Living Around Dangerous Predators and how to survive them

April 2022

Living Around Dangerous Human predators and How to survive them is a non fiction urban survival guide and safety rulebook to help you survive the worst types of evil, sickening, human predators known to mankind.

I’m Still abstinent


I’m Still Abstinent is based on a true story. By reading, you how to spot tricky undercover transgenders, down-low homosexual men and women, and how to prevent yourself from contracting HIV and other diseases. You will also become more aware of how homosexuals spread the disease. You don’t have to be in the LGBTQ community to contract a disease. It can happen to anyone.You will also learn how rapist, con-men, prostitutes, swingers, and strippers lure innocent people into the lifestyle. If those are the type of people you’re around, anything is bound to happen. Awareness is key.

(Extreme Explicit language/sexual violence/mature audiences only)

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