Psychic Services and rap booking info

Below are a list of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Open 24 hours. Now offering free 10-minute consultations.



Toll free 24/7

Disclaimer: Must be 21 years or older. Security is enforced for in person readings. Do not contact me for a reading if you are not serious about your devotion to Santa Muerte, as being she is the only spiritual source being used for this work. Services require a 50% deposit first. Refunds for deposit will require a 48 hour cancellation notice. Refunds are not given after services are rendered.

Warning: If you suffer from narcissistic abuse,Financial abuse, sexual assault, victim of stalking, Domestic violence, Human Trafficking, Terrorism, Abuse and neglect , Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, are feeling Suicidal ,Borderline Personality Disorder or any other form of mental health problems or victimization please consult a healthcare professional or call 911 before contacting me.

Tarot Card reading (Cartomancy)

A detailed reading using cards to predict your future and guide you through work, life, romance and also insight to protect you from trouble or unfortunate situations.

$250 USD

Pet Psychic

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A reading to communicate with your living or deaceased pet.

$500 USD


You will pick which candle you would like to have placed on the altar. after the candle has finished burning, you will receive in full detail, the results.
$100 USD

Santa Muerte Hollywood Tarot Reading package

Highly recommended for people who have never visited a psychic or a tarot card reader before. All of the following readings included in this one package : Libanomancy, Cartomancy, Pyromancy, Limpia , aura cleansing and chakra balancing. You will leave the reading with more knowledge than before and will also be cleansed spiritually. Any negative blockages will be removed.

$1,000 USD

Other services

Rap feature booking

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Book me to be a feature to your song.

$600/Hour (non celebrity) USD

$6,000/hour (celebrity) USD (recommended)

Stage performance

pay me to perform all of my hit singles at your club or party.

$2,000 /Hour USD (Anywhere in United States /Mexico/Caribbean)

+Travel Fee $1,000

Celebrity package

I will walk through your club or venue, perform all hit singles, sign autographs, take photos, allow video recordings, accept interviews, and give away free merchandise to fans

$100,000 USD

$ 2,000,000 MEX

$16,000,000 JMD

Travel fee, hair & makeup, photography, security fees included

Payment Methods

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