Deswyn King: The gorilla pimp from L.A. 

Deswyn King also known as “Rude Boy” whom in met on Skid Row in Los Angeles California in 2020 after spending time at the Union Mission shelter (because I wanted to flee more abuse), is the type to beat you, rob you, force you into sex trafficking, snitch on you, and stalk your telephone and job. This particular person will pretend to be your boyfriend to trick you into prostituting yourself so he can profit off of your earnings. He will also degrade you and humiliate you in public places. He has a son who he tries to support by pimping women. He also forcefully sold me to his cousins father. He beat me and harassed me in front of dozens of security cameras in public places including 7 Eleven in El Cajon, California and In front of Ross in Hollywood California. He was also very verbally abusive on top of his physical outburst. People could see the abuse with their own eyes and some even called the police, but somehow I fled with the trafficker until I was able to get away undetected by his forceful, abusive, nature. He also forced me to walk the “stroll”, but I never did because I refused to get in the car with anyone. He often tries to control women by using their intelligence to his advantage. He can be seen in Los Angeles county, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Las Vegas and other areas of California. I haven’t heard from him since October of last year, but he may still be in Californina ready to put out a hit upon my return. 

I was beaten and trafficked by this particular man, after fleeing violence and the death of my father in Virginia and I will never forget the damage it has caused upon my future. Since the horrifying incident with King, I went to a human trafficking program located inside an extended stay type of hotel in Redondo Beach, CA. The program was called CAST. I only stayed there for two weeks, before being forced to leave over bringing in my new ESA animal. I was trafficked again by a Mexican, after being forced out onto the cold, mean streets alone with no protection and no real father, let alone a “daddy”. I haven’t returned to California since, and quite frankly I’m scared outta my underwear. The pimps like following me and then beating me up like a punching bag after they’re done setting me up.

A photo of sex trafficker Deswyn “Rude Boy” King in Los Angeles 2020.