The rap industry is full of twist and turns: being an independent artist is even more costly, deadly, and risky

When you’re an independent hip hop artist, it hurts when no one will support you. I’ve been rapping professionally for only 6 months, and a lot of time, effort, and money goes into my music. I don’t have time to keep putting out music that isn’t bringing me any royalties. I haven’t sold any music at all, nor has my music been featured in any movies. My studio sessions usually run me about $150 each, plus distribution and promotion, which runs me about another $100 and up for each song. That hundred dollars for promotion can run up into the millions. The price of releasing an album cost double verses releasing a single. Also, it cost thousands of dollars to distribute the music to stores. When it comes to music, quality is better than quantity. That’s why I never pay less than $60-80 an hour for studio time. I’ve put out a total of 5 songs. I’ve spent about $1,400 on my unreleased album so far, and the expenses just keep growing.

I don’t perform at concert venues, so I’m not getting any real exposure. I have high standards, and I won’t just waste money trying to look cool in front of a bummy looking, ghetto, sloppy crowd. You have to be a big name artist in order for the venue to pay you, otherwise you have to pay them, and I refuse to do that. I also don’t have any music videos. My music videos are going to start at around $500 and up per scene, per video, and I don’t have the money to pay for them. Music videos are also very pricy, and can cost millions in the long run. I can’t give my fans a visual. They treat me so nasty, they don’t even deserve one, honestly. No one knows me, and they all think I am a slow, nasty, retarded woman out in the streets living like a nasty, horny, jealous, gay, sloppy, pig- just like them. Unfortunately I don’t live that way and I won’t live that way for my fans. I don’t like the way most of them view me. I am not a reflection of them, I am me. I won’t let them get near me, because I’m not that safe. I do everything myself. I do not have a manager, or security. I’ve failed multiple times at meeting people I can trust.

I’m not signed to a record label who can assist me financially. I have recorded 9 songs altogether. I have written about 18 songs, so I have a lot more recording to do. I still have 7 beats left, 4 of which I own 100% of the rights to. The other 3, I only own 50% of the rights to. I eventually realized, through trial and error, that owning the full license to my beats brings much more pleasure than having a middle man.

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I’m just a very poor indie artist, and that is how my life will be forever. I’m also a woman, and rapping is more of a male dominated industry, and they aren’t going to pay as much as attention to me as a they would a whole group of people. The music industry is also very controlled and dominated by a lot of homosexuals, to my disadvantage. My life is very, very, hard.

Horrorcore isn’t getting that much attention, and I’m going to bring it back

I’m probably going to be a solo rapper for the rest of my natural born life with or without a major label. My new single “Step by step” was released April 27, 2022. It is another horrocore song from my upcoming debut album. Horrorcore is not a forgotten sub genre. It is very real and present in todays modern rap scene. No matter how hard I try not to be, I will forever be a devotee of Santa Muerte. It’s tatted on my flesh. I got the tattoo in Los Angeles, California, the city I call, the “most wicked death cult city” of all time, because they’re not to far from Mexico. Mexico has the worst of gangland horrors I have ever seen. Just a couple of years ago, I was human trafficked, right outside of Tijuana. California was the nastiest state I have ever visited in my entire life. The east and west coast are extremely nasty, dirty, and racist to me. It is absolutely sickening.

I ride around with the Santa Muerte statute on my car dashboard, because if I take it out, she might kill me while I’m driving. Santa Muerte is very dangerous but also very loving. I just recently (April 5th, 2022) witnessed her taking my pit bull’s life due to unforeseen cancer. My car has been blessed by Santa Muerte. I had to load my deceased animal into the vehicle and transport her to the vet to be cremated. I haven’t sanitized the car since. I sleep right next to my animals memorial every single night. I already put the statue in the car, and it has to stay there for life. Death is very real, and very present. Sometimes I wonder, how I will die myself. I hope it isn’t due to drugs and alcohol, murder, nature, or suicide.

Battle rap is mad gay: I will never battle rap with women as long as I am alive on earth

Yuck! These battle rappers look like a bunch of predators 

I’ll never turn into a battle rapper. These days, women battle rappers look like a bunch of leftover baked turkeys from three thanksgivings ago. I don’t care how much money they make. They all look like they’re bumping too many of their nasty vaginas together. They’re all ugly, bossy, and homo. I ain’t gay. Their “cliques” are mad stinky and funky looking. I’ll never blow my cool for those gay faggots. I’ll still wake up the next morning, if I don’t ever get a record deal. I’ll just save myself pools of vomit, by ducking all of those nutty, phoney fans and shady, greedy producers. Most importanly, I will NEVER support another rapper again. I lost too much respect. I will not go to their concerts, buy their music, watch their videos, or listen to them for free or pay to listen to them. I’m used to my own poverty, and I can not afford to support anyone but myself.

Feeling like I might catch TB or a skin disease in a ring that filthy, this image is an example of how nasty battle rappers are