Va. I had several Long Islands that night and yes, I was alone. Being in Newport News City Jail was a living nightmare. If there is word for being worse than disgusting, I want to start using it. I was on probation for three years. There is a thin line between being too flashy and looking like a bum. Both can lead to disrespect and I can’t seem to find balance anymore so I give up.

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I don’t know anyone and I don’t want to meet anyone new: They’re going to hurt me really bad again

F#%* them all. I don’t wanna go anywhere anymore. I don’t even wanna look anyone in the eye. I don’t even wanna see anyone’s face, I’ll just look at the ground instead. I’m not speaking any English to strangers either. I now believe I suffer from Selective Mutism. I don’t care if they have nothing to do with what happened to me. I don’t want them to make it worse so they can all just f%# off now. I don’t want any friends because women these days are acting like nasty, childish, dominating lesbians and Im not interested in being gay, or treated that way. I don’t like my family because they’re all into incest, and I don’t want to meet any new people or date any men because they’re probably either a homosexual, a racist judgemental Uncle Tom, or have a wife or worse- a nasty acting, funny looking baby mother. I enjoy being away from people and by myself. I don’t need protection. No ones keeping me safe, I’m better off being alone at all times because I am an expert at protecting myself. Im not a comedian. I don’t need any fags laughing at my pain. Most of them will take advantage of me by being abusive and heightening my fears or “persecutory delusions” on purpose because they feel as though I will never be loved, cared for, or believed in.

It’s easier for them to just be lazy and slap a crazy label on me and neglect me for the rest of my life. I’m not a human being to them. They’ll say things like “no one ever gonna believe we did that stuff to you”, “no one is gonna save you”, and “no ones ever gonna want you”. I prefer to not be around people period, especially rapist and child molesters who can’t comprehend the word “NO”. When I try to cry out for help or explain stuff to people they’ll say “no ones doing anything to you” and “you did that to yourself” even when there is obvious proof that i have been abused. They do the same old stuff over and over, such as a rape, sexual exploitation, a black eye, or stolen property. I just cant tell anyone. They’re all gross and mean. They want me to be isolated, living in the wilderness, for the rest of my life. Because I know these things about people, I cant really eat anything.

I don’t like the stripping, porn and entertainment industry and how gay it has become: too many homosexuals

I thought it was ok to be ass naked in the dressing room around a bunch of strippers. I also watched The Players Club (at only age fourteen) but I thought it was just a movie. I was introduced to that movie when I was at my baby sitters house, which I now realize was a terrible place for a child to be left alone at. I have also watched A girl Lost: A Hollywood story and a movie called Treasure Box which is almost similar to real life events that take place in a sex slaves life. Those freaks really are that gay and money hungry. Why do so many women go to the strip club as a customer also? Why do they and their “homegirls” or themselves and their “boyfriend “ need to see a bunch of completely naked ass anyway? What are they trying to do- get more game to spice up their freaky ass relationships? I’m not with “the shits”. I don’t go both ways either. 

I have gotten several offers over the years including an offer in San Fernando Valley, CA and also on the east coast to do porn, but I have NEVER done that. The price that was offered to me was just not enough to sell my soul and ruin my life. Even if I did decided I wanted to do that, it wouldn’t have been enough to purchase a house, nor would I have been able to hide the shame from my two sons. Doing porn for me would have been completely pointless, like a lot of the other scams and phoney business offers I keep getting. I just know a lot of porn stars who have reached their peak at lesbianism. I have even witnessed over 20-30 women or more having an orgy with each other on several different occasions. I have also witnessed women having sex in their car with other women in broad daylight in Chicago. Porn damages the brain. It takes a lot to heal from those explicit images. A lot of pimps like to play those videos at strip parties and during VIP sessions. It just isn’t my thing and i dont like parties anymore either. Those type of environments are just disgusting to me at this point.

Sickening women and their sickening attitudes against me: all those freaks lack empathy and a regard for human life

Over time, a lot of the women who witnessed me stripping naked, started stalking me, teasing and humiliating me with no remorse because I was still a loner, have no friends and still no man -because they keep being goofy, lame and jealous trying to steal them so I can be alone. They’ve been stealing all my “boyfriends” since high school. I’ve witnessed at least two females who were susposedly a “home girl” (even inviting me to birthday parties or other parties way back in the days) steal men from me, sleep with them, marry them or have a baby by guys I were “dating”. They’re experts at trying to isolate me from any guy who shows interest in me. At this point I dont care because those guys were easy like sunday morning and would put their private parts in anything just to hurt my feelings. Even a man could steal a man from me. Its the biggest turn off in the world. Some of them are pedophiles, hebophiles, and ephebophiles, and not only do they like stealing men, kissing each other on the mouth and laughing at the weak, but some of them like having sex with underage children, including young boys. A lot of these women love feeling overly confident about themselves, or being extra bold and nasty towards others, and they also like seeking validation from other women who support their sickening behavior instead of thinking and speaking up for themselves. They do not have their own brain. Their friends, their pedophile and rapist police officer boyfriends or other person will influence and groom their narcissistic attitudes. Some of them will even try to take their own children or someone else’s. What a gross world. The only thing I can do is separate myself from all women, whores, prostitutes, sluts, and pedophiles. They will vainly sit back and watch me loose my mind behind their filthy, thirsty, trifling nonsense. They dont care how greedy sickening they are being. They will also bully and tease me simply because of how I responded to their narcissism and in the past. 

Photo of a homeless person

When I was a kid, I new something wasn’t right about the women around me, including my mother. I was just always left alone, or left in the care of pedophiles. They just always seemed funky and skank, and to this day, they still are. They were pedophiles when I was young and they are pedophiles to me now as a fully grown woman. It’s sickening and gross. I was a loner as a kid because the women around me were nothing but sloppy, disgusting, child molesting, hateful, narcissistic, cocky, freaks. The doctor diagnosed me at only fourteen, with anti social personality disorder. I didn’t want to accept it. He kept making me feel like I was supposed to have friends and that it wasn’t normal for a teenage girl to be that left alone or scared of people. It really hurt knowing those women were nothing but trash. A lot of sociopaths, child molesting women and men who can’t keep their nasty d@%k in their pants, get off to stalking me and seeing me crying and hurting in public. It is truly a sickening and disturbing site to see and experience.
Now that I am older, my anti social behavior has progressed. I wish the faggot lesbos and stalking faggot men from my past were spending a life sentence without parole in a state penitentiary hell eating their own feces, but that’s not going to happen. Their lame ass boyfriends and girlfriends are too stank and pussy whipped and d%@k whipped to let the rapist stinking whores lose the battle to me. After all, I am nothing but a “peasant” that they can bully and rape whenever they feel like it. Now, the only thing I can do is try to stay as safe as possible from them sickening people because they will continue to hurt me and hurt me some more. They do not care if I cry. They all fit the description of true narcissistic, sadist, and sociopaths. The type of cruelty they inflict is certainly inhumane and unnatural.

Not only do black women act that gay, hateful, and ratchet, but white racist whores can be just as cruel and stank. They’re still being like those nasty lesbos in the movie Monster. Those type of creep women be holding hands in malls, giggling and laughing or down at the beach holding hands and kissing in broad daylight. Who raised some of these women? What type of fathers and mothers so they have? All the nasty, filthy, women roaming around the streets these days. I get extremely petrified when I see some of these perpetrators in person. I run into them almost everywhere and I literally almost immediately puke, or get a sick feeling in my stomach that makes me want to vomit. Some of them have already seen me vomiting in public. I’m not throwing up because of the Covid-19 virus or any other illness, I’m throwing up because these disgusting people keep getting acknowledged and getting away with the unthinkable and unspeakable acts. 

A lot of the women and “fans” tried to take me without asking. They bullied me, teased me, laughed at me, beat me up, stalked me, trafficked me, killed my father and started desperately treating me like an ugly peasant all of a sudden, and last but not least tried to shut me up and silence me against speaking out against their hatred. Those hateful, greedy, disgusting, disturbing, fake ,stinking, narcissistic black women keep abusing and neglecting me like I’m not even a person or a human being. It is sadistic and sad. I do not like those types of people and I dont enjoy being forced to see them.

All women make me nauseous: the most devastating trauma

Yep, every single female on the planet makes me nauseous. I have been so triggered by their nastiness and brutality, that I can not look at them, be around them or hear them. When they speak to me I ignore them. I stopped trying to go to a female therapist or counselor for help. I dont go to church. I am not a Christian. I will never step foot in another church again. I havent been inside of one in three years. I dont shop around women. Their stores trigger me. I dont go to womens support groups, shelters or programs. I dont go to womens conferences. I dont go to the beach or to parties or cookouts (I never have an invitation anyway). If im incarcerated, I immediately try to go to solitary confinement (which is even more brutal because they will spy on me in there) so I wont have to see them. If they yell, I tune them out. When the guards bring me my food, I dont look them directly in the eye because if I did, I’d never be able to eat. I’d die of starvation and malnutrition. I dont like the sound of their voices or the way they talk. The sound of their voices alone makes me uncomfortable but i still have to put food in my body. Most of the time, I drink a meal replacement or eat bread and soup. If I have to go to the grocery store and see one, I look at the ground. If they are with a man, or one or more other females, I assume them to be twice as hateful and threatening. Everytime Im around a female I start losing my appetite. I start feeling like I have been raped, molested, bullied, stalked, beaten over 100 times, and left for dead in the blistering cold to catch hypothermia right there on the spot. Its a sick feeling. I avoid them at all cost. They are a disdurbing sight to look at. Wherever women are, I immediately stop feeling safe. I cannot stomach the disgust I have for them and their hatred for me.

I never needed any of those sadist & mentally retarded coons: I had to start accepting poverty and not greed

With all the heterosexual (because thats what I am whether men like me or not) money I was making while dancing, I was able to rent cars in Miami and other places, and was able to purchase a used Benz and a getaway car for one of my traffickers in Los Angeles. I also went on multiple shopping sprees buying stuff from stores like Bebe, Nike, Zara and MAC, but I never could quite afford those Gucci scarves and those Louboutin heels. I also lusted for Versace and Cartier frames that I couldn’t earn enough money to pay for. I purchased gold plated tennis bracelets, basic handbags from places like Target, bath and body works, stayed in hotels and ate top of the line sirloin and seafood with an EBT card. I desperately wanted a house or a condo but could never quite be loved by those fa%##t ass people enough. With the money I made on the east coast selling my vaginia for the slick traffickers, I was also able to make a silent escape to take my first plane trip from Baltimore to the west coast landing directly at LAX in 2020.

Over time, I started hustling harder and making a little bit more bread. Just enough to pay for a room and eat oodles noodles. People just started getting weird. I thought I was the poorest but I kept meeting poorer people. I kept getting mugged, set up and robbed for my stash everywhere I traveled to. After I get robbed, I usually have to sacrifice and eat nothing but ham or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like they do in jail. Wearing the same clothes everyday like a cartoon soon becomes a bore, then I have to resort back to dancing. I grew tired of that. Eventually the stripping audience started asking me to submit to strange and unnatural fetishes with other women, I then declined, and so did my stripping career. My clients started turning their backs, acting like they did not want to see my body anymore and men started acting like I wasnt good enough to date or hang around. I gracefully read between the lines and resigned as a stripper and escort because the lifestyle was too GROSS.

A lot of the women in the industry these days aren’t even impressed with the money and the lifestyle, they’re just impressed with bumping pussies with each other in a state prison or in a mansion or whore house. They sell their entire ass for material things and for children that will eventually find out they were a whore in their past life. The game is all twisted.

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Depression and fear takes over: too much abuse and rejection

My drug habit eventually came into play around 2016. I felt so unloved, so ugly, and so unwanted and had no where to go. Every where I turned, every human trafficking program, every homeless shelter, every prison system, every “boyfriend/pimp” i came across I was continually being abused and neglected. I realized that people just have no room for me. People aren’t smart enough to know what kind of person I really am. They judge me by my situation of poverty as well as the irrational decisions I made in the past to explode and get physical, and take all my anger out on those creeps.

I felt like I was being rejected by the entire world. Even fat people and retarded people have found more hope and support than me. Everyone started seeming nastier and crazier than they were back in the days. I don’t know if it’s the Pandemic fucking up their head, or if they really are just that sick period. It could be my race, it could be that fact that I’m a single mom, it could be my hundreds of tattoos (I’ve never wore body peircings-although they are associated with tattoos and tattoo shops), it could be my lack of furthering my education, it could be my religion, but whatever reason the world has an attitude about me, I’m not going to try to figure it out. I never will. I never wanted to be treated like the scum of the Earth. I even ended up being hospitalized repeatedly for trying to kill myself. I started off just cutting myself lightly then it progressed over time. During one suicide attempt, I swalled a whole bottle of Ambien, during another episode, I jumped out of a second story window and had to wear a backbrace for months, and during the most recent, I made a noose and tried to hang myself from a garage but I didn’t want to just break my neck and not actually die. It was just too painful so I had to “get over it.” I even almost died of a drug overdose and alcohol poisoning in an alley by choking on my own vomit. That is how much i was throwing up.

I was a very popular girl or at least I thought I was. Then I finally realized I wasn’t. I was only popular because I chased those people and fast money. I chased my relatives for their guidance (which I eventually found out they were never even smart enough to give any advice, love or support, they were too slow and negligent) and I also chased my so called “friends”. After my second DWI, I realized I really do not have any friends. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Friends don’t abandon and neglect each other. Friends don’t let friends go to the club alone. Friends don’t let friends get raped by strangers and forced into prostitution, and they dont laugh and humilate you when you’re in a crisis situation.

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The last straw: jail became a revolving door

I was alone in my prison cell during my most recent incarceration at Western Tidewater Regional Jail in Suffolk, Virginia In 2018, which was a assault charge against my own mother. What led me to incarceration was the fact that my father had just passed away about three months prior and my mother did not have sympathy or empathy. One day while I was drunk, I was being bullied by a bunch of rich sloppy women a few doors down from her house. It was three of them. I ran back in the house and told my mother what they did and she did not take my side. I was furious. I felt so helpless, scared, unarmed, and alone. She started yelling and I resorted to spitting on her. The spit hit her glasses and the little bit of spit never even got on her. She then snitched on me and called the police. I walked down the street, right past my incest having neighbors house a few feet away, and I walked pass the the big fat sloppy bullies house. I was crying profusely headed for a hiding spot. Before I was able to hide, the nasty black ass police officer found me, called for backup and arrested me and threw me in jail for assault on a family member. I did not know spit was a weapon. Now I do. I was treated like such a disgusting, disrespectful child for trying to protect myself.

My father sent me commissary at Chesapeake City Jail before he drowned 3 months prior. My mother never liked my father and bad mouthed him even while he is turning in his grave. All of his other children followed suit in disrespecting him after death except me. I was the one who was really there for him and he didn’t leave me anything. He trusted my gold digging, funky half sisters with all of his estate and they never offered to help me at all. They chose to sit back and watch me suffer from a mental health disorder while im eating off food stamps, getting trafficked and raped by men and panhandling and sleeping outside. They never even gave me a ride or checked on me to see how I was doing, but had the nerve to send me a copy of the estate. Gross.

My father, (God rest his soul) was the only person I had. While incarcerated, I contacted my fathers daughter, which is my half sister, Bethany Batson, but she did not send me anything and told me that she could not afford to talk on the phone. She happened to be a police officer for Washington, DC metro at the time. No one else came to save me and they threw me in the hole, stripped me of my property til I was completely nude and put on suicide watch for almost a week because I said something about wanting to die. It was disgusting. Putting me on suicide watch was the cruelest and most degrading experience I have ever had inside of a jail.
I freezed to death and cried silently every night so the predators couldn’t hear me. It was absolutely SICKENING. I had no food, they starved me, I had no toilet paper I had to beg, I had no spork, no books, I had no cover, no blanket and no jump suit-all because I felt suicidal. Who wouldn’t feel suicidal after being treated like that by all those cocky ass, funky, self absorbed, negligent narcissist?

The sadistic killers, prostitutes, and ugly monkey looking butch guards thought it was hilarious seeing me in that condition after I had just lost my father Delma Ben Batson. Batson was a retired Vietnam Veteran who was also incarcerated at Western Tidewater Regional Jail for a DUI. I’m still not certain how or why he drowned. My father always told me my mother was a nasty bitch (using those exact words) but I was never able to fully expose it until his death. That’s when her true colors unfolded. She was sick and hateful and is also mean to her grandchildren. She often belittles me, calling me a coward for not succumbing to the abuse. She is a narcissistic mother. Every time I’m around her and her relatives, it gets harder and harder to speak up. Sometimes I have to stay so silent, that I can literally feel all of my energy being drained and begin to get a headache and body ache. Their attitudes are so disgusting, that I immediately get sick to my stomach whenever I am in close proximity. Unfortunately I have no where else to go. People are being extremely gross and dangerous. This woman wouldn’t care if my kids were raped or had to join a gang. They might even be safer with foster parents even as teenagers. She set me and my father up and will do it again if I let her. I have witnessed her hitting me and the children repeatedly just like she hit a child at the school she works at (back in 2003 around the time I first ran away from home because of her neglect ) and was laid off because the child’s mom reported it. She has not changed she is still abusing and neglecting children and passing them off to pedophiles. She never goes to work as a substitute and spends most of her days shopping for groceries or sitting around the house bossing people around. I even tried to file a grievance complaint while I was incarcerated at Western Tidewater, and the funky looking skank guard told me no and walked off and left me in there suffering in disgust. It was sickening to the core. All I could hear was women bitching, screaming and fighting. It was hell on earth. I had no wear to turn, no way to improve, and no where to run and to this day, I still toss and turn wherever I’m sleeping which is usually on the streets because of the gays and my pedophile birth family. I have self respect, weather they think so or not.

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Modern day Slavery and extreme poverty still exist in the Commonwealth state of Virginia: Being a minority is not easy

Virginia is a commonwealth state. I don’t care how many times you study the law, there will always be something that you do not know. It is the very first state where the African slaves landed by ship, when brought from Africa in the 1600’s. Virginia was the first and largest slave port in America. On the slave ship, the men where shacked in pairs on one side of the ship and the women were unshackled and held on another side. They were all treated as cargo.The children were free to move about the ship. All of the slaves were forced to eat rice and beans and had to relieve themselves of human waste right where they sat. They were not allowed to starve themselves.The women were often raped and sexually abused by their captors during the journey. When the slaves forcefully came from Africa across the Atlantic, some of the slaves died of diseases such as malaria and smallpox and others committed suicide by jumping overboard.

When they finally arrived to Virginia , the remaining slaves who survived were given jobs working in the fields. The slaves were ordered to work out in the fields from sunrise to sunset. Majority of the slave trade was taking place in the south. Women slave owners were more bitter than men. They were the cruelest and most callous.During slave auctions, The disobedience of a slave was determined by the number of lashes on their body. Light skinned people, of course, were brought at a higher price.The slave trade is and was considered the lowest form of humanity.

A photo of the first slaves in Virginia on

What slaves go through in the present

Slavery in a Virginia is alive and well. The prison system is also a huge problem in the commonwealth. Even if you think you’re the coolest in town and nothing will ever happen to you , it can. Their system loves making money off the poor by throwing people in prison for minor stuff such as a driving ticket or a fine for using profane language in public. No matter how small the mistake they will find a way to fine you , or have you arrested. Virginia’s driving laws are very strict and they have lots of speed traps. Their jails suck, as most jails are, and are extremely dirty. The prison population in Virginia is rising and the people in there are not in there for minor crimes. Some of them started off getting arrested for minor traffic stops, then once they realize how corrupt their system is, the fight for survival increased. The fines, jail time,racial profiling, and discrimination took a toll over their life. 

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If you think you’re moving to a nice quiet peaceful neighborhood in the country , it might not be that peaceful. You can mind your business all day long and people will still be in yours. A lot of the people have money so they tend to think they’re rich and stay at home all day doing nothing. They use that time to pry into their neighbors affairs or snitch to the police. They aren’t very creative. A lot of impoverished people travel to the District of Columbia or Northern Virginia, only to find out how bougie they are.

The public transportation system is slow. Unlike New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, there is no train system to take you all over the city. Most of the citizens drive a car. A lot of them chose to work in shipyards or join the military, which is not even an option for people who grew up in poverty. You may think the bus is coming at a certain time but it will be several hours later that it arrives. People will also judge you for taking the bus, and local businesses will not hire you. You are subject to crime and discrimination catching the bus. The bus drivers are mostly African American and can be a pretty bit ratchet. They all seem to know each other and gossip travels at lightening speed.It isn’t vibrant, enthusiastic, or interesting for a poor black African American or any minority for that matter. For animal lovers, the Norfolk Zoo wildlife is bland and they rarely have any new species of animals.

The public school system is pretty rough. The drop out rate is high, especially in Portsmouth, and all of the local community colleges are filled with inexperienced teachers and lazy students. Mostly criminals and poor people who can’t afford a university and they suck too. A lot of the students are angry and they tend to carry guns to school. Why go to school just to end up a criminal?

A riot is the language of the unheard.

Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

Virginia is also very behind when it comes to releasing current information. You might be at a store we see a sign for an event that was 2 months ago, sometimes even years ago. They fail to keep up with the current trends or events. When you reach out to businesses they almost never return your call and it is not a heavily populated area. A lot of the employees that work at these businesses are lazy and spend most of their time chatting with friends instead of doing their job.

They have very limited resources in the commonwealth. If you are a poor minority and think you’re are going to move here and live the American dream you can forget it. They have limited resources for homeless people and people of human trafficking as well as sexual assault. The project housing units are filled with drugs, crimes and prostitutes just like any other state. You won’t see very much graffiti, but you will see a bunch of fake rappers pretending to be in poverty by spending time in neighborhoods they don’t really belong. The food banks give out food that is expired and old. The shelters give out food that isn’t healthy. Marijuana is also illegal in Virginia and they don’t have dispensaries. It isn’t multicultural. It is mostly equally made up of blacks and whites with a few Hispanics residing in places like Virginia Beach, Richmond, and NoVa.

On the Eastern Shore, there are over 3,000 immigrants from Mexico living in migrant camps alone.Some of them are illegal and undocumented. In 2020, half of them tested positive for COVID-19. They are not allowed to leave the camps or go anywhere and are often threatened with violence. Also In 2020, over 10,000 immigrants migrated from Mexico to Virginia to work in the agricultural field. Once they get to the camps, they are trapped, some even having to stay there for several years. They don’t get to see their family or go out to get fresh air. They live in barrack like dormitories and must be accompanied by a crew leader just to go to the store once a week to buy food. The majority of the undocumented immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and countries in Central and South America have lived in Virginia for 5-14years.

Majority of the population doesn’t care about anything. They just don’t care about anything. Most of them have narcissistic characteristics and it can be extremely difficult for a person with minimal education to be taken seriously, no matter how serious they are. The upper class feed off the violence, and will treat the lower class like they are their masters.You may find a sadistic female laughing at a man who has been killed, with her friends, just posted at the store talking about the incident like it’s normal or you may witness people getting bullied for who they are, for no apparent reason. You will also see people holding up signs stating they are homeless , looking like they haven’t eaten or showered in weeks. No one seems to help them and I don’t understand why.To sum it all up, modern day slaves can not run away away to live in peace or have a place to live, are forced into poverty,they have to take public transportation or drive illegally, they are poorly educated, have very limited resources and are treated poorly by mainstream society.

Human trafficking and Prostitution is an ongoing crisis around the globe: Migrants who are forced into sex trafficking

Human trafficking happens all over the world. According to the U.S.department of Health and human services, Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry in world. A lot of women are lured into trafficking because they cannot find employment, were forced underage, or victims of child abuse.They are lured into prostitution working for the Mafia, sex traffickers and pimps in clubs, bars, casinos,massage parlors, brothels, and online.Pimps are motivated by the by the opportunity to make money, so they look at the victim as an object, not a human being, and they have to maintain control over the victims body, mind, and finances. For example, you can sell a single piece of clothing one time, but you can sell a prostitute over and over. That is how the traffickers view the women. Sex traffickers often try to repeatedly kick the women so low, that they focus more on the trafficker(s) ,instead of getting out of the situation altogether.Sex trafficking happens in urban ,suburban and rural areas and to U.S. and Foreigners. Human trafficking is the recruitment,harboring ,transporting, or obtaining a person for labor devices through use of force ,fraud ,fear, or coercion. They are subjected to servitude, commercial sex acts ,or forced labor. Labor trafficking involves domestic service, sweat shops and factories, begging, agricultural work , construction, mining, brick kilns,and forced military service. Sex trafficking involves, prostitution, porn, stripping, live sex shows, mail order brides and child brides.Women in prostitution have 40 times higher mortality rate than women who are not. It is a form of modern day slavery and most people refuse to see the horrifying truths about prostitution. The minute a victim escapes from human trafficking, they are at risk.It is a multi billion dollar industry and migrants will keep fleeing.

The hell below hell: Some of the Ways women are forced into sex trafficking 

A typical sex trafficker will usually catch their prey standing alone fully clothed, even if their head is covered or they are not revealing any skin or being sleazy. They will usually call you over to approach the vehicle, once you are at the vehicle they will proceed to waste your time by asking you to perform sexual favors or ask you to send them explicit pictures. It is important not to send these predators explicit photos of yourself because once you do, they could use them to post ads for sex trafficking or exploit you. Sometimes the traffickers will use them for blackmailing. They may not even want to deal with you and won’t even want to touch you afterwards or they will even flaunt the women in the stable (all the prostitutes who work for the same person) to the new potential prostitute.It will leave the victim feeling confused and sometimes disgusted with themselves. Sometimes they use that tactic to force the victim to feel “thirsty” and seek attention elsewhere. Not only do the traffickers target their victims in person, but they also use social media platforms such as Instagram ,Tik Tok, Snapchat, Only Fans ,and Facebook.

Sometime the traffickers recruit their victims in malls, schools, bars, jails, court houses ,truck stops and hotels.The sex trade is alive and well inside of every hotel.Some of the women forced into the trade are often forced to recruit other women or girls for the pimp. Sometimes the victims feel safe knowing they are an adult, and that the client paying them for sex is an adult, but what they fail to realize is that the person paying them for sex could very well also be purchasing sex from a minor, which makes them a pedophile.

Sometimes the trafficker will ask you if you are “selling yourself “ and if you say no, will still ask you to perform a sexual act. They may not ask you to perform this act right away. They may ask for your phone number , take you out, invite you to their home or a hotel , take you to a friends home , and then try to rape you and force you into sex trafficking.Escorts, prostitutes, street walkers, and other sex workers may involve themselves in the commercial sex trade by doing incalls and outcalls. A incall is when the trick, john or client, comes to the workers house, apartment,hotel or brothel. Out calls are when the sex worker provides their own transportation to the buyers. Some of them are independent workers and drive themselves, but majority are driven by their pimps.If they find out you’re staying in a hotel alone, they will try to force their way up. These human traffickers, usually have a lot of money , or drive average to luxury vehicles. Some of them don’t even have a car at all. These men often prey on women during sports seasons and at football games.

Even waitresses and maids are lured into prostitution.The Mafia will stalk their prey 24/7 until they get to them. They will usually emotionally harass their prey until they end up in a mental institution or hospital and they ending up giving the predator their whole income. Runaways are also a target for the traffickers. They will lure the victim with false promises of making money,luxury, and a “family”, but the victims usually end up poorer, and emotionally damaged.

Some of the women who are forced into trafficking, search online for modeling gigs and are forced into sex trafficking after meeting up with the trafficker. After getting in the car with the traffickers they can take them anywhere. They may act like they are taking them to the place they told them they would,then lock all the doors and take a detour. It is also important to look out for panel vans. Traffickers use those type of vans to throw their victim in the back and kidnap them.

When traveling out of the country the victim ran from, sometimes the traffickers will kidnap the victim before bringing them in front of the Mafia. They will give them little food, steal their passports and begin to sell them to the buyers. If they try to flee, they get beat up by the pimps, who allow them to recover and begin dehumanizing them all over again. They will begin to abuse and break down the victim so they can keep profiting off of the prostitute. The traffickers pick their victims very well.They know everything about the victims life, from who they know, how much money they have, where they live, and how hard their life really is. Some of the John’s and tricks who rape the victims of trafficking and get away with it, are cocky about it because the victims are stigmatized and receive little sympathy from society.

Human trafficking in the United States of America

The United States is ranked one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. The lure of glamour and high fashion also lures some of the women in the U.S. into high class prostitution. California is one of the nations top four destinations for human traffickers in the U.S. A lot of trafficking happens to and from the U.S./Mexico border. In Las Vegas,90% of women are being trafficked by their pimps. California has had the highest number of reported human trafficking cases since 2019. They become forced into sex trafficking through modeling gigs and sometimes porn.

Life after prostitution,can be pretty unbearable.The average age a person enters the sex trade in the United States, is between 12-14 years old. Venezuelan migrants desperate for money, are are also forced into sex trafficking. A lot of them travel from Mexico. It is an extremely dangerous trade.Prostitution (a misdemeanor crime)is illegal in the United States of America, except for some rural counties in Nevada.

In Washington, District of Columbia 

In the District of Columbia,40% of sex trafficking victims are African American. The most sex trafficking occurs in poor neighborhoods, urban areas and interstate highways.In 2004, Washington DC developed a human trafficking task force to increase prosecution of traffickers. Over a course of three years, the prostitution arrest increased.In 2017, there were 227 arrest for prostitution. In 2018, there were 519 arrest. In 2019, there were 718 arrest. Since that, there has been reports to decriminalize sex work because the prostitutes keep getting trapped in a cycle of homelessness and poverty. The bill has not been passed because they are fearful of decriminalizing it, because the pimps and traffickers would use that opportunity to force more prostitutes into sex work. The red light district is long gone, but there are over 20 licensed strip clubs in the city. There are also a lot of gay male sex workers bullying and dominating the women in the sex industry. 

More than 2,000 children go missing every year and 13% of the youth human trafficking victims are boys. Young black girls are often seen as the perpetrator, not a victim and they rarely receive media attention when they are victimized or when they go missing. The predators see them as perfect prey. The traffickers usually try to force the victims to leave home to engage in sex work and to stop the madness, DC passed the Prohibition of Human Trafficking Act of 2010. In 2013, 60% of minors were arrested for prostitution. It is a very tragic situation, and in DC ,for some people, engaging in criminal activity is a part of everyday life.

In Ohio

Prostitution is the most misunderstood criminal enterprise in America. In Ohio , 88% percent of trafficking involve sex trafficking,most are under the age 18 and 84% are US citizens. Toledo,Ohio ranks 4th in the nation for sex trafficking arrest. 90% of runaway juveniles become involved in the sex industry and nearly 3,000 youth are at risk. Columbus, Ohio has the largest number of children being sex trafficked. Cleveland, Ohio has the largest number of adults being forced into sex trafficking. The buyers come from all walks of life, and usually overlook the problem. The penalty for human traffickers in Ohio is a first degree felony, and a minimum of 10 years.

In New York City

Human Trafficking is a major problem in New York City. Under cover officers remind the public, that selling drugs still produces a harsher penalty and prison time than prostitution. The major prostitution areas in NYC are as follows: 42nd street 8th Ave to 56th near Port Authority, Brooklyn -Sunset Park (hispanic),Bronx -all over and Queens-Corona ,East Elmhurst and Roosevelt Ave.The Trafficking victims protection act of 2000 states that anyone under the age of  18 induced to perform any commercial sex act is a victim of human trafficking.In 2006 NYC passed a Safe Harbor law which allows minors under 16 to be arrested for prostitution, for first arrest only and that anyone over 16 are tried as adults. The victims are rarely rescued are continuously being verbally, physically and sexually abused without any remorse from the perpetrators.

Profile of a woman working in sex industry

In Tennessee 

The trafficking of children is a sneaky crime. The trafficking is more common in rural areas such as East Tennessee and also in Middle Tennessee. Most of the child trafficking is family based, and starts with someone the child trust. In 2020, nearly 900 cases were reported. Some of the red flags include, the child being very anxious or submissive in the setting they are in, signs of physical abuse, or the child is being closely monitored by someone who is not a guardian or parent. The prosecution of minors was decriminalized in 2013. Thirteen year old children can no longer be charged with prostitution in the state. Child sex trafficking is defined as the solicitation of a minor for sex and that money is being made off of the abuse of a child. The average age is 12-13 but there has been reported cases of children being sold as young as toddlers. Teenagers are the most vulnerable for the predators. In March 2021, 150 missing children, ranging in age 3-17, were recovered by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and 90 still remain missing. Most recently, in June 2021, seven men were arrested for seeking sex from minors during a human trafficking sting. Every two minutes, in the United States, a child is being brought and sold. Trafficking is more prevalent in Tennessee than gangs.

Human Trafficking in the Caribbean

In Dominican Republic 

In the Dominican Republic, prostitution is legal , but pimping is not. Some of the women are being trafficked from Haiti. Customers prefer light skin Dominican sex workers because they are more favored than the darker prostitutes. The darkskin prostitutes are forced to work the streets and less favorable environments instead of upscale areas. They are subject to being trafficked all throughout the Caribbean and across the world. There is a program in the DR for female sex workers infected with HIV called MODEMU.It was formed in 1996. The highest HIV rates are amoung men who have sex with men and Haitians.

In Barbados 

Prostitution in Barbados is legal but once again, human trafficking is absolutely illegal, and so is running a brothel. A lot of women sex tourist travel to Barbados looking for a male romantic partner, rather than considering themselves to be a prostitute. The male sex workers have more freedom because they do not work in brothels or have a pimp and they often approach vulnerable,wealthy,lonely women looking for love. Sometimes they don’t even use protection.Once they get inside the woman’s head, or engage in a romantic encounter, they will use that as an opportunity to get money out of the vulnerable female worker. Immigrants from Jamaica and Guyana are subject to trafficking in Barbados. The predators will also use social media to troll the victims. In 2016, the Trafficking in Persons Prevention Act was set in place.For adults, human traffickers can face up to 25 years in prison plus fines which is a harsher sentence than the United States,which is usually just 10 years. If the victim is a child, they will receive a life sentence .

In Trinidad and Tobago 

Prostitution in Trinidad and Tobago is legal  but pimping isn’t. Majority of the sex workers come from other parts of the Caribbean and travel there regularly to sell their bodies for hard cash. Port of Spain is the main city for prostitution in Trinidad and Tobago is known for its female sex tourism (American and European tourist ), in which the female travels there looking to get laid.

The Venezuelan, Asian, and Trinidadian traffickers in Trinidad usually prey on Venezuelan migrants or those traveling from Sucre,even as young as 14, lock them in rooms, drug them up and force them to prostitute themselves. They will force them to charge about $50 for 30 minutes , $100 for an hour, and $1,000 for an entire night. The traffickers will charge the customers a lot more for younger girls. The brothels are hidden and undetected and to avoid police raids, sometimes the brothel keeper will bribe the police. Like most sociopathic sex traffickers and organized crime groups, they will lure their victims with false promises of a better life by giving them a false job offer, kidnap them ,steal their passports, documentation and other property, lock them in a room or brothel , barely feed them ,and force them to prostitute against their will day after day. 

When the victim(s)seeks help, instead of the government providing services for the victims, they will charge them for immigration offenses , send them to a detention center and then have them deported. They fled to Trinidad for a better life because they felt there was so hope where they already were. Trinidad and Tobago has the highest demand for sexual services and prostitution than other areas in the Caribbean. The rest of the victims who end up staying in Trinidad, only stay for a few weeks or months before being forced into trafficking in places farther away in other parts of the world such as Europe and Africa.

Human Trafficking in Africa

A photo of a prostitute in South Africa on

Human Trafficking is the third most profitable crime in the world after drug and arms trafficking .Prostitution and human trafficking takes place all over the continent of Africa.This includes the East, West, North and Southern parts and also the Center. It is the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic. There are 24 million people infected with the virus in Africa alone. One million of those infected with the virus,die each year. Women,children,and men,sell sex in brothels, bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other typical places to be noticed by traffickers, pimps, kidnappers and smugglers.

In regulated countries such as Senegal, the legal prostitutes must register with the police, carry a valid sanitary card, test regularly for STD’s,be over 21, and have an up to date medical card. Some of the women being trafficked into Africa are not only of African decent, but are of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese races. Most of the sex trafficking victims are being controlled by Nigerian gangs and also partitioners accused of witchcraft.

Countries where prostitution is legal

Prostitution, is legal in some countries , such as South Nigeria,Botswana, Tunisia,Tanzania,Uganda, Guinea-Bissau,Malawi, Mozambique, Mali,Réunion,Mayotte, Algeria, South Sudan,Ethiopia ,Senegal (legalized in 1966 ), Sierra Leone, Togo,MauritiusKenya (in some cities), Eritrea,Democratic Republic of the Congo (which has over 2 million sex workers ) ,Central African Republic, Namibia, Zambia, Cape Verde, Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Lesotho, (with an HIV rate of 71%). In Kenya, there has been repeated cases of girls getting beaten and murdered by clients. Pimping and running a brothel is illegal in all these countries. Some of the pimps are drug dealers who force prostitutes to use drugs. A brothel is defined as any place used for prostitution, or for persons to visit for the purpose of having unlawful carnal intercourse or for any other lewd or indecent purpose.

Countries where prostitution is not legal 

Selling sex is illegal in North Nigeria,Angola, Sudan, Ghana,Djibouti (where military troop bases are located), Mauritania ,Liberia, São Tomé and Príncipe,Gambia,Seychelle,Comoros, Niger,Zimbabwe ,Chad,Cameroon, Egypt,Libya, Equatorial Guinea,Guinea,Morocco (attracting mainly foreign pedophiles)Burundi ,Gabon,Somalia,Rwanda( with an HIV rate of 46%) ,and South Africa. In some countries in Africa, buying sex is not illegal.

In South Africa

People do not like to use condoms in South Africa which is the leasing cause of the ongoing AIDS epidemic. South Africa has the highest HIV rate (at a staggering 7 million),and unemployment rates in the whole world. Sex workers are often being extorted and cruelly mistreated by the police. They also say the the police are confiscating their condoms when they are arrested. The police suspect prostitution when their are four or more condoms in their possession.

Prostitution is still illegal in South Africa. In May,2021, sex workers in Johannesburg marched the streets demanding that prostitution be legalized because they believe it is not a crime. Sex workers were among the first to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic financially. They also have not been able to access HIV medications and condoms.They have been fighting for the decriminalization of sex work over the past few years. They are unable to claim unemployment benefits when their income runs out. They often have to turn to handouts for basic needs such as food, sanitary pads, and hygiene which is completely unacceptable.The Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Task Force reported over 10 sex workers are murdered each year there.

In Madagascar 

Prostitution in Madagascar is legal, but child prostitution is not. Anyone caught purchasing sex from an underage child (anyone under the age of 18) can face up to 10 years  imprisonment.The city is known for sex tourism, and the penalties are strictly enforced on foreign tourist. Nosy Be is a common area for prostitution in Madagascar. Police corruption is common, and they are also known for extorting sex workers and abusing them.The children being sold in Madagascar are usually sold by their parents because they desperately need money. The HIV rate is low, however,Madagascar has the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s or STI’s) in the world.

In Nigeria 

There is a lot of sexual exploitation of women in Nigeria. Over half of the people who flee the country for a better life, come from Edo state, particularly fleeing from Benin City (a population of close to 2 million). They particularly choose Europe for job opportunities. When fleeing , some get trapped in Libya and forced into sex work. It is a dangerous and very bad state. About 90 percent will be trafficked. Some of them go missing, and are never heard from again. Some of the migrants traveling to Italy by boat, die and never make it. 

Human Trafficking in Europe

In Germany 

In Germany, 90%of sex workers are immigrants and into the trade because it is legal. Most of them have no apartment , work illegally and have no health care. They have to have a huge number of clientele in order to pay the rent. Unbeknownst to the workers, they are victims of trafficking even if they are working in a club. Germany is seen as a paradise for pimps and sex workers and approximately 1.5 million men visit prostitutes everyday.

In Switzerland 

In Switzerland, prostitution has been legal there since 1942. In Geneva, 90% of the women there choose to be a prostitute.The women are being brainwashed into thinking they aren’t being exploited.

In Britain

In Britain, prostitution is legal, human trafficking is not. In Britain,20% of sex workers are men and 5% of them work on the street. Also, 47% of sex workers are victims of crimes such as robbery and rape. Research states that, approximately 36% receive threatening phone calls and text.

In Italy

In Italy, such as Milan ,prostitution is legal but brothels and pimps are not ,neither is soliciting yourself on the street. Brothels were banned in 1958, but the sex workers can still work from apartments or in private.There are about 70,000 sex workers in Italy. Some of them are trafficked to Italy from Nigeria, China, Brazil and Bulgaria. Eighty percent of Nigerian women trafficked to Italy are forced into prostitution.The Nigerian workers make as little as 15 euros for sex acts or twice that for unprotected sex with tricks. They may have to pay off a debt up to 35,000 euros and are forced into prostitution through violence, force, fear and black magic (voodoo).The Chinese prostitutes trafficked to Italy ,are usually over the age of 29 and dress more modestly.Some of them remain on the streets for up to eight years. 

Human Trafficking in Asia

In India 

In Mumbai, Maharashtra , the second most populated city in India,over 20,000 girls are working as prostitutes. Brothel houses line the Red light district known as Kamathipura. It is one of the largest Red light Districts in Asia.Their sex workers include men, women , children and transgender people and is one of the major destinations for sex tourist. India has a large commercial sex trade. Most of the workers in Mumbai are being trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh. The female sex workers enter the trade for a number of reasons including death of a parent, marital abuse , death of a husband or extreme poverty. Some of them are sold by their family , friends, and acquaintances. Around 90% of sex workers in Mumbai are indentured servants. The male sex workers are at high risk for contracting HIV. A lot of the clients tend to seek services outside of brothels for fear of catching AIDS. The female and children sex workers in India continue to ignore the increasing large growing number of male and transgender workers which puts them risk.

The brothels are patrolled by thugs who work for the Mafia to make sure the young girls don’t run away. The young women also have madams and pimps who they have to pay their money to. Virgins in Mumbai are a high demand to the customers.The men will often bid on the young women because they believe that if they have sex with a virgin or a child, it will reduce their chance of catching a disease. They also have a practice in Mumbai that when a young girl is presented to a client as a virgin they cannot use a condom. Most of the young women are forced to have sex without a condom with the clients. About 70% of them have HIV. It is a brutal industry. 

In Areas such as Delhi, Hassan, Malda and Haryana some of the victims are being forced into trafficking by becoming a child bride. The men will beat, abuse and discard the young women.The men will purchase their wives as young as 12, and resell them again when they are tired of them. Having sex with a minor is illegal And The prohibition of child marriage act of 2006 , overlooks the families and parents involved in the act of child marriage but if they are caught, they can receive up to two years in prison. Most of them don’t care and will sell their children on purpose.The families rarely accepts the victims back into the family after they are rescued from trafficking, leaving them alone and vulnerable to suffer more endless abuse.

In the red light distract in Delhi, the women will try to make a customer out of every man who walks by. The brunettes have the choice of sharing their name or weather they want to hide their face or not. They are often starved,shamed,and disgraced by the public and , played and molested by the men which leaves permanent damage in their souls. They prefer to sell their body instead to feed their children and not suffer in poverty .

Some female sex workers are initiated into prostitution through a ceremonial cult practice called Devadasi, a practice that dates all the way back to the 7th century in India. The system was outlawed in 1988, but it still prevalent in some parts of southern India ,particularly in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.In the practice of Devadasis, women are not permitted to marry, because they are  married to the diety called Goddess Yellamma. After they are initiated, they are sold into the sex trade. The older prostitutes guide the younger sex workers in their every day life because they are in high demand for the customers.Most of the women over 40 have either contracted HIV , have several illnesses ,or are near death and have spent their whole lives trapped in poverty. Over 5 million Indians are infected with HIV and the illiteracy rate is also high. They have one of the HIV highest rates in the world. 

In Cambodia 

In Cambodia, 80-90% of women are selling their daughters and that is how they become sex workers (there are Victims of sex traffickers from Cambodia right here in the United States hiding in plain sight). Some illegal immigrants are forced into trafficking to pay off their smuggling debt.For majority of them, it is hard to get out of the life because they can not find the help they need. They will even begin to bond with their trafficker (called trauma-bonding) because they are the only person they have in their life.

The gang members use force and violence against the sex workers who refuse to have sex with all the members. After they rape them, they will not pay them the fee or give them money to get home. 32% of the prostitutes in Phnom Penh get raped everyday by more than 10 men a day. The rapist are influenced by pornography and movies. A lot of them are poor, and that is the only way to exert their power. They often want the prostitutes to imitate what they see in the porn films. 

There is a lot of corruption in Cambodia.The offenders are arrested after the victims reports the offense, but they are soon released and inflict more violence on the workers. The offenders are also good at bribing the police and the police are often seeking money from the prostitutes. Virgins are paid up to $400 for a first time client,then after that, they are paid around $60. Over time,after degrading and dehumanizing the women, the men pay less and less. Cambodia has one of the highest HIV rates in Southeast Asia. About 50% of Cambodia’s sex workers, are HIV positive.

In Dubai

In Dubai (UAE),in 1936 ,prostitutes were forced to get married, or leave the country.There are brothels in Dubai, and most of the prostitutes are from other countries. Human trafficking in Dubai is a huge problem, and is another top destination for the sex trade.

Photo on

In Mongolia

In Mongolia, any form of prostitution or organized prostitution is illegal, but pimping is still a lucrative trade. To protect their profits, the pimps have to recruit new prostitutes on a daily basis. The women or girls usually give the pimp a percentage of their earnings for protection. The percentage varies.They usually use, a middle man or another prostitute to recruit new sex workers to avoid harsh prison sentences. Most of the women recruited are young girls without a stable income, and go to the pimps for money,clothes, and food. They are often being trafficked in Hong Kong and all through China.Some of them are trafficked to Malaysia,Japan and South Korea. In Mongolia, prostitution and human trafficking is an international problem and has reached epidemic levels. According to research there is an estimated 1 prostitute out of every 160 people.

In the Philippines 

Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines. Angeles City is known for its sex tourism and military bases. Like most victims of prostitution, they are forced to the sex trade due to poverty. Most of the women are considered dancers or “entertainers”and the tricks/John’s are considered “boyfriends”. They receive about 150 pesos per customer or 1000 pesos per client for a whole day. There are clinics to protect the military men from being infected by sex workers and the sex workers have to pay for the medical expenses themselves on a weekly basis. The customers are rarely criminalized, and the workers are rarely tested for HIV. 

Some military men and tourist, visit the Philippines for the sole purpose of having sex with a minor. They pick their victims as young as 12.The 2003 Protect Act was constructed to prosecute U.S. foreigners visiting the Philippines to be prosecuted in the United States for child exploitation if they are caught trafficking anyone under the age of 18. They pick up their victims in karaoke bars, casas, bikini bars, street corners,  brothels, escort services, massage parlors and bars. 

In Pakistan 

Red light district area in Lahore on

As a strict Muslim country, prostitution in Pakistan is illegal and in some parts punishable by death. The country deemed the sex trade immoral. The victims of human trafficking are often found in brothels (sometimes subjected to police raids but they often take bribes) and the prostitutes who choose to do that type of work are often referred to as “call girls” and work from a private setting because they know it is illegal. Most of the sex trade is prevalent in cities such as Karachi and Lahore (specifically in Shahi Mohalla). Women from Afghanistan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Russia,Iran and other areas are subject to sex trafficking in Pakistan by lure of false job offers and forced marriages.

The first brothels were discovered in Lahore during the Afghan attacks in the 1700s, when the city was known for its performing arts. Entertainers were then known as tawaifs. They eventually became sex workers for English soldiers who had been stationed there. Over the centuries, leading up to the modern day era, the sex workers turned to the internet to solicit their services.

The gay brothels and male sex workers are located in every major city in Pakistan despite the fact that it is illegal and punishable by death. Their clients come from all walks of life ranging from bus drivers to policemen and they are also fond of young boys. They often perform sex acts in the buyers cars. Plain clothes officers are also known for extorting boy prostitutes,raping them and not paying them.  Nine of of every ten street boys (ninety percent)have been abused by them. 30% of the heroin users are HIV positive.

In Japan 

Prostitution (and becoming a customer of it) in Japan is illegal. One out of every twenty women of all ages, even old women, in Japan work as a prostitute (which means Baishunpu in Japanese ) most of them, being limited to certain legal sex acts such as fashion health and escort delivery services, oral and receiving a bath from the girl.Some of them have children, expensive rent, tuition ,and business and need the money. They see it as a flexible opportunity instead of working long hours. Some of their clients are men who are in a sexless marriage. There are also brothels in Japan to have sex with married women specifically. Some of the clients are college boys. 

In the 20th century, prostitutes were known as Asobi-Onna (women of pleasure) and a man could have as many wives as they pleased. Although they set many fashion trends, most prostitutes were sold into the profession by their parents. The Samurai were not allowed to bring their swords into the brothels because they thought the prostitutes would kill themselves. In 1956, the Diet of Japan passed the Anti-Prostitution Law which came into force two years later,in 1958.

It is estimated that around 40% of all Japanese men have been to a brothel at least once. The brothels in Japan ban foreigners and people who lack Asian characteristics.The sex industry in Japan is about 24 billion dollars per year. Women, men, and children from Asia, Russia, East Europe, Africa and South America are trafficked into Japan through false marriages and lures of employment. The traffickers use force, violence, deportation,blackmail, stealing passports,and fear to hold the victims hostage. They are usually trafficked on to East Asia and North America.

Hellish conditions :Indicators of human trafficking

Signs of a human trafficking victim include mental health problems such as post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD -a severe mental health disorder). Victims of human trafficking suffer the same severity of PTSD as war combat victims. They may also have branding (tattoos) that show signs of trafficking.Most traffickers force their victims into getting tattoos.They also may suffer from a number of other indicators including, anxiety, depression, and trauma bonding with the perpetrators. Other signs include dizziness, hopelessness,physical pain, panic attacks, traveling with little to no personal property, inappropriately dressed for the weather,nightmares,dissociation, suicidal thoughts and hyper alertness. They may also suffer from malnutrition or lack personal identification documentation, fertility problems, alcohol and drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and other health problems are the physical harms resulting from human trafficking.