One minute I want to live, the next minute: My life was infested by people who have gay incest regularly 

From the time I was a little girl I never really wanted to be alive. I knew something wasn’t right with my family. I was born without one. I had to adapt to living in different shelters, brothels, and eventually jails, and I was being abused and sold on Backpage and Craigslist by all of the people there. It was absolutely disgusting getting raped by all those nasty, racist, horny pigs. My body still feels very gross. I haven’t been sold since April 2021. To this day, I am still very grossed out at the level of pain and suffering those AIDS and diseased infested people caused. They were very, very, dirty and unclean people.

All the men I was sold to, were transgender women and bisexual men. All of them were LGBTQ. It was extremely HIV infested and gross. I was sold to approximately 300 or more homosexual men on the U.S. East and West coast while I was being trafficked. Some of the gay men were getting into serious trouble with their gay partners, for sleeping with a woman behind their back. They knew that I would eventually find out about the high amounts of HIV/AIDS and STDS I was being exposed to. They’ve harassed me for so long, I am usually almost always wanting to be dead. They really wanted to infect me with AIDS. 

AIDS & COVID awareness: These images are examples of the type of “men” hustlers that work at restaurants and grocery stores part-time, stocking shelves and touching all of your items without gloves on 

I was sold to these type of men 
An example of the type of Gay men that infested my entire life 

I just can’t stand the pain that the dirty rapists pigs caused. They stick together like white on rice and they always cover for each other in their behavior. My level of homelessness is on a whole new level now. I’m a felon and no one wants me to have anything. I can’t go to the jails, hospitals, and shelters because the people are too infested with incest and diseases, and they keep trying to beat me up, threaten me, harass me, rape me and sell me to the whole city. It’s so gross and sadistic, that I keep imagining what it would feel like dying and never waking up again. They are very, very, funky, and cruel and they never want me to feel anything. They never want me to face my emotions and be mature about anything. They are always wanting to have their way with me. It is SICK. I’m just another worthless dead body to those people. 

I wish I was rich. I wish I had a nice job. I wish I had a record deal. I wish I could afford a nice car, a little tiny house or log cabin, and nice jewelry and clothes. I wish my two kids weren’t being raised by abusive transgenders. I hate being a Welfare recipient. It’s extremely disgusting and ghetto. I want better, but the gays and incest people won’t stop looking down on me, threatening me, and beating me up. I feel disgusting! I don’t want to live like a poor, abused, battered slave! I wish I could protect my 2 kids so they know that I’m really their mom. I wish I had a family, friends, and money. The list of wishes goes on. I won’t be granted any of those wishes ever as long as I live, so what is the purpose of living? To get raped, harassed, neglected and abused by a bunch of nasty pigs all my life? What is the point of living just to be poor and abused by everyone? It’s just SICK!!! I hate being in my own body!!!! I will never let the LGBTQ community, or a nasty jealous man, or married man touch me, hear me, or see me, ever again!!  I haven’t been in a shelter since 2020, I haven’t been in a hospital or a jail since 2018. I haven’t been employed since 2020. I will never return to either of those places. I’m just going to spend the rest of my life in the wilderness, ALONE, waiting to die- like a deathrow inmate. I can not be near those nasty, disease infested, greedy, nosey, sloppy, gay, brutal, abusive, racist, incest-having people. I just want to die, so the narcissistic, controlling incest people can live. 

I don’t want you! You incest having predators are sick, nasty, and FAKE! 
Buy my book or I don’t know you! YUCK!

Santa Muerte and Zodiac Astral candles

I’ve read the master art of candle burning , studied online, and have been researching candles and their interpretations for years. I have come to find out that some of the zodiac colors for some sources say one that the zodiac sign equals one color , and other sources say that the the zodiac sign’s power color candle is a completely different color. Let’s Say Aries for instance,  some sources claim that the zodiac power color candle for a Leo is Red and green. For Aries , Pink and white. But there are an entirely different set of sources that say that the colors for Aries is red and the the colors for Leo are Yellow or gold. How is this so? Which colors are the actual factual? Well let’s take a deeper look. I’f you study closely the spectrums of the universe, you will be able to differentiate which colors will be appropriate for you. If you are doing a spell for two people, for example an Aries and a Leo,  I suggest for  Aries burning  a Red candles alone at least one time, at the upper left hand corner of the the altar ( or on either side) and Pink and White on the upper East corner of the altar at least one time. On the upper right side of the altar,  for a Leo , Burn a Yellow or Gold candle at the upper left hand corner of the altar (or vice versa) and for Aries a Red candle on the upper East corner of the altar ( or vice versa) at least one time.

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You will have to dabble with trial and error according to the spell you are doing. If you are doing one for yourself, place each candle color at each upper corner of the altar. For instance Aries, place a pink candle at one end and a white at the other upper end. Remember to always lay a cloth down first, set the incense to the east , a glass of water, rum or tequila to the west, a piece of earth to the north and your main candle to the south. Then cast your circle. This could be done by saging the room with sage or Palo santo , sprinkling holy water ,pagan water , salt water, rose water, kananja water , Florida water, Santa Muerte Cologne or some other spiritual water used in rituals. Then state your petition or prayer and invite the spirit to come into your space. After you have spoken to the diety, close the space and thank the deity ( preferably Santa Muerte) and remember to refresh the offerings daily. If Santa Muerte knows that you are lacking or being  stingy with your commitment she will take what she wants from you in ways you could never imagine.

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I don’t mean this in a bad way, but if you are a devotee, then you must remain and do not hide your statues. That is a sign of disrespect and can cause anguish amongst your diety. And remember, to never leave candles burning unattended especially around pets or children.

How to make an incense holder out of candle wax

If you do not have an incense burner or want to burn more than once incense stick at a time, here is a way to make one using a candle and water. 

What you will need 

~A burning candle (preferably wax from a vigil candle)

~sink, bowl , or tub full of steaming hot water 


Prepare a sink , tub or bowl full of steaming hot (not boiling) water.Take the burning candle after it has produced enough hot wax, usually after burning for a couple hours and pour the hot wax into the water. Immediately pick up the hot wax   

And form it into the shape of a small ball. Let it cool for about 5 minutes,Then light the stick  and put the incense stick in the wax. 

A black magic occult ritual

I believe this is a message from God. God told me to send all pedophiles and rapist to hell by setting their soul on fire with a chant. God said that…..I am being used by Satan to erase all pedophiles,  gay people, and lame corny whores off the face  of the earth and I am proud to carry out this duty. I want to give my soul to Satan in the art of carrying out this particular deed…

“Dear Satan , Lucifer, Lord of all entities I invoke you into my circle. I pray that you will assist me in the war against snitches, lesbians, homosexuals, liars, lame women, adulterers, bullies, rapist, pedophiles and creeps so they will be immediately wiped off of the face of this earth in the most gruesome, torturous way.

So mote it be”

Say this prayer 100 times while burning 5 black candles .This petition can be written in bats blood or dragons blood on parchment paper with a candle burning on top of it and will be even more potent with the sacrificing of a baby chicken. There is no need to complain about the scarification of the chicken if that is what you eat. Other ritual tools you can use include a athame (which is basically just a sword or a ceremonial blade), an image or statue of Baphomet , an image of a pentacle or one made of black salt, dragons blood incense and a chalice full of blood.

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Black magic hex

To hex your annoying pest enemy that just won’t go away try this hex…

•3 gold coins
•item of the enemy 
•black arts oil
•black art satchet powder
•sandalwood incense 
•ammonia water
•crossing powder 
•black pepper
•the hangman tarot 
•black permanent marker 
Dress the candle with the black arts oils d satchet powder. Anoint the enemy itemwith black arts oil and burn to flames. Put the ashes in a wide fireproof dish along with 3 gold coins. Light the incense and place the bowl of water on the altar. Dressed the hang man card with black arts oil. Write the enemy name three times on the back of the card .Burn the candle on top the card inside the dish with the ashes.Sprinkle black pepper and crossing powder around the candle. Declare your commands and yell them. When the candle isdone burning , bury the remains near the home of the victim or toss into a stream of running water. 

**Be sure to properly invoke the dieties and properly dispose of the ritual remains such as burial, in a lake, or at the crossroads in order to have a better result. ****

New Hot Foot Powder (use with caution)


•maca powder
•crossing powder 
•black pepper
•Himilayan salt 
•dry mustard 
•red pepper
•crossroads dirt 
•black arts satchet powder 
Declare what you would like each of the ingredients to do then say 
“This hot foot powder will be charged to do my will” 
Let it sit outside under the moon for however long you want. 
“By the use of this hot foot powder my enemies will be banished from my life forever”
Sprinkle a little bit of this in your shoe forsuccess or use in a black Magic spell or a simple hex. 

Nuevo polvo de pie caliente

cáscaras de huevo
• polvo de maca
• polvo cruzado
•pimienta negra
• sal de Himilayan
• mostaza seca
•Pimiento rojo
• cruce de tierra
• bolsa de artesanía negra en polvo
Indique qué le gustaría que hiciera cada uno de los ingredientes y luego diga
“Este polvo de pie caliente se cargará para hacer mi voluntad”
Deja que descanse bajo la luna todo el tiempo que quieras.
“Al usar este polvo para pies caliente, mis enemigos serán desterrados de mi vida para siempre”

Espolvorea un poco de esto en tu zapato para el éxito o úsalo en un hechizo mágico negro o en un simple hechizo.

Black magic ritual

•Black crucifix candle

•Crossing powder
•4thieves vinegar
•Hot foot powder
•Item of the target or their photo
•ace of spaces
•a nail
• a bowl
Label all four corners of the card with  your enemies name in permanent ink. If they are unknown write “my enemy “
Stick a nail through the center of the       spades and chant “ may my enemies real destruction three times three, may my enemies reap destruction so mote it be”  write your petition on the back of the card and burn it to ashes. Place the black crucifix candle in a bowl with vinegar, hot foot powder and crossing powder and the card ashes. Burn the       candle to its end and bury the ritual.         remains in an open field.