2022 Human Trafficking map: danger in the United States

This current map shows locations where human trafficking is not present (green states) in my life, and states where there may be a serious potential threat to be brutally trafficked, beaten, stalked, murdered, or sold again to a bunch of sickening creeps (blue states). As you can see, most of the trafficking is present along the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Most pimps and traffickers drive up and down the east coastline to pimp and traffick human beings all day. Once you’re in  a trafficking ring in the blue shaded areas, it’s hard to get out. The traffickers are like mobsters, and have very strong connections and ties all along the coastline. You have to flee the area altogether, or they will rat you out, set you up, or just murder you altogether. They are also known for pushing people over the bridge, off of a boat, off of a pier, out of a moving car, or just tying them up and hanging them. They are extremely violent. They are also known for infecting dancers, and other sex workers with HIV, on purpose. The violent gangs and traffickers grow in number each year, and so do the victims. 

the blue states are the territories (states/coast) that I don’t belong in (2022)

The modern day slavery along the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific coastlines has gotten brutally sickening. All the bisexual men in the blue shaded states & yellow states, turned me down after they finished selling me to each other (from 2005-2021), because they wanted to date each other, and then marry or date bisexual women. They told me to go away forever, and I did. The green areas are the safest areas for me to migrate to, away from the racists, the gays & the criminals, in the United States of America, so far this year. I’m avoiding the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, and Canada because there may be a potential threat, but I can not say for sure. 

The gay pedophiles in the blue shaded states & yellow states forced me to witness them having sex , while I was being trafficked by them 
This image I found online is an example of why I don’t talk to men(boys) & the reason I wroteI’m still Abstitnent . This image also explains why I don’t hang around women, because they always cover for these types of men. The gay groups of women also forced me to watch them having sex with each other. There are millions of pornographic images and videos of groups of black gay people having gay sex, just like this one, online. Most of them live on the east and west coasts of the U.S.  
Some of the predators like the ones in this image were in prison, others were in the military. Some of them are wealthy, and some of them have mediocre jobs to take care of their families. A lot of them look for victims to rape and sell so they can keep a roof over their head. Most of the sick predators, if not all of them, are known for raping their own relatives and having gay incest with them. Men getting raped by their own brothers, by their own fathers, uncles, and cousins, and women getting raped and preyed upon by their own mothers, cousins, and sisters. The pedophiles have a sick, twisted mean of the word “family”. They are walking around everywhere, reproducing, and spreading diseases across America each and every day. I won’t be a victim.

States with the most violent human trafficking rings 

The states in America with the most violent dangerous human trafficking rings, are in yellow. They have the highest number of extremely violent pimps, tricks, and escorts. There are hundreds of thousands of undercover whore houses, and stables. They also have a high number of sexually transmitted diseases. There is a high level of other crimes in the highlighted states including theft, rape, kidnapping, vandalism, and murder. I have not investigated Nevada, due to the high number of unreported suicides in Las Vegas.

The yellow states are deadly areas that I don’t belong in (2022)

PAY ATTENTION: People are banned from leading me: The reason I don’t take advice from prostitutes, older women, or anyone else 

I don’t take advice from women because all of them are gay and lesbian. I don’t take advice from older women either, even cougars. Most of them get in their feelings like children when you turn them down. It’s sick. When you are a young woman you have to be careful taking advice from older women. Just because they are older, doesn’t mean they have regard for your life. Most of them just want to see you in jail. A lot of “old heads” hated on me, and their advice only lead me to a path of incarceration, multiple mental hospitalizations, drugs, and prostitution. That is the only advice they can give, even with a doctorates or master’s degree. I’m not the little helpless “tard” (short for retarded- a name the funky lesbians dykes call me) that you can prey on and bully with all of your old college/high school dykes and neighbors. I don’t like any women, and I don’t take advice from people who don’t care, or aren’t human enough to have regard for my life. I don’t want anything from them, nor do I want to compete with the funky dirty women, nor do I want to go back to college so they can come for me. It doesn’t matter that I’m poor or a drop out. I don’t want your body for a place to stay. I’ll die first. Nor do I like or want your gay axx-anal having boyfriends and husbands. No thanks faggxts. You people are for each other, not me. Don’t try to offer any phoney advice. I don’t need you. I don’t want any of those nasty women’s ugly ass man either. I will NOT let you guide me, mentor me, or lead me. Stay y’all funky gay asses away. Bully someone else. I don’t need the funky-fxggots trying to feel sorry for me either. Keep your tears and your fake sympathy. I DON’T WANT YOU PEOPLE AROUND ME. All those groups of dykes do is try to harm me and then gang up on me. Then they snitch on me when I fight back. The funky fxggot-bisexual lesbos can’t even take what they dish. It is disgusting. DO NOT SPEAK. Speak to the fxggot-bxtches that actually know you, because I don’t.

The extreme sexual harassment I endure from adulterers, cheaters, and down-low gay people (Parental Advisory warning)

Warning: this article contains explicit language, extreme violence towards gays, drug useextreme sexual violence 21+

When stalkers know you are trying to move forward with your life and they know you want to use your phone to get money, they just start harassing you on it repeatedly, until you don’t want to answer it all. They will do this to you no matter how often you change your number. When you try to explain, people will often ask- “how did they get your number?” Well, they’re stalkers duh. They can get the number from anywhere. If you’re running a business, they can get it. If you put your number down on any important forms online or give it to someone for help, they can acquire it. They can also hack into some of your personal accounts. It’s plenty of ways the stalker can get your information. 

More down-low and queer men coming out in front of me : I’m avoiding diseases like the plague

It’s a lot of pieces-of-shit people that want me to be broke, eating out of a trash can, lonely, miserable, institutionalized, retarded, and physically and sexually abused. It is a lot of sick fucks. The only reason they’re popular is because they all sleep around with each other. They’re like one, big, happy, close, gay-ass family. That’s all I keep meeting in this world. A bunch of nasty, mental bullying retards, and horny sexual predators that will fuck a child, a dog, a cat, their cousin, or the same gender. I’m grossed out, and I can’t stop puking at their hatred, perverted lust, and avaricious greed. They are gross to the core. Especially all women, and downlow gay men. They are the funkiest, nastiest, dirtiest-looking , greediest, skankest, self-pleasing, hateful, ugly, nosiest, scum of the earth, snitches and faggots, on the planet. My level of disgust for them is beyond inhumane. They won’t stop hating on me like wild dogs and animal feces. I deserve some sort of compensation or help for my disgust and embarrassment. Unfortunately, I won’t ever receive that because the gay and extremely proud pedophiles said “No way, we just want to keep torturing and molesting you and your children. We don’t give a fuck about your life.” Then they all go fuck each other off like wild hogs. 

Sissy Boys who don’t take Viagra: Forced sexual intimacy

Sometimes the down-low gay men sexually harass me by sending me pictures of their gay dick along with sexually explicit messages to my email which I immediately block and send to spam. Those sexual predators are so fucking sickening and hard to get rid of. These homosexual faggots and sexual predators get more sickening and disturbing each day. A lot of them are seriously mentally deranged and believe that they know me personally, or that that they are in a relationship with me and that I love them. They send pictures exposing themselves saying things like “I know you miss this dick my love” or “pick up the phone bae I miss you, I know where you are bae please talk to me”. It’s fucking disgusting. I don’t even know who those men are. Most of the time, their dick is soft in the unwanted fucking pictures they send. The one I received this morning looked like he suffered from a severe case of erectile dysfunction. I don’t know if they are drunk, tweaking out, or what, when they send those dick pics, but they look like they need several doses of Viagra. It’s not my job to give those gay men an erection. Its their wife’s, husbands, girlfriends, side woman, mistress, friends, or boyfriends job. I don’t fall into the category of any of those titles with anyone. I don’t want to see their indecent-looking asses at all. Those homos don’t even want me, they just like the thought of seeing me vomit because of them. Sometimes I pick up the phone, and they just pause for a long time or hang up after I say hello. They won’t stop applying pressure and hate. They are so nasty and gay, that I literally can’t breathe. I don’t want to dominate those sissy boys and I don’t want to be submissive to a junkie man. I’m not into being a dominatrix. I’m also not into sucking a mans dick for several hours just to keep them hard. Thats their wife’s job.

A photo of Viagra, a medication men should take regularly to get an erection (instead of getting turned on by other men)

Gross and unknown pedophiles and relatives : Sex traffickers 

I don’t want to be in the care of those abusive, molesting, pigs. I don’t want them handling my affairs, my funeral, or my money. I WANT to live on my own. In my own house, surrounded by surveillance cameras and maybe one or two guards, so I can get those sadistic funky lesbos, and nasty, gay, rapist groupie men off me. I don’t want any relatives that were NEVER in my life asking about me or pretending to know me. I don’t have a family. My family consist of my two children and my deceased pit bull- that’s it. Those bogus pretenders are nothing but greedy, incest-having, stalking, child-molesters. I want them out of my life and out of my personal affairs. I do not want to catch another felony around those god forsaken monsters. They are sick and sloppy. They won’t care that I had to defend myself because they are the ones causing me emotional pain and distress. I want those ghetto, stank, losers, and their disgusting inbreeding family members to back the fuck off. They never, EVER, EVER had my back during my time of need. They never came to the hospital to see me, they never visited me in jail (I’m not a man or a lesbian -I could’ve been treated better), they never gave me any money when I was starving (after my faggot pops died, I had to panhandle), they never EVER congratulated me for anything (they are self-centered pieces of trash and they never notice me. I’d have to get naked for them to see me because they are sexual predators), and they never visited me in rehab, they never called me to see how I’m doing, and they never did anything for my sons. 

The sexual harassment I put up with from those nosey gay people, can last for months, years, or even decades. They just won’t die off or go away. Those gay bullies always come back to haunt and torture me. The level of abuse I put up with from them is utterly SICKENING. They are more fake and annoying than 80 dogs barking and 1000 babies crying morning, noon, and night. I wish they would stop trying to violate me and make me throw up. I don’t want to keep choking on my own vomit. They are all goofy, sick, nosey, controlling, down-low, and mentally retarded. They all won’t just back off and leave me alone. These men are homosexual. They don’t even like me, they just like seeing me squirm trying to avoid them. Seems to me they only get a natural erection for their homeboys and for those nasty, fishy-smelling gay women. 

More trashy lesbians and LGBTQ friendly signs everywhere: public beaches, shopping malls, social media,TV

This is how faggots feed each other
A picture of two faggots

Im tired of seeing all these scum of the earth women getting married to each other. I’ll never have any FRIENDS! I don’t go anywhere where there might be faggot women (or men). This includes nail salons, hair salons, nightclubs, and makeup studios. Those type of places are dirty and raggedy and the women who do that type of work are mediocre and dirt poor. I would never let anyone touch my hair! That’s a no go! I would never let any one get anywhere near me so close as to put makeup on my face. I also don’t do concerts or shows because there might be more faggot women (or men) trying to bully me. They give off the most disgusting auras and the most violating, disturbing, energies.

All these women do is swallow each others breast and blow kisses at each other and steal straight men from me. Those men, niggas, boys -whatever you call them are all gay and racist anyway. They have NEVER did anything for me- on my dead father. All those greedy, hillbilly-inbreeders ever did for me was stalk, bully, harass, torture, abandon, exclude and neglect me because I wouldn’t let them molest me and pass me around. If I ever make it, become wealthy, or reach fame, I don’t want those abusive child molesting monkey-hoes and niggas around me trying to take it away again. They are always hoping no one else will EVER care for us. They don’t love me or my sons and they are the stankest, funkiest, ugliest, perverted, selfish, scum of the earth breed of people known to man.

I have no relatives. Black people in America aren’t my family. Even the people in Nigeria aren’t my family. I don’t fuck with Americans. PERIOD. They are the grossest, nastiest sex traffickers alive. Those nasty ghetto faggots have been trying to make me look like a crazy person all my life. Maybe I should move to Ugunda, Russia, or Iran where they have anti-gay laws and I won’t have to see any gross homosexuals. They want to wipe out the whole humanity! I will never get married! Men like men and lesbians in America! If you are reading this, Stay the fuck out of my business and stop stalking me!!!! I mean what I say. FUCK THOSE GOD-WORSHIPPIG, ORGY -HAVING, PARTYING, CRACK-USING, SWINGING, FAGGOT SICKOS! 

Those stupid funky, faggot-people think I’m a lesbian out here and I don’t even know any whores. KILL YALL SELFISH SELVES! Go back to bumping pussies with all your friends and get back to sucking your husbands nasty, gay dick! Im not a prostitute, and I don’t want their dirty asses! 

More scum of the earth murderers, incest-having sexual predators, hardcore homosexuals, and goofy, childish bullies driving me to insanity and suicidal tendencies

I’m sick and tired of all these anal-having homo thugs and those funky ass, nasty, sardine-smelling, predatory, ugly, stinking-pussy, close, piece-of-shit, annoying, faggot women bullying me all my life. It’s downright sickening and embarrassing. I wish I would just die already since they won’t. I’m tired of all those goofy, childish ass rainbows. You people and and your narcissistic, gay, faggot, child-molesting circles need to stay away from me! I don’t want to know you! Stop bullying and harassing me! Go fuck off to each other and leave me alone! Get a life! I don’t want to see your NASTY FUCKING FACES! I don’t like narcissist and I’m sick of seeing you people nasty, dirty, fake, faggot-looking faces. I can no longer stomach the sight of you people! I’m tired of you watching me puke while you laugh hysterically! 

The Uganda anti-homosexuality act of 2014: The same law the United States needs to pass…

A photo explaining Uganda’s anti-gay law –don’t protect those gays(The anti-homosexuality act of 2014) found on Www.UUA.org

Dehumanization and fear : My Rape statistics chart by zip code between 2019-2021

The chart below displays the number of times I have been raped, degraded, and dehumanized by zip code. The pepatrators were strangers and parsimonious bogus men pretending to be a boyfriend or “pimp” , complete sociopaths, and down-low confused homosexual men who thought and wished I was a 5’1 male, who live a double life, and wanted to hurt me, because I was forced into prostitution. Im not a transgender and Im not a lesbian. I do not wear any piercings other than my ears. I have a lot of branding markings, however I am not a freak. The perps often get me confused with the likings of my previous captors. When the rapist assume I am being prostituted, they always pop back up and start stalking me and threatening me for a freebie. Its overwhelmingly gross. Some of the predators are women and JEZEBEL spirited type people and are extremely gross and narcissistic, and in denial about their sickening predatory behavior. As you can see in the chart below, the 757 is an area that is heavily infested with pedophiles, rapists, terrorist, child abusers, and murderers. There are also alot of gang members huddled up on street corners, bus stations, clubs, bus stops, strip malls, train stations, apartment complexes, convenient stores, and other sketchy locations. They often use social media websites such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat to troll their victims. I always stay to myself upon arrival in any location, especially the Virginia, DC, Maryland area, and I quickly learned to always pay attention to every situation closely, and make sure that a I am always aware of my surroundings and to never talk to strangers, something I didn’t do as a kid. 2022, is a new year, and I will not let this chart grow any longer. It’s disgusting. Im a felon so housing is hard to get. I rarely stay in hotels, other peoples houses, shelters, or whore houses or anywhere where I’m at risk for being raped, peeping toms, neglected, starved, TRAFFICKED, physically abused, or sold. Between 2019-2021, I have been sexually violated over 24 times.

A chart showing the number of times I have been raped between 2019-2021 Www.SantaMuerteHollywood.com 2022.

Sneak and peek warrants: The legal way of invading privacy used in the United States to capture criminal activity 

Sneak and Peek Warrants, are officially known as delayed notice warrants, covert entry search warrants, and surreptitious entry search warrants. The warrants allow officers to maintain secrecy, sometimes by hiring a locksmith to enter someone’s home, business, apartment or other establishment such as a massage parlor, to place hidden cameras to capture illegal activity while the tenants or owners are not there and it is completely legal. The officers do not have to receive consent from the occupants.

Unlike conventional search warrants, officers do not have to give the occupant or owners a notice. There have also been cases where officers have come inside the home, seized property, and made it look like a typical break in. If normal investigative procedures have not worked, they can also seek authorization from a federal judge to install wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping devices during an ongoing criminal investigation. The delayed notice warrants have been used since the 1970s, but the warrants became standard procedure in 2001 under the USA Patriot Act, which is an act used to deter and punish acts of terrorism after the September 11th terrorist attacks occured. It is not just limited to terroism. It is also used to conduct surveillance in drug investigations, human trafficking investigations, and other illegal activity. The crimes can range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Midsection of a male police officer inserting drug packet in envelope during investigation

More than 46,000 sneak and peek warrants were issued between 2006-2016. Most of them were drug cases and few were for sex crimes. Many people do not know about these types of warrants. The sheriff will then view these videos as evidence from their office. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of people to be secure in their own home, but does not specifically mention a notice requirement.