I’m still staying out of the public eye for the most part. I don’t have a 9-5, and I am not forced to look at, live around, or be around unclean humans anymore, but when I do have to step outside, my eyes still have to see a lot of dirty, disgusting things and people. Unfortunately, I still have to go out for gas, last minute emergencies, and to walk a dog. Every time I go to the store, I try to wear plastic gloves and I carry tons, and tons, of disinfectant wipes. Every time I purchase something, I disinfect it. I disinfect everything item I touch, especially food. When I’m at the gas station, I wear gloves before pumping gas. Everywhere I go in public, I spot unclean, nasty-looking people. Their hands could have been between their legs or on a pile of semen, digging up their nose, on feces, or on a herpes infected penis before they came out of the house. It’s very disgusting. The more abstinent I become, the more uncleanliness and sloppiness I notice in other people and places. I hate gross environments now and I hate ugly, dirty, people-regardless of their race. It sucks that the world is so big, and I can travel wherever I want, and I may still have to face an infestation of gross people once I get there. 


Photo by Devilishly Good on Pexels.com

People that bully me into isolation are also very unsanitary and disgusting to look at. The more abuse and neglect I am forced to take, the more dirty and unsanitary the world appears. They all appear to be having INCEST as well as living unclean, sick, twisted, and homosexual private sex lives. Clean, healthy, people wouldn’t want to bully me and isolate me in such a gross, disturbing manner. Forcing me to talk to myself is very, very, dirty, and nasty. People may think they are being better than me, but I don’t see them as being better than me, regardless of what they have. I see them as dirty, filthy, and downright infectious. I see them as pest. I see them as a infestation of monkeys and flies. I can no longer see them as people, because they don’t act like people, and they choose to be nasty and disturbing. I see them as infestations of unclean humans, just like a infestation of roaches, bats, or other annoying pest. Just like a wild animal could carry a disease if you go near it, that is how bullies look. They look scary, dangerous, life threatening, and deadly. They look so disgusting, I’m afraid if I go near them, I will catch a fatal disease, get framed for something I didn’t do, or get killed. 

For the most part, living completely alone in the middle of nowhere is okay. I can live in isolation for the rest of my life. I do NOT have to be near any human civilization. I don’t have to worry about being molested, raped, bullied, catching COVID or AIDS or getting beaten, but I do have to be on the lookout for spies and sick, twisted, nosey, sadistic, gay sociopaths that might want to watch me or locate me for no reason.


I won’t return to civilization, not even for a funeral. I won’t be keeping in contact with anyone. Funerals are gross, disgusting, and infected. Any deceased people from the human race will never get another dime from me. I will not visit their grave, pour out expensive liquor for them, burn expensive candles for them, give them expensive flowers, or put them on a raggedy ass T-shirt. I’m not even going to pour out a single, tiny, drop of my liquor for the dead anymore. My bottle of alcohol, is for MYSELF. My flowers, are for MYSELF. Everything is for myself, because I am literally- by myself. 

The deceased can rest in peace for all eternity, without me being present. They wouldn’t do it for me, if I were dead, and I can no longer respect the deceased. They don’t need my help, they all already have enough people. The deceased are were they belong. Cemeteries are garbage, infected with witchcraft, and I don’t want to go near them. I don’t want to connect with any deceased people either. I don’t want to channel them, seek advice from them, mention them, or be there for them in any way shape or form. If you see me burning candles, they aren’t being burned for any deceased people. When I die, I will remain irrelevant and unloved, just how it was when I was alive. I do not want to be near all the nasty, unnatural, sickening people that left me to die.


The felony I was charged with that won’t go away, is for a firearm that I tried to purchase all the way back in 2015. I just wanted to protect myself from the nasty infestation of incest people, liars, people that touch themselves and stick objects and dildos up themselves, sickening retarded married women, groups of smelly gay women, prostitutes, old creeps, nasty groups of homosexual men and boys, and sloppy, gay, ugly, bullies that try to force themselves on me. I am by myself all the time, and it was just too many of them. I do not like or want those kinds of people and no one believes me. They are disgusting and I do not want to be near all those predators and families. They make a lot of nasty, infested, gay, threats. The infestation of predators got even nastier after I caught the charge. I used to look for jobs, but I gave up because they would stop bringing up that old ass charge. By summer of 2021, I eventually realized that my lifespan would get shorter due to all the nasty people trying to infect me. I had to go into isolation, where I will remain, because every time I try to survive, the infestation of nasty, yucky, predators just gets larger. 

Trying to purchase a gun from a nasty, uncool gun range was a bad idea. It did not solve my problems. I had been hospitalized before, and I didn’t know it was illegal. The first time I purchased a gun from a shop around 2007, it was legal, but after that, I went to a hospital for a painful memory I don’t want to remember. After I was discharged, I wasn’t aware that I had lost my gun rights. It was a honest mistake, but the court system in Virginia is sickening and they didn’t care. The gun store snitched on me, and I was charged with a felony and a misdemeanor. I hired a lawyer, but he did not make the charges disappear. I cut the lawyer off. 

I was able to get my civil rights restored in 2021, but I still have to pay $2,000 to a new lawyer (whose name will not be mentioned for security reasons) to have my gun rights restored. The lawyer offered to take $1,000 down to get the process started. I do not trust lawyers. People are very nasty towards me, they have no regard for my life, and they don’t believe half of the stuff that has happened to me. To start the gun rights restoration process, I have to be able to be mentally competent to stand in court front of a judge and explain why I need the gun. I also have to have a note from a mental healthcare professional that will approve. Right now, I choose not to have a gun because I can’t travel with it. Once my gun rights are restored, the gun (tazer, etc.) can not leave my residence, which changes often. I have no stability, because people switch up on me often, according to how they feel that day. It’s sadistic and flat out gross. I’m disgusted with the entire world. I always have been. 

I’ve only owned two guns throughout my life. One was a 38 special revolver, and the other one was a Russian pistol-a 48 caliber. I have to go through all of this, because prison sucks. Its a sickening, nasty environment. What disappoints me the most, is that even if I have a legal gun, I still may never get a security position in the corporate world. I definitely don’t want to be the po po. That’s disgusting. I don’t talk to them. I just want to be a security guard for my own business. I have to be able to protect myself, as a rapper, a loner, and as a woman because there are a lot of sick fucks out there, and they don’t like me and want me dead. It is not a laughing matter. It’s just skank, disgusting, dirty, racist, and gross to be treated with so much disdain. 


Here is a documentary I found on Youtube, that explains how straight men get turned out in prison in the United States of America. I’m avoiding ALL human contact throughout the country, not just men, especially in the black community, because a lot of them are gay, brutal, racist, hateful, murderous, heartless, disease infested, and HIV positive. 

Getting tricked by undercover gay men can break your spirit, so be careful : HIV positive men love wearing disguises  

May 6, 2022

Men that have HIV/AIDS and want to spread it love changing their disguises. Not only do some of them like dressing up as a woman, but they can also change their appearance as a man. You will think it’s a totally different man, when it’s really the same man wearing a disguise or a costume. Take actor Eddie Murphy (who is not a homosexual) for example in the movie Coming to America. He wore many different disguises throughout the entire movie, but it was the same person. He looked like a totally different person each character he played. Arsenio Hall also played different characters, including being a woman. There are quite a few Hollywood actors that do that, but there are also under-covers in real life that wear costumes regularly. It doesn’t just happen in the movies.

If you’re an escort or a dancer, or alone and single, be aware of the many disguises that the same man can wear to fool you, or get close to you or even stalk you. Men with HIV can be very deceiving. They wear lots of makeup, beards, and disguises to change their appearance. Some of them may even be a minor wearing fake gray facial hair. Never trust IDs, unless you can scan them, because they could be fake. If you’re an escort, be aware, that some of your clientele could also be gay male couples, or men who have gay orgies, coming into your room one at a time. Men that have gay group sex always like locating and buying women escorts after they’re done. They assume the woman escort may be a man, and when they find out it’s not, they still go through with it. Be aware of all of the gay porn on the market. A lot of men watch it and also engage in it-that’s why it exists. Be very careful out there. Also be aware of men that stand on the corner all day or walk the track. They might tell you they’re selling drugs, when actually-they’re selling their body to other men. I used to be attracted to men that stand on the corner in packs or go everywhere in packs. Now they all just look like one, big, gay male orgy.

If you feel something isn’t right about a person, it probably isn’t, especially if they make you feel sick. It could probably be HIV lying dormant in your body, so always get tested within 3 months of exposure. Never let anyone rush you into sex without knowing their status first. You have to be with them when they take the test. Do not trust a piece of paper with the results on them- only trust the actual test. Be very careful who you sleep with, because your life could be jeopardy. I myself, struggle with just taking two medications for mental health. I couldn’t imagine having to take a whole bag of HIV pills so I can live longer. It just wouldn’t work.

2022 Human Trafficking map: danger in the United States

This current map shows locations where human trafficking is not present (green states) in my life, and states where there may be a serious potential threat to be brutally trafficked, beaten, stalked, murdered, or sold again to a bunch of sickening creeps (blue states). As you can see, most of the trafficking is present along the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Most pimps and traffickers drive up and down the east coastline to pimp and traffick human beings all day. Once you’re in  a trafficking ring in the blue shaded areas, it’s hard to get out. The traffickers are like mobsters, and have very strong connections and ties all along the coastline. You have to flee the area altogether, or they will rat you out, set you up, or just murder you altogether. They are also known for pushing people over the bridge, off of a boat, off of a pier, out of a moving car, or just tying them up and hanging them. They are extremely violent. They are also known for infecting dancers, and other sex workers with HIV, on purpose. The violent gangs and traffickers grow in number each year, and so do the victims. 

the blue states are the territories (states/coast) that I don’t belong in (2022)

The modern day slavery along the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific coastlines has gotten brutally sickening. All the bisexual men in the blue shaded states & yellow states, turned me down after they finished selling me to each other (from 2005-2021), because they wanted to date each other, and then marry or date bisexual women. They told me to go away forever, and I did. The green areas are the safest areas for me to migrate to, away from the racists, the gays & the criminals, in the United States of America, so far this year. I’m avoiding the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, and Canada because there may be a potential threat, but I can not say for sure. 

The gay pedophiles in the blue shaded states & yellow states forced me to witness them having sex , while I was being trafficked by them 
This image I found online is an example of why I don’t talk to men(boys) & the reason I wroteI’m still Abstitnent . This image also explains why I don’t hang around women, because they always cover for these types of men. The gay groups of women also forced me to watch them having sex with each other. There are millions of pornographic images and videos of groups of black gay people having gay sex, just like this one, online. Most of them live on the east and west coasts of the U.S.  
Some of the predators like the ones in this image were in prison, others were in the military. Some of them are wealthy, and some of them have mediocre jobs to take care of their families. A lot of them look for victims to rape and sell so they can keep a roof over their head. Most of the sick predators, if not all of them, are known for raping their own relatives and having gay incest with them. Men getting raped by their own brothers, by their own fathers, uncles, and cousins, and women getting raped and preyed upon by their own mothers, cousins, and sisters. The pedophiles have a sick, twisted mean of the word “family”. They are walking around everywhere, reproducing, and spreading diseases across America each and every day. I won’t be a victim.

States with the most violent human trafficking rings 

The states in America with the most violent dangerous human trafficking rings, are in yellow. They have the highest number of extremely violent pimps, tricks, and escorts. There are hundreds of thousands of undercover whore houses, and stables. They also have a high number of sexually transmitted diseases. There is a high level of other crimes in the highlighted states including theft, rape, kidnapping, vandalism, and murder. I have not investigated Nevada, due to the high number of unreported suicides in Las Vegas.

The yellow states are deadly areas that I don’t belong in (2022)

Homosexuals, Human traffickers, and narcissistic Swingers: The real reason I suffer from multiple mental health disorders  

It’s so many funky, sickening, violating, JEALOUS, horny incest having niggas and bitches abusing my mental that I can’t wait until one of them murder me. I’m still being bullied and excluded by people that are extremely SICKENING. My ultimate dream is to live somewhere far away, in the middle of nowhere, secluded from the nasty, fake people that harassed me, tortured me, beat me up, and sold me. I’m tired of their narcissistic abuse. My environment is unfit for a human being (especially one with a mental condition) to be living in. I don’t like being around people that want to harm me 24/7. It feels very, very, VERY unnatural and gross. People treat me like nothing and I feel extremely sickening and disgusted all over. Every single morning . Every single day, I talk to myself. People can actually see and hear me talking to myself. I don’t want anymore homosexual and transgender men or their lesbian hoes calling me names, stalking me, speaking on me, or beating me up. I’m tired of being abused by those dirty, nasty people. Yuck. I’ve been not wanting to wake up in the morning for about 10 years straight. They sicken me and don’t care.

The narcissistic homosexuals just do the opposite of whatever I want. If I want them to stay away. They don’t. If I want them to stop emailing, texting or calling me, they do it even more. If I try to run away from them, they stalk, harass, threaten my life, threaten to molest my two teenage kids, lie, and bully me twice as much. If I want them to stop speaking to me, they speak to me even more. It makes my stomach turn daily. They really enjoy making me feel disgusting and suicidal. Most of the time they’ll even laugh at me right to my face and say “Ween gotta leave her alone”. If I want them to stop calling me names, they call me even more names. Those people are extremely SICK, and they don’t care about worsening my mental disorder.

I started drinking more wine, and taking more medication at the same time, to numb their nasty hate and abuse. It still hurts and I still feel like vomiting every single minute and every single hour. I really want to live alone somewhere, extremely secluded from those atrocious, sadistic, sickening monsters. I don’t want to look at, see, hear, be around, or speak to people that do not believe that I have gone through that stuff. They sicken me twice as much. If I don’t flee to a secure, highly secluded area ALONE, I think its safe to say I will die in this condition in a back alley somewhere with crack, alcohol, pills, and marijuana in my system. I’m going to die coughing up pools of vomit and blood. Those abusive and neglectful, snitches, gay and married, abortion-having, miscarriage-having, bisexual know-it-alls, and pedophile narcissist, rapists, liars, lesbians, former transexuals turned saint, and the people having incest regularly are stone cold and evil. They don’t even want me to have basic needs like food, clothes, water, medication, and housing. They are SICK.

More fake sluts and ugly, nosey, horny lesbians blocking my shine: A shorter human lifespan

Alot of the nasty hoes that bully me can’t even carry a baby to full term. They lose it or kill it before it is even born. I see why they don’t want me to be a mother and raise my children on my own. I see why they want me to get beaten and sold to multiple different men. I see why they exclude me. I see why they want to make me look mentally ill and crazy. I see why they bully me and harass me and lie to no end. They are sick clown whores, and I want to die every single second I’m around them. Most of them are an eyesore and painful to look at, let alone hear. I see why they are so disgusting and sickening towards me. Their smile and their face makes me nauseated. They get more evil, gross, disgusting, and selfish with each passing day. I never even had the balls to jump off a cliff yet, something the funky people encourage me to do ALOT. Different groups of people have been mistreating and abusing me for 17 years.

There are so many nasty gays all around me trying to harm me that I literally want to die every day of my living, breathing, life. Trying to survive people that are that harmful and gross to me is similar to a cancer patient on their death bed trying to survive cancer. My lifespan is very, very, short around them. I cant survive in the wilderness without proper heat and ventilation for so long. Eventually the gays, swingers, and christians will harm me again.

Faggot women are very, very, slow and brutal. They make me repeat myself often and they still act illiterate snd skank like they don’t understand me. They were born in America and still don’t comprehend English very well. Thats one of the reasons I quit being a substitute school teacher. The kids grew up to be super dumb and retarded, and didn’t learn anything because their parents were too disgusting and unconcerned. I couldn’t take it.

Other things lesbians do that annoy me

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

When I go to the store, the cashiers still refer to me as “baby” “sweetheart” “honey” “boo” or “girl” or “girl-aa”. I do not refer to women in that manner, and it irritates the fuck out of me when they call me that instead of “mam” or “señorita”. It’s very violating. It’s super messy and very ghetto looking. I can tell they’re being dug out and thotted out to the max. I also don’t like when they compliment me on my clothes or outfit. It’s gay. Do not tell me I look good in my outfit. I don’t wanna hear it. I will carry the fuck out of you right in your face and ignore your fake compliment. I don’t need your validation to feel good about myself. Even their compliments sound fake, gross, and unpure coming out of their mouth. The disgusting whores are fake, and they aren’t really being there for me. Keep your compliments to yourself if you aren’t complimenting or supporting my work or music.

I’m not interested in humping any of you horny ,dirty, bitches. Please leave me alone. My birthday is this month. I will be 34. I have a mind to think for myself and I’m not interested in females controlling me. I do not want a female pimp, a madam, nor do I want to strip, have sex with you, or sell my body to men for you. I am not interested in having a threesome/orgy with you and your friends. That is the reason bitches will continue to hurt me, isolate me, talk down, and harm me. The reason is because they are LESBIAN & BISEXUAL.

I am not interested in fighting, killing, catching a new charge, or arguing with you funky ass, nasty, piece of shit, incest having, nosey, slut-face, dirty, trashcan-smelling, no class-having whores. The nasty married incest- swingers and bisexual gay hoes keep calling me a loser and a crazy girl after they mentally harm me and take from me. They just want way too much attention. Attention that their funky, stinking-smelling husbands should be giving them. They also keep saying they no one will ever believe my side of the story, which happens to be the only true thing they have ever said about me. Their husbands hate me and bully me because I won’t fuck their faggot ass wives and I don’t want their unnatural faggot-pussies. They are superior and racist acting, and they believe I’m into that type of stuff, despite my 17 year cry for help.

PAY ATTENTION: People are banned from leading me: The reason I don’t take advice from prostitutes, older women, or anyone else 

I don’t take advice from women because all of them are gay and lesbian. I don’t take advice from older women either, even cougars. Most of them get in their feelings like children when you turn them down. It’s sick. When you are a young woman you have to be careful taking advice from older women. Just because they are older, doesn’t mean they have regard for your life. Most of them just want to see you in jail. A lot of “old heads” hated on me, and their advice only lead me to a path of incarceration, multiple mental hospitalizations, drugs, and prostitution. That is the only advice they can give, even with a doctorates or master’s degree. I’m not the little helpless “tard” (short for retarded- a name the funky lesbians dykes call me) that you can prey on and bully with all of your old college/high school dykes and neighbors. I don’t like any women, and I don’t take advice from people who don’t care, or aren’t human enough to have regard for my life. I don’t want anything from them, nor do I want to compete with the funky dirty women, nor do I want to go back to college so they can come for me. It doesn’t matter that I’m poor or a drop out. I don’t want your body for a place to stay. I’ll die first. Nor do I like or want your gay axx-anal having boyfriends and husbands. No thanks faggxts. You people are for each other, not me. Don’t try to offer any phoney advice. I don’t need you. I don’t want any of those nasty women’s ugly ass man either. I will NOT let you guide me, mentor me, or lead me. Stay y’all funky gay asses away. Bully someone else. I don’t need the funky-fxggots trying to feel sorry for me either. Keep your tears and your fake sympathy. I DON’T WANT YOU PEOPLE AROUND ME. All those groups of dykes do is try to harm me and then gang up on me. Then they snitch on me when I fight back. The funky fxggot-bisexual lesbos can’t even take what they dish. It is disgusting. DO NOT SPEAK. Speak to the fxggot-bxtches that actually know you, because I don’t.

Over 50 Dangerous places in NY, NJ, IL, IA, LA, VA, TX, GA, DE, MD, MI, SC, DC, FL, CA, and NC that I won’t ever go to AGAIN

I don’t like Virginia, Maryland , Washington DC, New Jersey, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, California, Illinois, Texas, South Carolina, or North Carolina. There is a third world like infestation of crime, too many sickening homosexual men and boys, and homosexual women and girls, too many unsanitary people, too many child molesters, too many people with HIV/AIDS, Covid, diabetes, and obesity, too many people who sleep with all of their relatives (incest), too many smelly, mildly retarded women that don’t understand why I don’t want to be around women, too many human traffickers, too much hate, too many nasty, gross-looking, funky-looking, nosey, sadistic, abusive, sociopathic hillbillies, bullies, sloppies, nasty jealous women and transgender women that act like them, weirdos, and people who look like, smell like, and act like the pigs on the back of a hog truck. It isn’t safe for me. I won’t succeed and I wont get rich and live the American dream. The infestation of sickening racist people in America is just too bad. I won’t get anywhere.

Certain areas are heavily infested with those type of people and as a solo traveler, I could be killed, murdered, or tortured. Going to any of these places could be a death sentence as most of the people are too infected with something and very, very, contagious. None of them have regard for my life. They are ALL narcissistic, infected, racist, ugly, gross and negligent on a sickening level. These are a list of places I completely avoid when traveling through these dangerous states. I’ve made some contact with these worthless places in the past, and I couldn’t get a hold of them anymore. The list started in 2021 and will be lasting from 2021-2031. Some of the places were added after 2021. Any new place that is added to the list after 2021 will have a date listed.

Hotels (AS of April 1st, 2022)


•gift shops


•Va beach Oceanfront (public beaches)

Myrtle Beach (as of March 27, 2022) (public beaches)

Miami Beach (public beaches)

Atlantic City /Jersey Shore (public beaches)

Venice Beach (public beaches)

Coney Island  (public beaches)

•City Hall 

train stations

graveyards (as of May 17, 2022)

•cruise ships 

Certain Camp sites (as of March 22, 2022) (please note: there is a very high risk for a new list of the specific camp sites)


construction sites


•migrant refugee camps 

•sports (basketball, football games etc.) 

•massage parlors 

•beauty supply stores 

•nail salons, hair salons, or spas 

•dog walk events 

Cemeteries (as of May 17, 2022)

•clothing stores (extreme emergencies)

•Fabric stores


•bowling alleys 

•shoe stores


•police station 


car/bike shows

•radio station

•news station 

•Certain liquor stores (please note: a whole new list of the specific liquor stores may eventually be created)

•certain recording studios (as of April 1st, 2022) (some of them declined to speak) (please note: a whole new list of the specific recording studios may eventually be created)

•local wine shops (as of April 1st, 2022)

•festivals (including peanut fest, jazz, Latino, taco, Caribbean etc.)

•Dave & Busters 

•skating rink

•clubs (no clubs of any kind including strip clubs) – (AS of February 13,2022) (they declined to speak)


•block parties

•dice games 

•book stores 


funerals (as of May 17, 2022)

•thrift stores 

•photographers (they were the first to decline to speak)

•consignment shops (like platos closet)

•house parties (of any kind including bday )

•restaurants (they declined to speak)


•gun &/or pawn shops 


•certain volunteer opportunities 

•job fairs (they declined to speak)

•women’s support groups or meetings

•homeless, DV or human trafficking shelters (they all declined to speak)

•colleges (they declined to speak)

•free community events 

•concerts (they declined to speak)

•public beaches 

•kayaking tours 

all/any type of black owned businesses

all black private residences (they all declined to speak)

•public housing and section 8 apartment buildings (they all declined to speak)

certain animal grooming salons (they also declined to speak)

Dehumanization and fear : My Rape statistics chart by zip code between 2019-2021

The chart below displays the number of times I have been raped, degraded, and dehumanized by zip code. The pepatrators were strangers and parsimonious bogus men pretending to be a boyfriend or “pimp” , complete sociopaths, and down-low confused homosexual men who thought and wished I was a 5’1 male, who live a double life, and wanted to hurt me, because I was forced into prostitution. Im not a transgender and Im not a lesbian. I do not wear any piercings other than my ears. I have a lot of branding markings, however I am not a freak. The perps often get me confused with the likings of my previous captors. When the rapist assume I am being prostituted, they always pop back up and start stalking me and threatening me for a freebie. Its overwhelmingly gross. Some of the predators are women and JEZEBEL spirited type people and are extremely gross and narcissistic, and in denial about their sickening predatory behavior. As you can see in the chart below, the 757 is an area that is heavily infested with pedophiles, rapists, terrorist, child abusers, and murderers. There are also alot of gang members huddled up on street corners, bus stations, clubs, bus stops, strip malls, train stations, apartment complexes, convenient stores, and other sketchy locations. They often use social media websites such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat to troll their victims. I always stay to myself upon arrival in any location, especially the Virginia, DC, Maryland area, and I quickly learned to always pay attention to every situation closely, and make sure that a I am always aware of my surroundings and to never talk to strangers, something I didn’t do as a kid. 2022, is a new year, and I will not let this chart grow any longer. It’s disgusting. Im a felon so housing is hard to get. I rarely stay in hotels, other peoples houses, shelters, or whore houses or anywhere where I’m at risk for being raped, peeping toms, neglected, starved, TRAFFICKED, physically abused, or sold. Between 2019-2021, I have been sexually violated over 24 times.

A chart showing the number of times I have been raped between 2019-2021 Www.SantaMuerteHollywood.com 2022.

The time I sold my soul in Brooklyn  

Around 2019, I posted an ad on Craigslist for cleaning houses in New York City. At the time I was wearing a collar( an initiated necklace into Santeria) for Eshu, Ogun, and Obatala, dressed in all white. I posted the ad while sitting in a Duncan Donuts off Church Ave having a bacon,egg, and cheese wrap. I was also searching for modeling, video ads, and other gigs. Unfortunately nothing came through. I posted an ad for cleaning houses all over Brooklyn, New York while waiting for my appointment at the Brightpoint mental health office. I went to my appointment and when I got out my phone began to blow up. I was looking like a little poor black woman from Mexico but the clientele started to roll in- or so I thought it was.

My first client called. He asked for a date, then gave me the address to his house. When I first got to his block in Bay Ridge, I was lost. I rang his doorbell. No one came. I left out of his building and then I went into CVS to purchase something. He tried calling back and I picked up. He told me to go back to the same address and this time he opened the door. It was a middle aged chubby hispanic man. He was a Muslim from the middle east. He invited me in the house. I immediately felt comfortable sitting on the couch with the television and AC on , and asked if I could take a shower. He said yes and led me to the bathroom. I showered in the hot cozy shower inside the small apartment on the hispanic/latin/arab block. After I took a shower he gave me a large sum of money and then led me to his bedroom, pulled out a rubber and asked me to get in the bed. He confessed to being a very religious person. Anyways, he began chatting about his ex. Then back to religion. Then me. He said he liked my dark skin and then began to have sex with me. After it was over I went back into the living room, put on my clothes, and sat on the couch for some time. Then I left. I took the money and hopped on a train back to Manhattan. I wanted to hustle more but I was scared. I was scared I would end up at Rikers Island for prostitution. I went to Chinatown, boarded a bus down South, and hid. I haven’t posted online on Craigslist or any other websites in New York City since. Something as simple as cleaning houses, can turn into a human trafficking nightmare.

Sneak and peek warrants: The legal way of invading privacy used in the United States to capture criminal activity 

Sneak and Peek Warrants, are officially known as delayed notice warrants, covert entry search warrants, and surreptitious entry search warrants. The warrants allow officers to maintain secrecy, sometimes by hiring a locksmith to enter someone’s home, business, apartment or other establishment such as a massage parlor, to place hidden cameras to capture illegal activity while the tenants or owners are not there and it is completely legal. The officers do not have to receive consent from the occupants.

Unlike conventional search warrants, officers do not have to give the occupant or owners a notice. There have also been cases where officers have come inside the home, seized property, and made it look like a typical break in. If normal investigative procedures have not worked, they can also seek authorization from a federal judge to install wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping devices during an ongoing criminal investigation. The delayed notice warrants have been used since the 1970s, but the warrants became standard procedure in 2001 under the USA Patriot Act, which is an act used to deter and punish acts of terrorism after the September 11th terrorist attacks occured. It is not just limited to terroism. It is also used to conduct surveillance in drug investigations, human trafficking investigations, and other illegal activity. The crimes can range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Midsection of a male police officer inserting drug packet in envelope during investigation

More than 46,000 sneak and peek warrants were issued between 2006-2016. Most of them were drug cases and few were for sex crimes. Many people do not know about these types of warrants. The sheriff will then view these videos as evidence from their office. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of people to be secure in their own home, but does not specifically mention a notice requirement.