The Dangerous, Evil, men who kidnapped & sold me, and tried to murder me

The sex trafficker that tried to murder me has just been released from Prison: I hope to never see this negligent fag again

William Mark James also known as “Dub J” is a sex trafficker I met at a strip party in Norfolk, Virginia (the party was thrown by a man named “ Daddy Cage ” a pimp and local businessman in the Tidewater area) in which I had no absolute business being at. Shortly after meeting him, I found out that I was In grave danger. I left the party with the monster, and my life was headed for indefinite ruins. He was only one of the evilest, nastiest people I have ever seen. 

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Armaud R. Eason: The story of the gay, cruel, undercover transgender woman and bully that impregnated me at 16 & 19 years old

Armaud Eason, known as “O” whom I met in 2005 after running away from home in Suffolk, Virginia , is a pedophile and nasty rapist and transsexual who Impregnates underage women and gives them STDS such as chlamydia and gonorrhea which I contracted and took meds for in 2005 and again in 2008. He (I’m not going to call him “her”) can be seen in the Suffolk, Portsmouth areas of Virginia riding a green jeep or other vehicle. I was raped by this pedophile when I was 15 years old and gave birth to two children.

Deswyn King: The gorilla pimp from L.A. 

Deswyn King also known as “Rude Boy” whom in met on Skid Row in Los Angeles California in 2020 after spending time at the Union Mission shelter (because I wanted to flee more abuse), is the type to beat you, rob you, force you into sex trafficking, snitch on you, and stalk your telephone and job.

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Human trafficking and Prostitution is an ongoing crisis around the globe: Migrants who are forced into sex trafficking

Human trafficking happens all over the world. According to the U.S.department of Health and human services, Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry in world. A lot of women are lured into trafficking because they cannot find employment, were forced underage, or victims of child abuse.They are lured into prostitution working for the Mafia, sex traffickers and pimps in clubs, bars, casinos,massage parlors, brothels, and online.Pimps are motivated by the by the opportunity to make money, so they look at the victim as an object, not a human being, and they have to maintain control over the victims body, mind, and finances.