Santa Muerte Hollywood celebrates 13 months of abstinence 

Thea Arnold, owner of, TRO, and owner of celebrates 13 months of abstinence.
After being bullied to a sickening level, by a bunch of sadistic people I don’t even know, I decided to permanently refrain from sex, prostitution, men, drugs, and to stay as far away as possible from as many hardcore narcissistic lesbians who might want to harm me. I don’t want to get preyed upon anymore, my stomach can’t take the hate. I usually attract nothing predators, not loving, caring, natural human beings. I can’t get hurt like that anymore. People are just sick out here. The predators never take me serious. They just don’t believe in me and they never want me to have a safe place to live. I can’t go anywhere without being forced into trafficking, raped, molested, bullied, or stalked. They’re very nasty, hateful, discouraging, sickening, and cruel people. I don’t go out anywhere anymore. I throw up everyday. I Spend most of my time migrating alone, looking for a safe place to sleep. The predators told me I’ll never have anything and no one is ever going to give me anything ever in life, that no one will ever like me, and that no matter how hard I try to succeed, I will never get anywhere. I have been out of the Virginia incarceration system for four years and hopes that it continues to stay that way. There are predators all across America. There are human traffickers, there are nut cases, and there are freaks. Functioning in a society full of freaks, gay child molesters, homosexuals, predators, hitmen, and traffickers, is still not an easy thing to do.

When I think about how unsafe my life is, my stomach turns and I vomit at these people. I never uncover face. I don’t let these people look at me anymore. I don’t want to catch any diseases or HIV while I’m on the streets, and I don’t trust a single face or person regardless of their gender or appearance. People also have a sickening sex life, that she claims she wants no parts of, and they are also very unsanitary and unclean. I also have flashbacks of how the people face looked. The images of their faces being embedded in my head, is extremely traumatizing and sickening to me. I never want to look at them or see them ever again.